My Father La Antiguedad Corona Grande | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Rosado Oscuro Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan Corojo, Nicaraguan Criollo
Filler: Nicaraguan (Triple Filler- San Rafael, Las Quebradas and San Jose)
Size: 6.375 x 47 “Box Pressed- Corona Grande”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $7.80 MSRP





A good friend got me a couple of these sticks two weeks ago before their release. I can’t say who because, as he says it, “They will force me to GNARFLE THE GARTHOK!.”

From the My Father web site:
“La Antiguedad (The Antiquity) is the Garcia’s second project to be developed after the mega success of Flor de las Antillas, in which they will once again embrace the authenticity and historic value of the original Cuban art.: Created by master blenders Jose “Pepin” Garcia and Jaime Garcia, La Antiguedad is a super-premium cigar handcrafted in Nicaragua, using the world’s finest Cuban seed Nicaraguan grown tobacco. This addition to the My Father Cigars portfolio will continue to showcase the Garcia’s Cuban heritage and respect for tradition. The filler tobacco for La Antiguedad is cultivated entirely in Nicaragua on the farms of San Rafael, Las Quebradas, and San Jose, all privately owned and operated properties of My Father Cigars.”

In actuality, prices are all over the place. I found that one of my favorite places has them in box form for as little as $5 a stick.

One thing not mentioned above is that all the leaves come from the My Father farms except for the wrapper. And all leaves are aged a minimum of 3-3-1/2 years.

There is a serious void of information other that what I have posted. So let’s get into the review.

This is a beautifully box pressed stick with construction to match. The wrapper is a Colorado red. Seams are merely invisible and there is a minimum of small veins. The triple cap is impeccably placed. There is a matte finish to the wrapper instead of a high gloss…until the cigar is exposed to bright sunlight.

The cigar band is a mural of art. I looked at it through a magnifying glass and saw intense detail. Of course, my $1.25 Instamatic doesn’t pick up that detail. Plus the paper it is printed on has some sort of fancy linen finish that when looking close up; some of the detail goes away. The box press is not a crisp one. One corner is at a 90° angle and the next is a soft corner. No matter, it looks very nice.

There is a fine toothiness. But there is also a nice mottling of the wrapper. I am catching the different looks of the wrapper depending on the angle of the shot and the amount of sun at that distinct moment the shutter closes.

I clip the cap and find aromas of competing potencies of spice and cocoa. There is coffee, oak, leather, macadamia nuts (I just had a bunch yesterday so the taste and aroma are fresh in my memory-or I’m hallucinating.), lovely baking spice, and a slight herbal note with a dash of floral.
Time to light up.

Ahhh…that wonderful Garcia blast of pepper! And an immediate swath of dark cocoa. I love it when any cigar starts off with a pepper blast but Pepin Garcia does it best.

The draw is perfect. The char line is spot on. I’m in for a good ride fellas.

The spiciness starts out as black pepper. In addition to the cocoa is a nuttiness (No. Not macadamia, generic nuts-like my readers).

The stick is not jam packed and in fact has a couple of soft spots. The burn is faster than I had anticipated.

By the 1” mark, the cigar has become an official flavor bomb. Here are the flavors: Cocoa, spice, creaminess, coffee, oak, baking spice, dried fruit, black cherry, a taste of honey (with my apologies to Herb Alpert), and leather.

I’ve smoked 10 minutes and close to 1-1/2” is gone already.

This, like all of the My Father line, is a wonderful cigar. It has the stamp of all My Father blends. Sometimes, they become very similar. And this La Antiguedad reminds me of the Le Bijou 1922. But much cheaper.

I tried one the day after I got it and it pretty much tasted the same as what I now taste two weeks later. Garcia has that magic touch that allows his cigars to be ready to go in a short period for those of us with no patience. And of course, he rewards those who do have patience with a very complex cigar a couple months down the road.

The char line has been a bit wavy but no need for a touch up.

I could smoke this cigar all day long. And I am so glad my friend sent me the corona. I am beginning to enjoy the corona size more than my trusted robusto size. Flavors are much more intense and reach their goal almost immediately. No waiting for the last half of the last third. Half an inch in, and you’re screaming laughter.

The second third has begun after 20 minutes of burn time. No change to the flavor profile. Intense, potent, and balanced perfectly. I would not say that it has reached its complex point yet.

And then a second flavor explosion. New flavors arrive in the form of hickory, burned oak, gingerbread, cream cheese (Suzy), and something very strong but I cannot put my finger on it yet.

Complexity has dug its heels in.

I am at the halfway point and this is just a giant candy bar that burns at one end. I’m going out on a limb and saying I prefer this blend to the Le Bijou.

Once more with the flavors at hand: Creaminess, cocoa, hickory, sweetness, black cherry, red pepper, baking spice, coffee, a bit of honey, oak, cream cheese, and leather.

That very potent flavor I could not describe earlier has faded away.

This is a perfect cigar. It has everything I want in a cigar. I never rate cigars like other reviewers do because it is too subjective. My palate is different than yours. But in order to get across how much I love this cigar, I will break my rule and give it a 97. And you watch…when Cigar Aficionado rates their top 25 of the year, this cigar will be included. I must have a box.

I have not done my duty by informing you of its strength. It has been classic medium body this whole time.
Damn. This is one fine cigar. And the best part? It is a regular production cigar; not a limited edition.

The last third is upon me and the cigar is really packed at this point in the cigar and the burn time slows way down.

I don’t want this cigar to end.

Since it is a regular production cigar, everyone is selling them. So look around and you will find exactly what you are looking for.

The flavor profile is so balanced now that it is hard to tell one flavor from the other.

The spiciness has waned. With less than 2” to go, the strength hits medium/full along with a hit of nicotine. The nicotine ramps up considerably and I think I’ve gone blind. Normally, I would add a rock n roll story at the end of the review but I can barely type now. I am swooning. Next time, I shall write the story first.

The Garcias have really outdone themselves with this blend. And kept the price so affordable that it boggles the mind. I’ve smoked countless cigars in the $9+ range that don’t come close to touching this cigar.
Clearly, I recommend this cigar.
11 Protection Status


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4 replies

  1. Atlantic has only singles right now in Corona and Super Toro. Small Batch Cigar has 5ers on all sizes. Use promo code ‘leafenthusiast’ and get 10% off AND priority shipping included. 🙂

  2. Correction:

    Super Toro has 3 boxes left and 3 singles.
    Corona Gorda has 8 singles only.
    Robusto, Toro Gorda and Toro backordered.

  3. I made a purchase from small batch and I have to say I was impressed! They sent the cigars in a humi bag, with boveda pack and all! Shit it was only a 5 pack! These guys are truly a class act. I’ll definitely be doing more business with these guys. The aroma of this cigar when taken out the bag was really nice. I have yet to smoke one, but if the smoke is anything like the aroma, this is going to be one fine cigar. Kudos again to all you guys for turning me on to Small Batch!

  4. Yep, SBC is by far the best customer service I’ve been the pleasure to experience with. FREE Priority Shipping AND humidipacks on any size order! Friggin’ awesome! 🙂

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