Caldwell Cigar Co. Murcias | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres
Binder: Not Disclosed
Filler: Not Disclosed
Size: 5.5 x 50 “Belicoso- Man on the Moon”
Body: Medium
Price: $6.60 MSRP ($5.00 at Small Batch Cigar – $4.50 using the Katman10 coupon code)


Today, we take a look at the Caldwell Cigar Co. Murcias.

There couldn’t be less information on this cigar than any other cigar I’ve reviewed. Not a single review nor any info from the regular news sources.

On top of that, the Caldwell web site is down.

What is known is that this cigar is part of a trifecta of cigars called by Caldwell as the “Selección Junior Varsity.” Meaning, a threesome of inexpensive blends.

And those three blends are Murcias, Gibraltar, and Sevillana.

I only found a few small online stores that carry them, and as usual, SBC has the lowest pricing and then attach the 10% discount code and you can’t beat the price.

On to my duty…
Construction is excellent; although a bit rustic due to the amount of tooth on the wrapper. Seams are tight and some pretty large veins permeate the stick; different on each one. The color is almost a Colorado with that reddish tinge on top of a dark semi-oily finish. The cigar is packed nicely with tobacco and not a single soft spot on any of my sticks. The cap varies a bit. They are all done nicely but it seems that each roller has a different flare as to how to finish off the belicoso cap. It is impossible to tell how many caps there are but based on price, I’m going with one; maybe two.

I do find one major inconsistency: the ring gauge. The cigar’s diameter runs the gamut of 46-50. That is a cry for quality control. I chose the smaller ring gauge to review.

I clip the cap and find aromas of pungent spice, cocoa, raisins, coffee, cedar, and leather with a touch of woodiness…besides the cedar.

Time to light up.

The cigar is a slow starter and while I write this black and red pepper emerge. It is very important for me to have some libation at my side while I smoke. It is imperative that I keep my palate sloshy and soppy wet. Otherwise, I can’t pick up on flavors.

The char line is dead nuts. A sweetness emerges. Some lemon peel joins the party.

It is so brilliantly sunny outside that the brightness actually washes away some of the true color of the cigar; which is a dark brown, not caramel colored.

So far, this is just a nice cigar. I had a go at the other Caldwell blends and thought highly of them. But Caldwell makes no bones about their “Selección Junior Varsity” blends. These are definitely not in the same class as The King is Dead, Long Live the King, or the Eastern Standard.

And so far, $5 seems to be a fair price. It could well be that they used an old school method of producing these blends and therefore, needs months of humidor time.

I still admire the construction of the cigar. It has a beautiful white ash with a perfect burn line. And the cap is hanging tough from the jowls of the Katmanmensch.

The second third changes and this is just an easy going cigar. Its strength is classic medium bodied. And here are the flavors: Spice, cocoa, nuts, lemon zest, raisins, creaminess beginning to show itself, mocha latte, wood, cedar, and leather.

It is at the point where I’ve burned 2-1/2” that the flavor profile explodes. Just shy of the halfway point. Now we’re talking. Everything stands at attention. The red pepper is very strong. The other flavors described have not changed but are now super potent and nicely balanced.

This tells me that the cigar needs a bit more humidor time. Not just a couple weeks as I have done. I’m glad that its potential reached out to me. I’ve been told by several readers that I must try this cigar. Glad I did.

At the halfway point, the sun gives me a break and allows a photo showing the true color of the cigar.
Creaminess now makes its entrance and ties everything up in a bow.

There are loads of good $5 sticks out there and a lot of competition for your wallet.

I think the Caldwell Co. Murcias deserves your attention at least once and then you can make up your own mind. I personally don’t think it needs months of humidor time, but rather, 4 weeks should do it.

I am receiving enormous potential now. The cigar is swimming in flavor. Not quite a flavor bomb; but a very nice exposition of flavors.

As I mentioned in an earlier review, I am going to have an implant put in my hip which will knock out some of the pain from my low back down. It is a very expensive procedure. The doc told me that before I get this done, it is required that I see a shrink first.

I have decided to wear a cap made entirely of aluminum foil when I walk in. That should clinch it.

The last third begins. Picking the smaller of the ring gauges has made this a swift smoke. I’ve been on it for almost an hour. Which still isn’t bad for something a bit smaller than a robusto.

The creaminess and cocoa really take over. Yes, I grab a Diet Coke.

