Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Jalapa Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5 x 50 “Robusto-Box Press”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $8.50


I know, I know…another Patel review. But this one is a true masterpiece receiving a rating of 93 from Cigar Aficionado that it actually deserves.

Cigar Aficionado said this:
“The Rocky Patel Fifteenth Anniversary Torpedo is dark and box-pressed, with superb construction. Its lush draw is laden with coffee bean, cocoa and earthy flavors that grow in power as the cigar is puffed.”

The cigar came to fruition to celebrate Patel’s 15th year in the cigar business back in 2010.

Construction is excellent. Tight seams. Little to no veins. A near perfect box press. And an impeccable triple cap. The wrapper is semi-oily, smooth with a dark chocolate color.

I clip the cap and find aromas of cocoa (Almost chocolate doughnut), spice, citrus, nuts, cinnamon, barnyard, and cedar.
Time to light up.

The first puffs are sweet and succulent. Doses of heavy chocolate attack my palate. The draw is spot on. Red pepper builds quickly and becomes a Garcia-like Pepper Bomb.

Smoke fills the room. The code word is Swordfish. Agents swoop in from the windows and the skylight; spilling broken glass everywhere.

……..I’m back. Got very little sleep due to my damn back injuries. (Up at 4am.)

The sweetness adds other dimensions such as orange citrus, spices of the Orient; as well solid doses of cedar and leather.

The cocoa escalates until it becomes one of the most chocolatey cigars I’ve smoked. It’s as close to tasting like an infused cigar without being one and without the nauseating treacly sweetness.
The strength is a tad over medium bodied. So it starts off with a bang and should reach flavor bomb status shortly.

I won a 5 pack on Cbid about three months ago. I tried my first last night and was shocked. This blend is a ball hit out of the park and it is by Patel!

But then shouldn’t a big anniversary cigar be special? And they nailed it. This blend is as good as most boutique blends without the cost. The $8.50 is the CI price. I won my 5 pack for $4 a stick. Half price.

With 1” burned, we now have a bona fide flavor bomb. The ash is hanging tough making me want to resort to see how long I can maintain the ash in a 12 year old sort of way.

Here are the flavors: Spice, chocolate, creaminess, orange citrus, exotic spices, cedar and leather. It is a short list but a powerful one.

The second third begins and it is a party.

What a great cigar! I never thought I’d utter those words about a Rocky cigar.

The char line is dead nuts. The cap is behaving beautifully. And the construction needs no criticism.
This is a tasty mutha fucka!

I get a fruity taste. Hmmm…Grapefruit. Works perfectly with the orange citrus. The spiciness tamps down just a smidgen allowing the chocolate doughnut to take charge of the proceedings.

Guess what? Atlantic Cigars banned me from using their site. Why? Because I was not supposed to tell you what great deals you got if you spent $60 on a VIP Club membership. So here is what happened. Some A List reviewer weaseled me out and either went to My Father cigars and told them how cheap Atlantic is selling their cigars. I really doubt My Father Cigars reads any of my reviews. They are a tough nut to crack and I’ve gotten nowhere with them. So I think my first hypothesis of being ratted out stands.

So then My Father Cigars contacts Atlantic and reads them the riot act because the cigars are supposed to be price controlled and no discounts allowed.

So the manager of Atlantic sends me an email where he goes Medieval on me.

Now explain this. Anyone with $60 can join their “exclusive” club. If My Father Cigars was concerned about Atlantic’s pricing; all they had to do was have some minion within their organization join and voila!

Now this manager guy acts like a shit because why? They are breaking the rules and under selling the My Father cigars and crossing their fingers that My Father never finds out. Give me a break.

So they took their nefarious deeds out on me. Not only am I banned from being a VIP club member, but I can’t even log in and buy cigars. Meanwhile, I’ve bought thousands of dollars of cigars from them over the years. Not to mention all the free publicity I gave them. Thousands of dollars went their way from my readers. And they blame me for something they did wrong.

This is a strange fucking business. So do the Katman a favor and don’t give Atlantic your business. You certainly won’t read me writing about them again.

Back to the cigar.

The spiciness surges. And overtakes the chocolate. The strength moves to medium/full bodied.
The ash only made it to around 1-1/2”.

The creaminess is making a push to be second in line.

All flavors are doing the 40 in 4.2 seconds.

I wish I could really express what a wonderful cigar this is. I actually smoked one after the first month and it was just so-so. So I waited like you must do with all Patel blends. So, instead of waiting 6 months to get to the blender’s intent and still end up with an unexciting cigar, with the 15th Anniversary, you’ve hit pay dirt. And in half the time. This proves that if Patel puts his mind to it, he can really produce fine cigars. He is just lazy and greedy. Use the cheapest tobacco possible and produce an onslaught of blends in the hundreds and pawns them off to online stores. I think you can now buy seconds of the seconds.
Great fucking cigar.

I’ve actually got a rock n roll story that I have never told about my all-time favorite band I played in back in the early 70’s.

