Tatuaje Tattoo Caballero | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5 x 50 “Robusto”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $5.00


There isn’t a lick of information on this cigar anywhere. Not even on the Tatuaje web site. But I have a secret friend that got me a bunch of these sticks on the sly. Before they went on sale. And have been marinating torturously in my humidor for a little less than two weeks. I cannot take it anymore. The review starts now.

The last inexpensive Tatuaje I reviewed was the Tatuaje Series P which was about the same price but a short filler cigar. It was an OK cigar. At one week of humidor time, it was about the same with 4 months humidor time.

At the moment, the only size available is the Robusto. After the 2014 IPCPR trade show, there will be a 5.5 x 58, 6.12 x 52 torpedo, and an 8 x 50 Toro.

The cigars are made at Tabacalera Cubana in Nicaragua. This is the factory used by Garcia before he built his My Father Factory.

Here we go. For a change, Milwaukee has horrible weather and it is raining cats and dogs and we need the lights on in the house just to see because of the dark and foreboding clouds. So if the photos suck…they suck.

A wonderful, oily, dark coffee bean colored wrapper. Seams are tight but not invisible. Lots of veins. It is either a double or triple cap. In some cases, the construction is so flawless, that it is impossible to see any cap striations. The wrapper is very smooth to the touch. The stick is fairly packed but could maybe use a bit more tobacco. A couple soft spots are found on my entire stash.

The cigar band is very simple and to the point. I wanted to compare the two bands in a photo but I donated 50 cigars for Operation Cigars for Warriors and the few Series P I had left were in that package. This is something you should do. Click on Cigars for Warriors to be taken to the web site. It is even a tax write off.

I clip the cap and find aromas of gingery spice, cocoa, dark black cherries, dried fruit, coffee with cream, cedar, and leather.
Time to light up.

A big dollop of sweetness is picked up by my palate first. The draw is great. And then cocoa. Wham! The Garcia Blast of Pepper cleans out my sinuses. My eyes water like a little baby. I can BREATHE!

I can tell right away that this is a downsized Tatuaje. It is not one of his finest blends that run for $10. But for the $5 price ticket, it is very good.

The cocoa element is very strong. The strength of the cigar is medium bodied. The burn line is impeccable.

Transitions of flavor come slowly. At a little over the 1” mark, creaminess comes on board. Along with a strong cedar and leather presence.

And with that stupid remark, the flavor profile widens out. Here it is: Red pepper, creaminess, cocoa, coffee, cedar, leather, black cherry, ginger, toastiness, and a yeasty element.

The cigar is now an official flavor bomb.

I believe the cigar is beginning to show up in online stores now and they are keeping to the MSRP of $5 a stick. Who ‘da thunk that a good Tatujae would go for $5? This blend is much better than the Series P short filler and for only a buck or so more. Now that the flavor profile is abundant with variety, I am almost sure that this stick is intended to take the place of the Series P at some point. Why buy a $4 Series P when you can have a Tattoo Caballero for $5?

P was a noble venture but just didn’t quite get there. It was really good after a couple weeks humidor time but the longer time it spent in my humidor, the more blah it became. It is not supposed to happen that way.

The second third begins and the stick is wonderful. Since I am on a budget, I won’t be able to buy a box until the beginning of June. I hope they are still around and not back ordered everywhere.

Apparently, though, the cigars only come in boxes of 50. Now that’s a really dumb idea. That means the box is $225.00. Or $4.50 a stick. While all the smart manufacturers are beginning to sell their more expensive blends in boxes of 10 so smokers could afford them, Pete Johnson goes and makes a giant faux pas. I can’t afford $225 no matter how many cigars are in the box. Not with my budget.

I saw that Cigar Hustler is selling them in boxes, 25 packs and singles. No 5 packs. So, there you go. Affordable. And these classy folks keep the single price at $5. And the 25 packs are sold at $4.50 per pack. Nice.

Back to the cigar.

Flavors are swimming upstream like a salmon in heat.

Complexity really digs in now as I approach the halfway point. Perfect balance with a ridiculously long finish. The char line remains dead nuts.

The sweetness and fruitiness inch their way to the front of the line right behind the creaminess. The spiciness is in the middle now. Still potent but not life threatening.

The stick moves to medium/full bodied. But no nicotine yet.

The last third begins. The strength is on an upward trajectory. So are the flavors.

The construction is doing wonderful. No cap issues. No wrapper issues and a perfect burn line. With a perfect draw.

The spiciness is like a roller coaster. One moment it is in the middle of the pack, and the next, it is running the show.

New Havana Cigars has them in stock as well. But only in boxes and 6 packs. (That’s right. 6 packs.) And the price is on point. And the 6 pack price is $5 a stick. I just bought one. They may be a regular production cigar but I’m not sure and the price is right. I will deal with my wife later.

The flavor lineup has not changed. It doesn’t need to. It is just fine, thank you, the way it is.

And with a couple inches to go, the nicotine sets in.

I highly advise that you wait a couple weeks before torching one. I did two days after I received mine and that was a mistake. Great potential but not what I a taste now.

This is a great cigar. These babies are going to move like wild fire. Don’t dawdle on purchasing them.

The cigar finishes out without a single bit of criticism by me. I don’t rate cigars but if I did, it would be way up there. How’s that for being non-committal?

Pete Johnson and Pepin Garcia really swung for the fences by blending a great cigar and keeping the price point at a ridiculously low price so everyone can enjoy them.
Kudos men.


And now for something completely different”

If you have one, the following is universal for every father.
Daughters turn us into jelly no matter their age. We want baby boys because it is a human we can relate to. Little girls? No idea. Especially, the first one.

