A Big Thank You Smooch! | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Today marks a milestone. I added my 1700th follower.
And I thought it was overdue to say thank you with a big juicy kiss on your collective tushy.

I seem to have the smartest readers. The ones with the best senses of humor. The most kind and compassionate.
The most down to earth. And we all seem to have the same palate which just tickles me to death.
Why? Because you and I are the same. We are regular people whose passion is cigars. And you have the patience to read my inane ramblings. My rants. My insecurities. And my bizarre sense of humor.

And lastly, my X rated stories about my 10 year ride in the big time music business.

I don’t talk down to you with fancy inside terms that I don’t understand myself. And I love every comment you leave me. I treasure them all; except the ones that call me an asshole. And I wish my wife would stop that.

It’s been a long slog of a lot of reviews over many years to get here. Hard work and a tough learning curve.
But I found my comfort zone with your help.

I’m glad that you allow me to be myself and not some snobby guy who thinks he is better than you. I’m not better than anyone. Afterall, I don’t understand some of the arrogance in this business.
You discover a cure for cancer. You mediate peace in the Middle East….ONLY then do you get to be arrogant.
You know a lot about cigars and rub elbows with the big manufacturers? So the fuck what.

This blog is my salvation when it turned out that the new millennium was not kind to my family. One thing after another. I’m sure a lot of you can relate.

So thanks for sticking with me. Keep those comments coming. And remember, I didn’t get an I.Q. of 87 from being stoopid.

This is me relaxing with a doob:

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  1. Bad ass picture. It reminds me of me in my early 20’s

  2. My 1/1700th of the collective tushy considers itself duly kissed.
    I knew you must be a mensch when I found out you toured for so long with Darryl Way without killing him. I interviewed him for “Sounds” (UK music paper) in 1976 when he left Curved Air and found him to be the worst kind of self-regarding, entitled, racist prick. He ranted about how the philistines of the rock music industry had no respect for classically trained geniuses like himself. Being an obnoxious 21-year-old music writer with no respect for reputations, I pointed out that Jack Bruce, John Cale and Felix Pappalardi would strongly disagree. His response: “Any 12-year-old ni**er can play bass and snort coke like Jack Bruce. I’ve never heard of those other two assholes.”

    • Any musician who hadn’t heard of Felix Pappalardi (of Traffic fame) was in a permanent cranial-rectal inversion.

      • Absolutely. But Darryl was so self involved he barely knew anything about the current bands or the ones that came before him. He was the most arrogant son of a bitch I ever dealt with. Period. And I worked with some real assholes in construction and music and never dealt with anyone like him; ever.

    • If I chose to, I could lay out some stories about Darryl that would not be much fun for the reader.
      You are right on all accounts.
      During the first month, he liked my sense of humor. He saw how easily I handled the press. So he asked me to teach him to be personable which I agreed to. But it was like teaching a 5 year old calculus.
      I even lived with him the first couple months I was in the band.
      It was a fucking nightmare.
      It was he that devised my demise from the band. The look on his face when the managing director of BTM Records announced to the band that “I guess we know who the star of the “Live” album was (Meaning me), well he was injured to the quick.
      He was always an asshole and I had to walk on eggs around him all the time.
      It was the most fun in my musical life and at the same time, the most horrifying.
      The band has been doing a reunion tour for the last 3 years. Darryl dropped out pretty quick. And in fact, the band is now only Sonja and Florian (the drummer). So it’s not really Curved Air.
      I’ve listened to them on youtube and they suck. The trouble with that band is they were outdated from the start. Too progressive. NO soul. No funk. No feeling.
      It was a lifetime of music biz in only 2-1/2 years of my life.

      • Funny thing was, the real geniuses I got to meet or interview were always complete gentlemen (or ladies). In fact Lowell George (RIP) even gave me my first ever cigar.

  3. 1,700 subscribers??? I thought it was just me and your best friend Carlos. How many sex slaves does a man need? Congrats, brother. You have such a distinctive writing style that I more than once I.D.’d your reviews on old sites before noticing your name. Now that you have conquered the cigar blogosphere, are you planning on fulfilling your ultimate dream of entering Rabbinic School? I am sure they would find profound Talmudic insights from your rock-god proverbs.

    • At Katman’s age (and mine, nearly), cigar slaves are just as important as sex slaves. Speaking of which, if all 1,700 of us bombed him with a single stick each, he wouldn’t need to sacrifice his cigar budget for Mrs K’s medical care. And we’d get the most eclectic bunch of reviews in all Cigardom. Forwarding address please…..

      • This is a very kind gesture Mat…but I can’t accept. We will be all right. Others, less kind than you, will see this as me being a royal mooch. And I have enough headaches without asses taking this opportunity to name call. This is why I love my readers.
        Thanks again.

      • Point taken Katman (see below). I should have cleared this with you via email first. Sorry for any embarrassment caused.

    • As a matter of fact, I did go to rabbinical school when I was young. But after 6 months I was thrown out.
      I was caught, late at night, hiding in the closet drinking a pork milk shake.

  4. I think I speak for all us devoted readers when saying it is we who owe you the thanks. We brighten our days reading for exactly all the reasons you seem to think we should forgive you for.
    It will be a sad day indeed,when if for whatever reason we can no longer treasure a part of our days with a tasty stick,while smiling over an equally tasty review from you.
    Cue the collective HAZAH for our our uncle Katman!!!