Montecristo White Label Robolo | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan
Size: 4.5 x 60 “Robolo”
Body: Medium
Price: $10.60 by the 5 pack. $10.00 by the box.


“In a nutshell, a Robolo Sized Cigar is 4.5 x 60. For those who crave big-time flavor, our exclusive Robolo cigars were designed with you in mind. Each one of our Robolo stogies packs as much premium tobacco as a Churchill cigar into a compact 4.5 x 60 flavor bomb!”

This is a brand new addition to the online store, BCP. Another brand: Gran Habano #3 Corojo Robolo just hit the store as well. A review of that cigar to come next week.

My good buddy, Jason Harding, of BCP was kind enough to send me samples. He and I have bonded over the years to the point that when I am in Cleveland, he makes arrangements for us to meet at the Motel 6 near the airport. From there, I dress in baby clothes while Jason dresses in Mommy Dearest clothing. I sit on his lap while he cuddles me and rocks me to sleep with the only occasional steel pipe to my head. He will then pick me up and gently hold me in his arms while he walks back and forth in the room singing a lullaby. He is scheduled for spinal surgery on June 17.

The Montecristo White has become such a staple of the cigar industry that no one writes about it anymore. All the reviews are locked away in reviewer’s archives. Never to be seen again.

As it turns out, I am no different. Well, I’m different…but you know what I mean.

The White has never been an inexpensive cigar and BCP continues that tradition with a fire plug sized cigar that goes for almost $11. It takes a lot of cajones to get Montecristo to screw with the staple of their line and bring it out in new form. The pricing is exactly in line with the Montecristo Churchill.
So here we go…

The stick has pretty impressive construction. Totally invisible seams. Only a few veins. A caramel/honey colored wrapper that is very oily and smooth as silk. The triple cap is well done. And the double cigar bands are shiny white with gold and red lettering.

I clip the cap and find aromas of fantastic gingerbread baking spices, spice, sweetness, strong vanilla bean…almost like the smell of a fresh Twinkie…that aroma of fresh sponge cake as it hits your sugar deprived nostrils.
Time to light up.

It takes a good two minutes to toast the large foot. I am rewarded with the flavor of the aromas I described above. A sweet sponge cake heavy on the vanilla. A smokeable Twinkie. I always keep a couple Monte Whites in my humidor and they have never tasted like this. The dessert-like quality is wonderful. I am currently going through diabetic anaphylactic shock.

This is my third cigar for the review and all three had wavy burn lines.

A bit of black pepper shows itself. The draw is spot on. But not a cigar that spews smoke. The moment I stop puffing, the smoke stops.

The strength is classic medium with only half an inch burned.

I love the flavor profile. Much more flavorful than the Churchill sized Monte White. Like the Nub brand before it, the cigar is designed to hit the “Sweet Spot” immediately and this Robolo sized White fulfills that requirement nicely.

The stick is very close to flavor bomb status.

Here are the flavors: Sweetness, vanilla bean, spice, Twinkies, coffee, and some hay. The hay is a bit of a surprise but doesn’t diminish the essence of the cigar.

Smoke begins to become more Smokey the Bear-like. Much better.

This isn’t a kitchen sink type of flavor profile. It wants to hold on to that sweetness and spice characteristic with all its might.

Another minor touch up is required.

60 ring gauge cigars typically hold on to their ash a long time. So do I take the chance that I have a pig weenie (not me, the cigar), or do I tap it off so it doesn’t cover my keyboard? Time for the Ouija Board.
After 1” has burned, the strength moves up a tick. Creaminess joins the fold. Now we have a serious Twinkie Syndrome.

Goddam the pusher man…this is a magnificent cigar! It has one of the most unique flavors I’ve encountered. AND..after only two weeks humidor time.

Jason knows how to pick them for me. This is a great cigar and he knows it and he knows I will fawn over it and mission accomplished. I’ve sold my soul to the devil one more time.

I feel the ash, at the 1-1/4” point, readying itself for being jettisoned; either by me or by itself so I lay it down gently like that hooker did to me when I was 16. Only I don’t jump on the ash and rip it a new asshole.

This cigar reached flavor bomb status very early on and it keeps seeing the flavor profile intensify with each puff.

The strength is at a strong medium. Another case for the need of Taste-O-Vision. What a cigar. And worth every dime of that outrageous price point. We smoke cigars, and on occasion, we have cigar experiences. This is the latter.

This cigar, should you choose to purchase it, must not be smoked with a moment less than two weeks of humidor time. I think that it is pretty quick and at the start of the receipt of this cigar thought it would take 4-6 weeks. Man, was I wrong.

The char line has been perfect since the second minor touch up. I’ve smoked 1-3/4” and it has taken me about 45 minutes to do so.

