Tabacos Baez Serie H by My Father Cigars | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan (Cuban Seed)
Filler: Nicaraguan (Cuban Seed)
Size: 6.5 x 52 “Monarcas”
Body: Medium
Price: $6.50 MSRP


Today, we take a look at the My Father Tabacos Baez Serie H. “H” stands for the Habano wrapper.

This is not a short filler cigar like the Baez SF. Based on my research, it must be a B & M stick only. Yet, I found it on a couple online stores. One of them being They sell a 5 pack of robustos.
Strangely, the cigar is not shown on the My Father web site. The Baez SF is, but not the Tabacos Baez Serie H. I only found 5 reviews of this cigar.

The cigar was sent to me by a dear reader who wants to remain anonymous. Thanks. The one stick is all I have and I have never smoked one before this morning.

It is a beautiful cigar. The wrapper is mottled and looks like a polished red wood coffee table. Oily and very smooth. Seams are invisible. And lots of veins. The triple cap is perfect. The wrapper is ultra-thin.
In my research, I could not find when this cigar came out but guessing that since it is not on the My Father web site, it must relatively new.

And then I do some research and one reviewer, and there aren’t many, says this is an event cigar or a gift cigar. Yet two online stores carry them. Both carry a different size. sells a 5 pack of robustos for $31. sells a bundle of 20 Tabacos Baez Serie H Monarcas for an unbelievable price of $50. $2.50 a stick! Holy shit! sell a box of robustos for $103 but are out of stock. Here is what they say about the cigar:
“Tabacos Baez cigars by Don Pepin Garcia are among the milder and most reasonably priced cigars coming out of the El Rey de los Habanos factory in Nicaragua. Using a Connecticut shade-grown wrapper, these cigars have a little more woody and leathery flavor with less spice than most of Pepin’s cigars. So when you want the distinctive flavor of a smoke from the Cuban-born icon, but don’t want one that’s too strong, Tabacos Baez is the way to go.”

I clip the cap and find aromas of honey, cocoa, spice, nutmeg, and sweet cedar.
Time to light up.

The first puffs taste like a sweetened cereal. Then a bit of caramel. Black pepper begins to invigorate the blend. Plus there is a deep and rich earthiness.

The draw is perfect. The cigar is jam packed with no soft spots.

The char line is on the money.

This is the second cigar in a row I’ve reviewed this morning and the first one still has me reeling from the nicotine causing my typing motor skills to be highly diminished.

This is a good cigar. I’ve only smoked a tiny bit but one can taste quality right away.

BTW-The deal needs you to join their community first before purchasing the cigars at $2.50 a stick. And I have no idea if the deal is still good. Doesn’t say.

I really want to thank my dear reader friend for gifting me this cigar. This is a cigar I’d love to have in my humidor. Another friend sent me a Cbid gift of 10 Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classics Black Label. A true classic blend. Paid only $32 for the sticks on auction.

The Tabacos Baez Serie H is a very slow smoking cigar. says this is a much lighter version of the other Garcia blends. I wonder. If you smoke nothing but La Bombas, that may be the case; but this cigar already feels like it is going to be a much stronger cigar than advertised.

The sun is so bright that it is washing out the cigar band. It is taking me 10-20 shots to get one I can use. Yet, we are supposed to get heavy rain this afternoon. We got 3” last night.

Here are the flavors: Caramel, spice, cereal, nutmeg, banana, and sweet cedar.

The strength is medium.

There are only three sizes:
5 x 50 Famosos
5.5 x 52 Favoritos
6.5 x 52 Monarcas

I’ve been unable to find the Favoritos. So three sizes. That doesn’t seem to me like an event cigar. It must be a stick that only B & M’s get but for the few exceptions noted above.

I’m still in the first third. And I’ve been burning it for a good 20 minutes. This may well be a 2-1/2 hour smoke.

That’s OK. I will just sit here and scratch my ass in between writing.

I’m really at a loss why the A List reviewers didn’t take a shot at the Tabacos Baez Serie H. The only one that did was Cigar Obsession. But I don’t watch video reviews unless they are gorgeous women.

A new flavor joins the group: gingerbread.

I’m having some real burn issues now.

There is a real bite to this cigar. The kind you get when the cigar is smoked too soon. I believe my dry box technique failed me on this stick. Most Garcia cigars are ready to go after just a few weeks. But this seems old school to me.

Maybe the cigar is not on the My Father web site because of these reasons. Something they are not that proud of. Who knows?

The second third began a few minutes ago almost 45 minutes into the cigar. The burn has accelerated from the first third.

And the bite I mentioned earlier has disappeared. Much smoother now.


The sweetness is way ahead of the pack. And the spiciness has kept on an upward trajectory from the start.
Still black pepper.

The heaviness of that bite disappearing makes a big difference in the way the cigar smokes.
The char line is now on point.

I am just past the halfway point.

Regardless of the issues I have with this cigar which is my fault, I think this cigar has great potential. I stand on my statement that I would love to have the Tabacos Baez Serie H in my humidor.

But instead of being in a big fucking hurry to smoke it, I would give it two months of rest. That should assure that I get the full blender’s intent instead of potential that I am receiving now.

The last third begins and the cigar is a whole lot better. It is as smooth as a baby’s tush. Flavors are emboldened and I believe that while this is the sweet spot, with enough humidor aging, the cigar will taste like this from the get go.

The char line stopped misbehaving completely and is perfect.

A new flavor begins. It is a lemony citrus. Tangy. Tabacos Baez Serie H.

Because the wrapper is so light, I am forced to clip the cap a couple times so as to avoid you seeing my drool. I think I performed a public service.

The caramel is luscious and gooey. But the spiciness has diminished substantially.
The strength is right at medium body.

The cigar finishes out nicely. Yeah, I smoked it too green. But it shows great potential of being an excellent cigar. The Tabacos Baez Serie H is a good buy. It may be hard to find but it is worth the effort.
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  1. I know the baez is an older blend and I believe they discontinued it. It was clearanced out on ci and even at my bnm about a year ago. I also smoked one not to long ago and age doesnt help its just not Pepins best work

    • I agree. It’s definitely one of Garcia’s budget smokes. I bought a mazo from Ccom about 6 months ago in their clearance list (I’m cheap) and have had them resting at 67% since then… they haven’t developed much in that time and were similar ROTT. I think they are a good smoke, especially at the price point, and outperform almost all comparably priced cigars. Your review is spot on… gingerbread is how I think of them too. Not nearly as complex as the Blue line or as luscious and full bodied as the My Father blends. I’m not sure I’d recommend them as more than a good cigar but there are so many worse cigars that they have become a kind of “patron saint of mediocrity” in my humi. Consistent and good enough to keep but mostly a cigar I grab when I know I might be called away or one that I know will be pleasant as a giveaway. It’s not a “yard gar” (although working in he yard and smoking a cigar is not something I have never considered) but definitely a good solid smoke that doesn’t scare me off. I haven’t tried the SF but might based on what I’ve read. If you are on a budget (as I am) you can do far, far worse. Not a ringing endorsement but an honest appraisal.