Charlotte is Fine. The Doctors Fucked Up | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

After further tests, and another procedure this week, the doctors admitted they made a mistake. They misread her blood work. And misread the ultra sounds.They misread the X-Rays.
The four masses are benign. NO CANCER.
The doctors apologized.
They put us through hell for over 2 months because they fucked up.

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  1. THAT is the BEST news i have heard all week. Many kind returns!!!!! 🙂

  2. That is great. Glad to hear the good news for both of you.

  3. That’s AWESOME news bro, but fuck those doctors for putting you through all that bullshit.

  4. Wow. Modern day miracle of God. Now you have to go back to Rabbinic School. No more sex, drugs and rock n roll for you. Congrats, brother!

  5. There are fuck-ups and then there are fuck-ups with a silver (or in this case platinum) lining. Excellent news.

  6. My doctor is supposed to call me this afternoon to give me the results of my MRI. No matter what he says, I will be skeptical.

  7. Thanks to everyone for their support and love. It is a re-investment in the goodness of humanity.

  8. This is deja vu all over again. My doctor called and said the results of the MRI show that the degeneration of my vertebrae is much worse and that I have severe stenosis, nothing to explain the crippling pain that I’ve seen pop up in the last four months. Meanwhile, I’m experiencing the worst back pain in 13 years and he has no idea why.
    I decided I am going to go to a spinal institute and see a neurologist. There is some answer for what is happening. I’m a Jew but not a hypochondriac. Something is terribly wrong.

    I don’t trust radiologists. Back in 2002, Charlotte complained of chest pain. An MRI was taken as this was only a year after her mastectomy and chemo. The oncologist said that she now had bone cancer; the most common thing to happen to breast cancer survivors.
    She was days away from starting chemo when we got in to see the most esteemed bone cancer specialist in America at Stanford Univ.
    He took one look at the films and said the radiology report was wrong and that Charlotte had a broken rib.

    Misdiagnosis killed my mother. She died at UCLA. The last 3 months of her life was spent there. Years of doctors telling her it was in her head; making her go through electro-shock therapy, etc.
    And UCLA diagnosed it as Crohn’s Disease. So the doctors killed her with their incompetence and she died weighing less than 60lbs and unnecessarily spent 10 years in bed with horrible pain and discomfort.
    I hate doctors and don’t trust a single one of them.

    • Katman – you can’t be a Jew and not be a hypochondriac. Sorry. Great news about your wife – go see a competent Chinese trained acupuncturist for your back. They do some amazing shit – and they don’t commit malpractice. You know what the difference is between God and doctors? God doesn’t think he is a doctor. George

  9. I’m appalled that the docs made such a sweeping misdiagnosis but ecstatic that the tumors are benign.

  10. Great news! Are you getting a second opinion, and is she getting a lawyer?

  11. The doctors screwed up, but God works in mysterious way’s! Many praises to him. I’m glad everything is fine. So back to smoking some great cigars!

  12. I mean, WTF??!! All those doctors and not ONE got it right?! I’m so furious, you have no idea! Only for the fact they made you go through HELL! And most of all, the HELL poor Charlotte was possibly thinking that this was it! But thank goodness, she’s out of the woods. That’s the ONLY good thing. I hope you and Charlotte sue itheir asses and get that woman ANYTHING she wants! Anyway, I’m very happy that your love has peace of mind now and you can continue your lives together.

  13. That is,like,most excellent news,bro!! Cue collective sigh of relief for both of you. I believe we should all call upon the Cosmic Muffin to deliver an extra surprise in the morning oat bran of these so called medical ‘professionals’.
    Has a good orthopedic surgeon reviewed your MRI? Those guys know what they’re looking at.

  14. FU or not that is great news!

  15. WHEW! Prayers were answered. I feel for the both of you, having to endure the false news for 2 months.