Flores y Rodriguez Cabinet Seleccion Habano | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Dominican Habano Vuelta Abajo
Binder: Dominican Habano Vuelta Abajo
Filler: Dominican Habano Vuelta Abajo
Size: 5 x 52 “Robusto-Magicos”
Body: Medium
Price: $4.00


I want to thank Jason Harding of BestCigarPrices.com for sending me these cigars.

This is a cigar I discovered a couple years ago and have tried to keep both the Habano and Maduro versions in stock when possible. This is a great little blend that is satisfying and cost effective. But I noticed that while I have written about the Maduro here, and the Habano for others; there is no trace of this blend on my Katman blog. So here goes.

Abe Flores does it right by using the Entubado method of rolling the cigar; that is, rolling tiny tubes the length of the cigar and bundling them together to create a more sophisticated smoke by allowing for better draw and near perfect burn.

Cigar journal gave this stick a 95 rating.

From PDR web site:
“PDR’s first release from the 2012 IPCPR was our Flores y Rodriguez Habano Cabinet Seleccion. It’s our third Dominican puro that we have produced. A fun fact that we like to share regarding this blend, all components wrapper, binder & filler tobacco is from one Cuban seed Habano from Vuelta Abajo Cuba that was grown in the Dominican Republic. Available in two blends Natural and Maduro. The natural blend is a straight forward medium body cigar with a touch of sweetness and a soft cedar flavor.”

Tamboril is referring to the town, in the Dominican Republic, where the PDR Cigars factory is ensconced.

It is a sunny day on its way to a rainy one later here in Milwaukee so I lucked out. The brilliant sun shows a glistening wrapper oozing oil that is silky smooth. The wrapper is the color of melted caramel. A darker mottling permeates the wrapper giving it a nice brindle look. There is a pattern of veins that is actually attractive as the rollers took care to give the cigars’ outer clothing the look of being wrapped in a perfect tobacco leaf. The triple cap is nicely done. The cigar band is simple and nice.

I clip the cap and find aromas of earthiness, nuts, leather, cinnamon, mint, strong spice, and the slightest touch of a vinegar based creamy Caesar dressing.
Time to light up.

The first puffs are sweet with the slightest touch of woodiness. Almost bark like. A nice black and red pepper begins to form. The cinnamon reminds me of those cinnamon dunked toothpicks we’d buy as kids. Started off nicely and the got hotter ‘n hell.

I’ve had this last cigar in my humidor for several months and is my last for review. More on that later.
A lemon zest element appears offsetting the sweetness with tartness. And then a subtle herbal note shows up rounding out the flavor profile.

I have to admit that while I have spent considerable time smoking both the Habano and the Maduro, the Maduro is my favorite of the two blends.

The strength is a light medium body. The Maduro is more of a medium/full body. And sweeter.


Here are the latest flavors: Creaminess, sweetness, wood, nuts, cinnamon, citrus, spice, and coffee.

The flavors begin to build now. As predicted. Becoming much more than subtle. This is the Flores y Rodriquez I love.

The strength has moved to a strong medium body.

The char line has behaved admirably throughout.

The sweetness overcomes the creaminess. The wood and nuttiness make a surge. The pepper is all but gone…taking with it most of the cinnamon. The citrus is still present at a very high level.

The classic rock station on my cable outlet plays just what I like. None of that hack that the public airwaves radio stations play. More album cuts than the Top 10 of classic rock. What would we do without music?

And I want to thank all the lovely readers who have shared their stories of loss when it comes to parting with a beloved instrument. You have to be artistic or creative to understand what it means to lose the instrument of that artistry sooner than you planned. Thinking back of all the wonderful music played on that instrument goes a long way into the memory banks. All the fun, creativity, and crazy stories associated with it fill up a scrap book in your head.

The cigar is now a creamy sweet vessel for flavors of cinnamon, citrus, cocoa, wood and nuts, some red pepper, and earthiness. This is not a “kitchen sink” flavor profile cigar. It focuses on just a few elements.
Strength is hanging tough at medium body.

But flavors are expanding as the last third is reached. I’ve had this cigar a long time. There is a fine line of extensive aging to get the most out of a cigar’s flavor profile…and leaving it to age too long and slimming down all the wonderful flavors to something narrow like a flattened straw.

Ahhh…the station is playing Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone.” I remember this like a snapshot in time. I was in the car with my mother. I was 15 and this song came on the radio. My mother made a face like she had just sucked on a lemon and asked me, “WHAT is that???”
I laughed and turned it up. Then upon returning home, I picked up my 5 string banjo and proceeded to play it while sitting on my bed. I had bought the sheet music at Wallach’s Music City in Lakewood, CA. Or was it Long Beach? I can’t remember. It was the store that carried everything music. Even those booths that they allowed you to take a record and go listen to it for a while before purchasing it. Right out of “That Thing You Do.”

The last third of the cigar does not disappoint as it makes flavor bomb status.

Here are the flavors: Very potent citrus, sweetness, creaminess, wood, nuts, cocoa, earthiness, a renewal of red pepper, leather, and something new: summer fruit like peaches or nectarines. With a dash of black grapes.
From this point forward, flavors escalate like a stairway to heaven.