I am extremely impressed with the Caldwell Co. Murcias for its construction. The razor sharp char line is something else.

And now it becomes a flavor bomb with exactly 2” to go. Wow. It’s a candy bar. With two more weeks of humidor time, I believe that the sweet spot will start in the first third, not the last.

Here are the current flavors: Creaminess, cocoa, coffee, toffee, tangerine, raisins, cedar, leather, and marshmallow.

This is quite an impressive flavor profile. It is complex, well balanced with a long finish.

Don’t know why the Caldwell Co. Murcias is so hard to find, except at Small Batch Cigar. Or why no one has reviewed it. I would love to know how many cigars were produced.

This stick is the perfect example of why I need a cigar roach clip like the one I found online. It is very cleverly constructed, and while a bit pricey, I have high hopes for it. You can find the link to its web site on my home page. I am not affiliated with it one bit. Just something cool to pass on to my readers.

The stick has not required a single touch up. I’ve only clipped the cap once for a more pleasant photo.

The strength moves into medium/full territory now. The spice is so strong that it makes my eyes water.

There isn’t a hint of harshness or heat as the Murcias winds down.

I’ve been impressed with the Caldwell Co. line of blends. I’ve reviewed most of them except the other two in the “Selección Junior Varsity” blends.

I can recommend this cigar based on showing some patience and allowing it to marinate a bit in your humidor. I have a few left and I plan not to touch one for another month and then report back.

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And now for something completely different:

On Feb. 11, 1975, the day after my birthday and the huge LSD fest we had the night before, we had our first gig in London to kick off our tour of the U.K. and the Continent. It was always 6 weeks.

While the band Renaissance had taken the same acid as my bandmates and had to cancel their opening gig because the boys were still too high, Curved Air went on like troopers.

But we were a bit shaky.

Just before going on, Stewart, our drummer, decided to smoke a huge bowl of hash. Well, there were consequences to pay for that. It brought all that LSD rushing back.

We had the same boring set list every night. No spontaneity whatsoever.

Throughout the 2 hour set, Stew kept doing long extended drum solos. Not only when they were designated, but during the songs.

The violinist and guitarist did a lot of wood shedding by trading riffs during the instrumental breaks.
Stew would do a Keith Moon through the whole thing and the boys could find “1”.

They were completely lost and couldn’t find the beginning of each bar. I saw Darryl, the violinist, give Stew the stink eye plenty.

But Stew was as high as a kite.

So instead of me playing what I normally did, I hit quarter notes with the emphasis of hitting the 1 at each new bar. This allowed the boys to find their way back.

After the gig, in the dressing room, Darryl fired Stew.

This was nothing new.

Stew got fired every week. Yes, the drummer from The Police got fired weekly.

But since Stew and Sonja were an item, Sonja would quit. This happened over and over. It got very tiring.
It basically gave Stew carte blanche to do whatever he wanted.

It was at this concert, that at the end of a song, Stew raised his arms to signify that the song was about to end and then bring his arms down with a flourish on top of the kit, that he totally lost his balance and fell backwards off the stage.

Most stages were 6 feet or so off the ground. But even farther on the back side.

The roadies always stored the drum cases. Fortunately for Stew, they broke his fall as he tumbled through them all the way to the floor.

Sonja went running back stage to see if he was alive. He jumped up with large dinner plate sized eyes, and said he was alright…meanwhile, dripping blood from his forearms where he scraped all the skin away from the drum cases.

He jumped back on stage and we finished. The audience, of course, loved it thinking it was part of the show.
The entire couple years I was with the band, we never did a gig where we weren’t high on something; but this was the most memorable experience. Protection Status



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  1. I have the corona and THAT is delish. The rest have been in the humidor at least 3 months now. They must be bursting with flavor! Time to light one soon! 🙂

  2. Holy crap,that’s tooooothy! You could sand wood with those. I don’t mind rustic as long as it’s a pleasurable smoke,and it certainly sounds like it.
    I think you should glue together a hat from cigar cellos to see the head shrinker. The tin foil thing is probably ‘old hat’ to him.( Sorry,couldn’t resist the bad pun.)
    Remember,Friday is the deadline to comment on the proposed regulation on cigars from our ‘friends’ at the FDA. I realize it’s like pissing in the wind,but it least you can say you tried.

  3. Is the Katman10 discount supposed to work on any order at SBC? I tried it on an order today ( not your special ) and it did not go through.