There have been no changes to the flavor profile. No need to. It is perfect the way it is. Although, a bit of honey shows itself to complete the massive sweetness profile. The creaminess just edges out the sweetness.
BCP sells this cigar in 5 packs for $52.99 and the 20 count box for $200. So it is pretty fair of them to only hike the price 60¢ per stick. Go to and they hike the price upwards of $2-$3 per stick for a single or 5 pack. Does greed know no boundaries?

I’m at the halfway point after an hour of smoking. This is just heaven. It is still the best Twinkie I’ve ever had and I haven’t eaten a Twinkie in over 30 years. That’s right, Butch.

I gave up sugar in 1981 and still got diabetes about 5 years ago. (*&#%%$#$^_*^$$!!!!!)
Of course, weighing almost a metric ton didn’t help.

I still have two more of these sticks to savor and enjoy. And I plan on making it my special purchase at the beginning of next month. I always stock up at the beginning of each month when I get my social security. And I go overboard with one 5 pack of expensive cigars. This month was the Mayimbe by AJ Fernandez. Which I bought from BCP. Jason gives me a special deal by adding 15% to the retail cost because I cause him so much trouble. Seems fair.

With 2” to go, here are the flavors once more: Sweetness, creaminess, Twinkie-Ville, coffee, spice, vanilla, honey, and a touch of nuts. That just doesn’t sound right. A touch of nuts. Maybe I can get my dog to come over to the dining room table and lick mine. Hey, I’ve been married almost 30 years. I get my thrills when I can.

I can only assume that the good reviewers do something special when they smoke their cigar for photos. I am a chomper and I guess they are not. By the end of the stick, it is almost flat. And I have to keep re-shaping it so it doesn’t look like a wafe.

Plus those guys get this gorgeous photo of the end of the cigar with the cap looking beautiful and untouched by human lips. How do they do that? They could use a cigar holder…I don’t know.

I’m now almost 90 minutes into the cigar. And the intense flavor profile nearly causes sensory overload. There was no waiting for the stick to kick into gear. It was snorting and rip roarin’ ready to go from the start.

Supertramp is playing in the background which reminds me of a story. After the review.

Construction of the cigar has been excellent. A bit of nicotine creeps in but only a little. The last part of the cigar shows no signs of harshness or heat. Cool as a cuke.

You want to treat yourself? Try the Montecristo White Label Robolo.

ADDENDUM 6-16-2014:
Only 10 days after this review, I lit one up. The flavor profile has made a quantum leap in complexity and balance. Enormous amounts of flavor begin from the very first puffs. This is one of the few double digit cigars that not only do I approve of, but think is worth every cent. A fantastic cigar!


And now for something completely different:

I was back home in Long Beach. Drawn and quartered from the traumatic experience of being shit canned from Curved Air over political reasons.

The last straw was that Stewart Copeland and I were being requested for all the radio interviews in each city we played. Darryl was the founding member and had a huge ego. And not a lick of a sense of humor.

Stew and I were like Groucho and Chico. The DJ’s loved us. They even ignored Sonja.

This infuriated Darryl as the request was canonized by Miles Copeland, our manager. To make things really worse, print media spoke mostly to Stew and I because we were better copy.

I got too big for my britches.

I got an envelope from a friend, Butch Hatcher. An American singer that was in the southern rock band, Flatrock.

He asked that I deliver it to Supertramp’s manager who he had an affair with in England. So I called and got an audience.

The band was holed up in a mansion in Beverly Hills getting ready to record their next album. The living room had been turned into a mini recording studio for their demos.

I arrived and was ushered out to the pool area where the band and the manager were soaking up Southern California rays.

When I was introduced as Curved Air’s bassist, Supertramp members went nuts. They fawned all over me. Took me a week to wash it off.

I spent a glorious afternoon with these wonderful people.

We then spent some time jamming in the living room.

When it was time to go, I stood up, took the Fender P bass off and because of the low ceiling, smashed the head of the bass into that ceiling causing a big crack in the neck.

It was a 1958 P bass. Worth a fortune. I couldn’t believe what I had done. They tried to make me feel like it was nothing and that they had a good luthier who could fix it but I was so embarrassed.

I left them with my head hung low.

I had been invited to the recording studio to lay some tracks down. For some reason, the call never came.
What a putz. Protection Status



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2 replies

  1. Fear, mortified, incredulous, embarrassed, mouth open, eyes really wide open…pick any of these expressions.

  2. Geez, I know EXACTLY how you feel Kat. I too used to play bass, but then went to guitar. I play guitar 99% and occasionally bass. Anyway, I was playing my Strat when all of a sudden, the guitar decides to divorce me and comes crashing down on the floor! The bottom guitar peg slipped out of the strap hole! DAMN! It caused a stress crack where the body meets the neck. UGH! It didn’t cause any serious damage. But, I’m very anal about my gear and that crash drove me nuts!
    I still have my Ibanez bass I bought 25 years ago for $25 (used) and it has a tight, punchy sound. Love that thing.

    The Monte sounds like a winner! Twinkies, vanilla = YUM! 🙂