I hit the halfway point and the cigar is screaming laughter. No changes to the flavor profile order. Just very potent and explosive.

The price point. Yes, it is worth every dime that CI charges. And even better at half price on Cbid.
The char line needs its first minor touch up. Very minor and I want it to look purty for the photos. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have touched it up.

As I near the last third, here are the flavors once more: Cocoa, creaminess, spiciness, orange citrus, nuts, grapefruit, cedar, exotic spices, and leather.

It seems like the flavor profile is blossoming like a beautiful rose. The flavors do not stop getting stronger and more intense.

The complexity digs very deep at this point. You can’t ask for better balance. And it has a tasty long finish.

The nuance and character of this blend is superb.

I have a doctor’s appointment this morning. My Medicare Part B kicked in on the 1st. This means that Medicare takes care of doctor visits, tests, treatment, etc.

I’m going in and demanding an MRI of my back and neck. Something has gone terribly wrong in the last three months and I’ve become a hunched over cripple. I can’t sleep and I scream out every time I sit down, get up, or lay down. I think there might be surgery in my future.

After that, I go to my new hair stylist. She is the one that gave me my new aging hipster look. And now it is time to trim it properly and accentuate how just damn hip I am.
Long day today.

The cigar is better the Ecstasy. I bet this cigar would be great with a good doob or some good scotch.
The sun has finally come out and now you can see the gorgeous mottling of the wrapper.

The cap has only needed a minor clip to conceal my drooling. Everything about the construction of this cigar is first rate.

I noticed in my latest Famous Smoke catalog that Patel is hawking what could be more drek. But I’ve taken the bait as the price is the only thing I can afford this month. Charlotte’s surgery is on the 8th and they made us come up with a large down payment. So I’m busted for any cigar purchases this month.

What caught my interest is a new offering called Factory Selects. There are six blends; all numbered. I picked the R87 which is medium/full in body and has a Habano wrapper. Possibly my favorite wrapper.

I got a bundle of 15 for $34. I guess the 15th Anniversary has clouded my good judgment.

I am down to 1-1/2” to go and the cigar is even more flavorful. The cigar is so smooth you can eat it. And it has only dispersed the most minor amount of nicotine.

This would be a great cigar for a newbie looking to expand his horizons.

I don’t want the cigar to end. I must have more. I would love to get a box but at $170, it is just too expensive for me. My fingers are crossed that next month they might have a box up for auction on Cbid.

I highly recommend this cigar. It gets a solid A rating. I can’t think of one criticism.
There are none on Cbid at the moment but keep an eye open.

And now for something completely different:

Back in the days of my favorite band, Homegrown (1971-1972), we had a big group of fans. Lots of hangers on that loved to help with our gear. There was never a shortage of weed to smoke so we were always buzzed.

We had this one guy, named John Starr, that was a mountain of a man. This guy WAS the Hulk. I had two huge custom made speaker cabinets that were about 48” tall x 32” wide x 24” deep.

John would pick one up in each arm and carry them from the van to the stage. No matter where we played, people stopped and stared with the jaws on the ground.

As I’ve said in the past, our favorite gig was the EM club at El Toro Marine Base in Tustin, CA. The Marines loved us. And we attracted hundreds of them to our gigs. Other bands complained that they couldn’t get in because we were booked so often. But when they did show up, and the Marines realized it wasn’t us, the Marines were merciless with their Boo’s.

I can’t count how many times John saved my ass. Marines got pretty drunk and there was little or no supervision of their behavior. After all, it was the Viet Nam era.

I used to mouth off a lot into my mic. You can only imagine what my sense of humor was like when I was 22 and uncensored by my brain.

So, on a regular basis, I would piss off some of the Marines. I’d make fun of the Marine groupies they were with. Shit like that.

More than a few times, a big Marine would approach the stage ready to tear me apart. John would calmly step in and with one punch, knock the Marine out completely. Huge applause broke out. John got a rep at the Air Base as one not to be fucked with.

But the real fun came when we played some hell hole in the high desert of California. It was a mining town deep in the hills. It was a town of maybe 5000 people and they loved us and paid BIG money to get us out there. They even put us up. We had to go to the Riverside County area and get off the freeway and drive another hour. The first time we went, we thought we had been set up and would be murdered.

They were a rowdy group. Drunken miners. Yikes.

One night, a bunch stormed the stage while we were playing and tried to take our instruments away, play the drums and sing.

Well, John would have none of that.

He cracked them in the jaw, one at a time, until all 5 or 6 were lying in between us knocked out cold.
When one would come to, John would walk over, pick him up and throw him off the stage on to the dance floor knocking the poor guy out once more.

It took 2-3 times before we were left alone on stage.

The coup de grace was when our idiot booker got us a gig at a Christian wedding. It looked like a Moonie convention.

We started out with Zep’s “Rock and Roll.” Within seconds, everyone covered their ears. The next song was even louder and more raucous.

