Las Calaveras Edición Limitada 2014 LCC550 | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5 x 50 “Robusto-LCC550”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $8.95 MSRP ($8.00 at Small Batch Cigars by the box)


A new cigar from Crowned Heads. Released in May of this year. Only 1000 boxes of 24 were released.

This is the first time Crowned Heads decided to partner up with My Father cigars and use their factory in Nicaragua to produce them. Normally, Crowned Heads uses EP Carrillo’s factory.

There are only three sizes: 5 x 50 ($8), 6 x 52 ($9), and 7 x 54 ($10).

The phrase Las Calaveras is translated as “The Skulls.” It is a reference to the Mexican holiday of The Day of the Dead.

The sticks arrived from Small Batch Cigar without cellos. I like that. The best part? They have all the sizes and quantities in stock. No having to be disappointed by the other online stores who can’t keep them in stock.

I bought four 5 packs from SBC and they threw in a newly released AVO Releases Quartet Sampler that comes in a very nice plastic travel humidor with humidifier. Value: $30. That is what I call customer service. It even includes a mysterious AVO cigar called “AU14 Batch No. 024.” There is virtually no information on the internet about this cigar…or the AVO web site. This will be difficult to review with no info. The other 3 sticks are AVO Heritage, AVO Signature and AVO Lounge Edition.

I’ve only discovered SBC recently due to the gracious John Starr’s input. You gotta check them out.

Inexpensive prices, free 2 day shipping and even a code for another 10% off. You can’t beat that. And once again, they have all the cigars you can’t find all in one place.

Construction is delicious. A very dark brown with an oily sheen. And very smooth to the touch. Some of the sticks are a bit bumpy and lumpy and others are not. The triple cap glistens with oil and is impeccably produced. There is also a nice mottling. Each cigar is different in the amount of veins it has…from very few to quite a bit.

The cigar bands are very simple. Almost what you would see on a pre-release cigar. Almost Cuban in their simplicity.

I clip the cap and find aromas of strong wood, sweetness, and steak sauce. There is also a black molasses aroma. There are hints of cocoa, nuts, and leather.
Time to light up.

The first puffs are a bit dry but the draw is good. Sweetness is the first flavor to be recognized. And then a huge wallop of red pepper. Very much like the most peppery of Pepin Garcia’s blend blasts.

I get a frosty treat of a Creamsicle. Remember those little pain in the ass popsicles? Orange Popsicle covering an ice cream on a stick? And once the orange Popsicle had broken into pieces the whole thing went to shit like ice floes at the Arctic. The citrus is a nice start to the cigar but not necessarily a compatible component to the strong pepper. If there were a bit more creaminess, it would be perfect.

There is a slightly sour fruit taste. Not like lemon or lime; but rather, more like a yet to be ripe orange.
Then, at the ½’ burned point, creaminess appears and not only calms down the heat of the pepper but gives the flavor profile of citrus and sour fruit a better balance.

The char line is just OK. No touch ups are required yet but it seems to be heading in that direction. And then it begins to get out of hand and I rectify it.

The ash is very delicate and doesn’t last very long before it needs to be tapped off in the ashtray. No pig weenie shots for this cigar.

Nuttiness and meat loaf are up next. Meat loaf is a first for me. Part of that steak sauce aroma has translated to a flavor but there is that sweetness to the meat from the ketchup sauce that defines the element. The blend is very unique.

Another example of the leaf stats not telling the whole story.

It doesn’t taste like a My Father blend nor does it taste anything like a Crowned Heads blend.

As the second third begins, the cigar smooths out delightfully. Here are the flavors: Spice, creaminess, sweetness, meatiness, nuts, citrus, sour orange, and orange zest.

The cigar became a powerful flavor bomb during the first half of the first third. And the flavors feel like they are taking a ride on the Hadron Collider.

This is a wonderful cigar. The strength started out at classic medium body. Near the halfway point, it moves to medium/full. And the flavors are just so intensely delicious, I want to eat the cigar.

The char line has remained on point since that early correction.

A buttery toast flavor shows up and boosts the creaminess, sweetness, and meatiness significantly. Man, this cigar is a real winner. I don’t rate cigars but if I did it would be extremely high. This is about as close to a perfect cigar as they come.

The halfway mark is upon me. I am so enjoying this cigar. You want to know the kicker? I received these cigars yesterday. Yeah, baby, yesterday! I smoked one last night and was completely blown away.

Flavors are the same. Very intense and bold. The complexity is mind boggling. Look up the word balance and there is a photo of this cigar. It has a very chewy long finish with a lingering oiliness on the lips.

It is still a dreary day in Milwaukee and my camera does not do justice to the oiliness of the cigar’s wrapper.

The cigar is a bit darker in real life compared to the photos. But what sun I do get allows the viewer to see that Colorado red tinge of color.

This is your glorious kitchen sink flavored cigar.

The last third begins.

Much more of the same except for the red pepper moves back a few notches. The meatiness wanes a touch. Here they are: Creaminess, sweetness, spice, citrus, nuts, meatiness, and sour orange.

I think I really lucked out, thanks to John Starr, finding the online store Small Batch Cigars. The prices are great, free 2 day shipping and a 10% (leafenthusiast) coupon code at check out. Not to mention that instead of your favorite cigars on back order, SBC has them in stock. I should be selfish and keep this to my greedy self but my lovely readers should have a whack at this store. It just seems too good to be true. Many of your faves are at Cbid prices. And Andrew and Mark are really good guys and a pleasure to do business with. The perfect situation.

The sun finally comes out and you can now see the true color of the wrapper. Thank you baby Jesus.
The sun allows you to see how lumpy and bumpy the cigar is.

The strength is moving towards full body. And here comes my mortal enemy: Nicotine.
I still have a little less than 2” to go and I must slow things down or I will go blind.

I don’t have a single criticism of this blend. This is my new desert island cigar.

Slowing down between puffs accentuates the flavor profile immensely. I tend to smoke too fast. Sort of an unconscious thing I do. Instead of living in the moment, I am already thinking about which cigar is next. A very bad habit.

I just noticed something. I took a look at the leaf stats and there is no Mexican tobacco in the cigar. A cigar whose name is based on a Mexican holiday has no Mexican tobacco. How odd.

But when a cigar tastes like this, they could have called it: “Smoke this Cigar and You Will Go to Hell” and I wouldn’t care.

As this is a very limited cigar, I suggest you don’t dally.
8 Protection Status


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  1. Thanks for the good review…didn’t dally.

  2. Yep, isn’t the wrapper gorgeous?! It’s beautiful! I’m letting it sit for a while, but the anticipation is killing me! lol!
    The first time I visited SBC, I saw the CAO Heatwave and I never heard of it. The same with the Regius. What a special place. Great prices, FAST, FREE shipping, rare cigars and 10% discount. What’s not to love? 😀

  3. I know you stated that the cigar reaches med. full but how’s the nicotine on this stick?

  4. Thank you for sharing this review with us. It has been really interesting to read and very useful. Keep on sharing more. Good Luck!