So we learn as we go.

We change their diapers. We take care of them when they are sick. We worry about them. All the time. Their entire lives.
We want to protect them beyond reason.

We love the look on their face the first time they eat an ice cream cone. And we laugh hard when they take their first bite of a pickle.

We love it when they call us Daddy. We suffer when they scrape their knees and they come running yelling for daddy to help them.

Getting in the shower with them to wash them when they are toddlers. Lots of laughter until she begins to grow and can kick you in the balls in the shower. It then seems inappropriate. And life moves on. Mom bathes her.

We love taking them to their first full length cartoon movie. Mine was “The Little Mermaid.” I looked forward to each new release so I could watch my daughter laugh and find her rapt attention at the action on the screen fascinating.

And then comes the day when you tell your little one that a new movie is out. And you get a response that breaks your heart.

“Daddy…cartoons are for little kids. I’m 8.”

All those years of pretending that going to the movies was a chore when it was actually a secret pleasure. Sharing the popcorn. Getting an ice cream afterwards. And then it’s over.

The times that your little girl always reached for your hand when walking outside.

Oh the horror when they hit 12. Their hormones go wild. They don’t want to go to the movies with you. They no longer hold your hand. You embarrass them in front of their friends.

Puberty is a war zone.

She closes her bedroom door all the time. She is on the phone all the time. She likes boys. You hate boys. Because you were a boy once.

And then the early teens. The first time she gets mad at you and calls you a dick. Your brain reels with pain.

Protecting them becomes an intrusion. Advice is ignored. Help is ignored. She wants to stay home when you go out to eat.

And homework becomes harder. All of a sudden, you aren’t very smart and algebra brings back those memories of why you hated it.

She gets a driver’s license. You worry. She gets in an accident and a phone call comes that makes your heart stop when the police tell you to report immediately. Thank God there are no injuries. And your semi-grown daughter falls into your arms telling you, “I’m sorry daddy. I am so sorry.” And all you care about is her well-being. The hell with the car. Or why it crashed.

She wants her own car. You worry. You can’t afford it. She has a perpetual hand out for money. You refuse but your wife sneaks it to her.

She rebels. You don’t see eye to eye about anything. You feel you failed.

And then she is grown up. She lives her own life. She no longer needs your constant attention. You worry.

Boys become men. You really worry.

You show off your gun collection to every man/boy that comes to pick her up.

She leaves home. Then she returns home. She leaves home. She returns home. And then she leaves home for good and there is a hole in your heart.

One day she tells you she is engaged. Your world falls apart.

She is a person.

She doesn’t need you as much.

You don’t see her as much.

When she calls, she wants something.

Mine is 28. She will be married when she is 29. Invitations have been picked out. The arrangements are being made.
You worry that the man she chose will love and cherish her and never utter an unkind word.

He takes your place.

Then she tells you that 6 months after they marry they will try for a baby.
You are going to be a grandfather.

You hope it will be a little girl.

And then you wait for it….you wait for it.
“Daddy. I get it now.”

You did good.

And you pray that you live long enough to go through all the same things you did with your little darling. Every girl deserves a grandfather that dotes.

And everyone deserves a wonderful daughter. I got mine.

Katie Kohn and her fiancee John Hawk Larson
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11 replies

  1. Oh man, can so relate to the daughter thing! My wife calls me at work last week to say that ours had been in a car accident. I swear I felt the earth’s rotation come to a grinding halt while my heart seemingly skipped a dozen beats. No injuries other than pride, thank god. It’s her golden birthday in June, and my wonderful wife of 34 years and I cannot figure out how to reward such an intelligent, beautiful creature. A simple girl, with simple needs and wants. If only she smoked cigars!
    Once again, those of us who relish life and a good stogie thank the Uncle Katman for his spot on, honest, charming reviews not overflowing with catchy industry buzz words, or beholding to anyone.

  2. Funny. I have 3 girls and a boy. The 15 year old is the second coming of Steven Hawking. All brains, doesn’t give two shits about the normal girl stuff. I did well. The 13 year old…..OMG. Everything you mentioned and more. My 8 year old, hardcore daddy’s girl. Still have to tuck her in every night, still have to watch cartoons, still have to make her sandwiches with the cookie cutters. I can only hope that all three get kids that are exactly like them. And in my 13 year olds case, I hope hers is 1000000x worse!!! 😀

  3. Great review katman! I’ve smoked 3 of these so far and they are great. The reason this cigar looks and tastes better than the series P is the P is a short filler cigar, also known as a”cuban sandwich”

  4. You reminisced once about smoking Fuente’s with your grandfather and how meaningful that was. May I suggest you put some away to make more memories with a potential grandson. Maybe I will be reading his reviews in the distant future.

  5. I agree totally with your rant about 50-packs. It looks like commercial suicide on Pete Johnson’s part when outfits like Ortega, Curivari, E.P. Carillo, Bodega and even some of the big boys like General Cigar, Padron and Oliva are offering boxes of 10. I have no problem with getting a quantity discount for a 50-pack, but being forced to buy this many sucks big time.

    Congrats on your daughter’s wedding, BTW.

  6. Katmensch – nice review, but as the father of two daughters, I was deeply touched by your soulful, completely accurate, full technicolor description of the cycle of love a daughter’s father experiences. Your best writing that I have had the honor to read.

    • Thank you George. It just came spilling out. No touch ups.
      I plan to read it at my daughter’s wedding in May of 2015.

      • With your permission, I would like to send your words to my daughters. Clearly, you were writing from your “gut” – which only the best writers (and those with authentic emotions) can do. I think you were writing a form of poetry – not prose. Oh, and, forever more, you are “The Katmensch”. George