They had hired security for the wedding. Who hires guards for a wedding? Maybe if they were Colombian..but they weren’t.

They told us to play country music and turn it down. We ignored them on both accounts. We didn’t play country. We didn’t know country. And we were certainly not going to turn down.

After the 4th or 5th song, two guards came over and unplugged us.

John walked over and seemed to be negotiating. We just watched. And then BAM!

Both of these big guys were rolling off the stage in backwards summersaults. They lay motionless for minutes.
The person designated to pay us gave us a check for the full amount and said we could go. His hand was shaking the whole time he handed the check to our leader.

Another time, we played at a real club. It was a biker’s bar. Talk about rowdy. These assholes kept getting on stage to sing with us. Our lead singer was a tough guy and when some biker grabbed the mic away from him, he punched the guy right in the jaw.

The guy was stunned for a moment but got right back up and got into a tussle with Mark. John walked up calmly, pulled the biker off of Mark and carried him back to his table. He threw him right on the top of the table and glasses went all over the floor. The bikers would not tolerate someone fucking with one of their own. And they formed a group of 5 guys that were the meanest and toughest.

They approached the band stand. They even pulled out their buck knives. John came up behind them and began to break beer bottles over their heads. He was so quick that the others were too stunned to do anything.

This scared the shit out of the other bikers. And so they left us alone and made no further attempts at getting on the stage. Good ol’ John.

I don’t know where John is now. His name is too common to do a search. I hope he is well.
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  1. Don’t worry Katman. You can always get My Father cigars much cheaper from Cigars of Habanos. I am reliably informed that US customs isn’t interested in non-Cuban shipments under $200. How about the Blue Label Toro Gordo for $94 per box, ?. Utterly reliable vendor, 6-7 days to the USA.

  2. Screw Atlantic cigars! I WILL NOT BUY FROM THEM AGAIN! >:|

    The John story was a pisser! 😀

  3. K-man,
    I just removed Atlantic from my list too. Idiots!

    • Can’t say I don’t have loyal readers!
      The last thing Garland, the manager said to me in an email, was that maybe someday, I will be allowed back.
      I still can’t get over how they fucked up by underselling client’s products and get caught so easily and the whole thing is because of me. They refuse to show any ownership of this issue. I wonder what A List reviewer ratted on me? Only a few are sponsored by Atlantic.

  4. Holy SHIT I can’t believe the nerve of Atlantic doing this to you. When they fucked Bonita Smoke shop for advertizing Drew Estate cigars below regular pricing! I made the mistake once of asking Atlantic to match there price on T52’s and the following day Bonita Smoke shop raised there prices to standard. When I called Bonita about it they claimed they got ratted out! Gee I wondered who could have called Drew Estate about it? Fuck these guys! I got your back brother. If they had half a brain they could understand that any one that logs into there site has access to there VIP program.

    • If I was really nasty, I’d publish all the emails Atlantic sent me. But I’m not nasty. I get even.
      But I should expect it because I dish it out pretty good. And if I become skin thinned all of a sudden, well shame on me.
      In the scheme of things, losing Atlantic means nothing to me. They are nothing to me. Just another top management team with their heads up their asses.
      And believe me, all my comments and yours, will get back to them and then they will bar me for life. Hahahahaha!
      It’s times like this where I really am glad that I have absolutely nothing to do with the cigar industry other than enjoy their products.

  5. Everyone, please send your ex Atlantic patronage to Small Batch Cigars. They have incredible prices and stunning customer care service!

  6. I’m sorry Atlantic. How on earth did your shortcut end up in the recycle bin? Too late now. Sayonara asshats!
    In the B&M yesterday remembering your review of the 2003 Cameroon,and what’s this? A special edition box press robusto for $7.00. SOLD. Same pricing on some 15th Anniversary toros. Sold again. Going to be hard to wait. Maybe you can send me the rest of those Hogsheads to feed the Mr. Fusion on the back of the DeLorean so I can jump ahead.
    I feel so blessed having a local shop with well stocked and maintained walk-ins that doesn’t price gouge. It’s why they get so much of my business. I can evaluate stick condition before I buy,and don’t have to worry about some FedEx gorilla setting an anvil on top of my box of preciousness.

    • Milwaukee is such a dead town for cigar shops. Several closed up. And the only store that is close to me looks like a CI catalog. I asked where are the My Father cigars and was told they don’t sell. Too progressive.

  7. Look what this asshole sent me in an email after I posted my latest photo on the home page with my new haircut:

    “Aaah! It’s your photo avatar! Already I was going to gently suggest, with the kindest of intentions, that you change that photo on your site, but now I see you’re so into it your flying it as your freak flag. To me it bears an unfortunate resemblance (unless you like that sort of thing) to those found in Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians lists. ”
    Best regards,
    Rob Braham

    The cocksucker tells me I look like an old lesbian so I asked him to send me his photo. Guess what? The mutha fucka blows me off. I’m sure he is a stunning masculine looking man! Douchebag.