The cigar finishes out beautifully. No harshness or heat. A perfect char line. Lots of balance and complexity. A long finish. Medium bodied without a hint of nicotine. A perfect cigar for enthusiasts and newbies alike.

The price is crazy. I would pay $6-$7 for it and not blink an eye; especially the Maduro version. This is one of the best deals for the price out there.


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15 replies

  1. Patrick, thanks for your support and kind words. You are a real mensch!

  2. As an English major “want fries with that?” back in my college days 30 some odd years ago I am a big fan of this well written blog. I have commented before and it still rings true…this guy tells it like it is…doesn’t pull punches and now I say is a really nice guy down on his luck but still fighting the good fight. Gotta give ya a high 5 for keeping on keeping on!
    Anyone says there isn’t age discrimination going on is either still young or ignorant….I’ve applied for a ton of jobs part time and full and anyone like me close to 60 is just not being considered seriously even though the work ethic of my generation is superior to anything currently out there. You’d think these younger folks would hire older workers ’cause we’d be glad for the opportunity and not leave ’em high and dry in a few months….geez!
    Anyway Phil I hope things turn around for you and yours and I can and do relate to your problems including having to sell favorite music equipment when times are tough.

  3. What a pretty woman. She seems so full of life and enjoying it to the hilt. I desperately want for her to have a full recovery or at the very least, remission. I’ll miss your reviews man, I hope you come back soon and please don’t be a stranger. Even if a ‘review’ is to say ‘hi’.

  4. Well said Richard and thanks for your comments.

  5. Thanks John. I find it amazing that a cigar this good is so inexpensive; especially the Maduro.

  6. Cbid has a QB, 5er Maduro for $15.

  7. Katman, I will miss your information and your wit while you are away. I have seen curve balls hit out of the park before. The best of luck, man.

  8. I seem to have always had the knack of reading people, and it is apparent in the photos that your wife is a lovely woman with a warm heart. Once more I wish you both a happy outcome.
    With unbridled love, we always do what ever is needed in support of our soul mates, as they for us, but try not to stay away too long friend, for I too will miss your wit which is always one of the most enjoyable moments of my day.

  9. It’s obvious to me that anyone that could have the nerve to criticize your life, has never had to walk in your shoes. And should pray they never have to. You can give god thanks for all the TRUE FRIENDS you have which I believe to be many. And to know that there are many prayers being made on your wife’s behalf. Don’t worry about us Kat, you have given enough to us to keep us busy for a long time. You just take care of your darling wife, who has stood by your side and will continue to do so in these trying times. I could never cease to wonder how our government can do so much for other countries and do so little for those that work so hard to support it. I hope all goes well with you my friend. And as far as this cigar, it’s truly a best buy. I’m a die hard Maduro fan but this stick has changed how I feel about naturals. But like any PDR they benefit from a lot of rest. I find PDR’s taste best in the 4 to 6 month rest. But that’s another topic for better times. Much love to you and your family. Keep us posted.

  10. Unless something terrible occurs, this is the last time I will bring this up. I feel I’ve burdened everyone with my problems while at the same time you all have your own baggage in life and it’s not fair to you. I’m turning into a big whiner which even turns me off.
    I shall perk up and make a grand effort not to bum anyone out any longer.
    Thanks for all your support and love.

  11. I’m a fair lurker here and don’t even smoke. How about them apples? My mission is to find solid plants for my father to light up. He once smoked whatever he pleased since, though he doesn’t throw money around needlessly, a cigar and a glass of something red or golden while reading a book on the porch was always his most serious habit/vice/enjoyment. He had a lot of money. Alas, foolish decisions and handing out cash like Pez to friends and family habitually short on the same has forced a change of habit. His replacements were fairly awful. So, took to researching smokes that I think will be to his liking. While there is no magic Cuban bullet in DR, Honduras, Nicaragua, etc, I’ve found some fine leaves for my dad to smoke.

    All that said, your reviews have been the most valuable to me of them all. Your history in the business (I’m a gaffer and enjoy the parallels, though my stories are weak by comparison) combined with a real zest for life make each piece you write a simple pleasure. My wife thinks I’m nuts; so does my dad. But if I can pay for some sticks, age them and heave them onto a mail truck once a month for his enjoyment, what else could I want? So thanks Phil for the stories and fantastic reviews. I for don’t think for a second that you roll up the sleeves and commence to whine on Kohnhed. If you need to vent and beef a bit, go ahead. The collective readers will, I’m sure, take no offense. Personally, I feel quite strongly (in fact enormously so) that Atlantic, CI, FS, BCP and the rest owe you smoke in perpetuity. You are at the top of my list of reviewers + I buy smokes based on your work = Online cigar outlets make $$. You got to pay it Backward, son.


  12. Good Lord, I completely forgot to say that I wish the best for your wife and you going forward. I don’t know how else to say it really. God speed to you both and may the wind be at your backs.

  13. Thank you Chris for your kind words.

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