Bodega Premium Blends Reunión Aperitivo | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano (Jalapa)
Binder: Proprietary
Filler: Nicaraguan (Jalapa & Condega)
Size: 5.625 x 46 “Corona Gorda”
Body: Medium
Price: $9.00 MSRP


From Atlantic Cigars web site:
“Bodega Premium Blends has release their first line of cigars, Reunion that features two blends, Aperitivo and Digestivo packaged in boxes of 10. The Aperitivo is Nicaraguan puro blend utilizing a Jalapa Habana wrapper, with an all Nicaragua core of fillers and binder. The blend is a medium strength and body while delivering flavors of black pepper, earth, and barnyard notes. The Digestivo cigar is a dark San Andres Negro wrapper with Nicaraguan binder and filler, giving it a more full bodied smoking experience. The wrapper has undergone a longer and more intense fermentation process resulting in the releasing of the natural sugars of the leaf giving the Digestivo its sweeter and bolder flavor compared to spiciness of the Digestivo. This blend doesn’t end with just a high quality wrapper, rather an array of rich fillers from Jalapa and Esteli were hand selected to round out this cigar and deliver additional complexity. As for the binder in this blend, well Bodega Premium Blends the maker won’t indulge us, it’s proprietary.”

From Bodega Premium Blends web site:

“Aperitivo is Spanish for Apéritif. Typically it refers to either “a cocktail or other alcoholic beverage that is specifically served before a meal, or with a small appetizer. In the culinary arts, the purpose of an apéritif is to stimulate or arouse the appetite.”

“With Habano Claro wrapper (3rd priming) from Jalapa, the Aperitivo distinguishes itself not only visually from the Digestivo but also by its strength and its flavor profile.”

In an unusual move, Bodega Premium Blends breaks a box of 20 cigars into 10 Reunión Aperitivo and 10 Digestivos.
The cigars come in three sizes: 5.5 x 46, 5 x 54, and 6 x 52.

The stick is solid. Invisible seams. Nearly invisible triple cap. And a milk chocolate wrapper with the slightest bit of oil and sandy to the touch. A small amount of veins.

The cigar bands are very hip in that they colors chosen are mostly pastels. The kind of colors your wife points at and says, “That’s the color I want for the patio curtains.” And the large tree in the background provides some sort of symbolism. Where is Tom Hanks when you need him?

Aromas from a clipped cap are dark baker’s cocoa, coffee, black licorice, lively cinnamon, sweetness, and leather.

The first puffs let loose with an enormous aroma of cinnamon. And then a wallop of black pepper. The char line is a bit wavy.
Sweetness creeps in. A floral note appears.

The flavor profile is a mixture of earth tones. Wood and leather elements complement the earthiness of the blend. The strength is right at classic medium body.

This is an intense little cigar.

The second third begins an even more intense flavor profile. The spiciness is very strong. The earthiness is potent. The cinnamon has disappeared but leaving a delicate floral note. Just a whisper of sweetness remains.

The strength of the spice gives the illusion that the cigar is stronger than it is.

Construction is very solid as I approach the halfway point. The char line has an acceptable waviness. And the cap is in good shape. Nice for a change.

There is a new element: orange citrus. It brings out the sweetness from the background.
The spiciness has calmed down. Which allows for the earthy flavors to shine.

The last third begins and I swear I can smell orange blossoms. First, I could smell the cinnamon. And now this. My wife, who is in the living room, asks what I’m smoking. She smells the wonderful floral notes.

This is quite the unusual cigar. I love finding new blends that surprise me. While probably a Nicaraguan puro blend, it has none of the stereotypical Nic flavors. There is almost an infused flavor to it as the orange citrus really soars along with the sweetness.

The start of the cigar gave absolutely no hint of what was ahead. I thought this would be just another earthy cigar without too much flare. But flare is the mainstay of this blend.

The strength is at the tipping point of being medium/full.

Creaminess appears. It is like a warm comforter. It makes the flavor profile taste like a sweet orange pudding with a touch of orange rind. And the floral scent is just wonderful. If I had blind tasted this cigar, I might have said it was a fancy Drew Estate blend. There is something very sophisticated going on.

There is now a treacle-like sweetness.

The creators of this new brand are all young people. Gino Domanico, president and CEO, looks like a thirty-something. His cohorts of Ron Plante, Stephane Barjolin and Rob Mariani also seem to be in their thirties. But I could not find anything about their histories. How they got into the cigar business? No matter. They did good.

I am anxious to discover the Digestivo in my next review.

The char line has been dead nuts perfect for most of the cigar. One little distraction at the beginning and that’s all folks.
The cigar finishes out very nicely. Very smooth and balanced. There is a lot of complexity going on. Flavors intermingle at the right moment or when you least expect it.

Yeah, it ain’t cheap. It’s $9.00. But I dare you to find a good boutique blend for much less than that now. That seems to be the going rate for boutique brands these days.

Even Eddie Ortega made the jump with his Serie D line. Sticks are in the $7 range but the new “Black” that will come out in the next few months, and reviewed here first, is $9.25.
So there you go.

I highly recommend this cigar. I believe a very sensitive palate is required to pick up on all the subtleties. An aficionado’s cigar.
They have a nice web site and you should check it out.
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  1. Great review brother. Thank you.

  2. Geez! Were you making love to this cigar or smoking it? Your descriptive prose were enticing as usual. Okay, never smoked a stick with such intensity of a floral profile. Am going to their website now. Hope the wife approves of their price point.

  3. This cigar is an exclusive pleasure. It’s very flavorful and uncomplicated to smoke. I would propose this previous to a good food.