Viaje Collaboration 2014 | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo 99
Binder: Nicaraguan – Aganorsa leaves
Filler: Nicaraguan – Aganorsa leaves
Size: 6 x 52 “Toro-box pressed
Body: Medium
Price: $12.50 MSRP — $11.60 at Small Batch Cigar minus 10% discount (Katman10) from SBC = $10.44 a stick. Cheapest price online.


This is the first collaboration between Viaje and Casa Fernandez. The combined effort seemed to be a decision made in cigar heaven as CF provides Viaje with most of their Aganorsa leaf.

Other than that, the cigar made its debut at last month’s 2014 IPCPR trade show.

There is virtually no information out there about this cigar. So I cannot give you juicy bits of back story as I am not a cigar insider and don’t get invited to meetings with these people. I shall somehow carry on. I can’t find how many cigars were released but obviously it is a limited edition.

The stick is beautiful. Visible, but tight seams. A gorgeous, precise box press. Very few veins. A nicely executed triple cap. And a wrapper that is the color of butterscotch with a splash of peach brandy and a nice oily sheen. The cigar is silky smooth to the touch. The cigar is heavy in the hand and no soft spots.

The cigar also has a closed foot.

I clip the cap and find aromas of spice, ginger, cedar, sweet floral notes, and a rich earthiness.
Time to light up.

The first puffs show off the wonderful tobacco. The deep, rich earthiness is the star. The draw is spot on and huge billows of smoke fill the room.

A sweetness develops. Gingersnaps follow. One needs to remember that this is a natural product and it is made, if you are buying the right ones, a beautifully spoiled bunch of leaves. That tobacco is so important to the flavor. You can take all the typical ancillary candy bar flavors away if you have a brilliant base of terrific tobacco.

So, to make a short story long; what I am saying is that so far, this cigar is pumping on all 6 cylinders to impress me with the sheer beauty of the tobacco. And nothing else.

There is a caveat; you need an experienced palate to be able to enjoy this attribute. Otherwise, you’d be smoking Avantis. (Inside joke).

Creaminess appears. The char line is dead nuts. The sweetness becomes brown sugar. There is also a graham cracker element.

The strength wastes no time in attaining a strong medium body.

The Viaje Collaboration is destined for flavor bomb status any moment. And I’ve only burned ½”.

I just reviewed the Viaje Late Harvest Hang Time LH 648 which came out in summer of 2013 and only a few left. I think Andrew ran out of them after I reviewed them last Wednesday. But he still has a couple boxes.

If you ask him nicely, he will probably break a box apart and sell you a 5 pack. Stunning cigar!

I’m a huge Andre Farkas groupie. The man has a way with the leaf.

Black pepper emerges in the most subtle of fashion. A mild sting to the inside cheeks.

Here are the flavors: Earthiness, creaminess, caramel, brown sugar, cocoa, graham cracker, and cedar.

The Viaje Collaboration 2014 is steaming like a locomotive now. Flavor explosions like eating Rice Krispies. (?)

I’ve only had the stick for a week now. I allowed it 48 hours of dry boxing and then put it in a low humidity (67-68%) humidor. That usually does the trick for accelerating the maturation process for reviewing a cigar. Others that are truly old school, this will not work on. What works on old school blends is throwing them in your humidor and cursing them for 9 months.

Cleveland, we have flavor bomb status….only 1” into the cigar.

There is a pomegranate component that was totally unexpected. That tart and sweetness together with a definitive fruity taste. Like me.

The balance is right on the money and it has a very long lip smacking finish. The complexity must be arriving later.

The flavor profile has not really changed; although I can sense something brewing, but has become very potent and specific.

The spiciness has changed to red pepper and is now very, very strong.

The new flavors are vanilla salt water taffy, toast, and herbal spices.

The second third begins with relish. Hold the mustard.

The creaminess combined with the caramel and brown sugar makes this a spectacular trifecta of flavors.
The strength remains the same. Or should I say; song?

The flavor profile shifts a bit with a strong woody taste. Not cedar. Oak.

Through the myriad of flavors, the rich earthiness still shines through.
Damn fine cigar.

The strength has rescinded itself from medium/full to classic medium body.

The Viaje Collaboration is on cruise control. It seems to have filled its basket with all the flavor components it needs and is now pure enjoyment.

BTW- This stick comes in the “Katman Special” sampler from Small Batch Cigar. I just checked and there are only two packs left. You get:
1 x Nat Sherman Epoca Knickerbocker (Brand New)
1 x Camacho BG Meyer Robusto (Brand New)
1 x Viaje Collaboration 2014 (Brand New)
1 x Caldwell The King is Dead Premier (2013)
1 x LFD N.A.S (Brand New)
For the killer price of $45. Use the 10% off coupon code at checkout of Katman10 and the pack goes down to $40.50 + Free Shipping.

The flavors are running down my leg ‘cause it squeezed my lemon so hard.
“Squeeze me baby, till the juice runs down my leg.
The way you squeeze my lemon, I’m gonna fall right out of bed.”

Halfway point and the pomegranate element is supplanted by a lemon citrus flavor.

It tarts up the other flavors.

I’ve now invested over an hour of smoke time.

The Viaje Collaboration 2014 is one more unique stick in the Farkas’ line of blends. I can’t think of many blenders that have this level of diversity within one brand.

Jesus Alou! I expect the flavors to crack the seams on the cigar and explode into my face. The last half is the super sweet spot.

The strength is inching towards its maker. Thankfully, no nicotine yet.

The red pepper has calmed down a bit.

Here are the latest flavors: Earthiness, creaminess, caramel, brown sugar, citrus, cocoa, oak, vanilla bean, and graham cracker.

The last third begins. It has been a marvelous experience leaving me wanting more. Thankfully, somehow, Small Batch Cigar has plenty.

I should note that out of the three sunny days that occur in Milwaukee, today is one of them and my photos should show what a beautiful cigar this is.

I must buy a 5 pack. Oh God. How am I going to beg Charlotte on this one?

While I loved the Viaje Late Harvest Hang Time LH 648, it is impossible to compare it to the Viaje Collaboration 2014. Two separate entities. And unfortunately, the former is no longer in stock at SBC. They disappeared after my review was published.

But once again, Andrew couldn’t be more customer oriented and I’m sure he will break a box to sell you a 5 pack. Andrew will also let you buy singles. Just ask.

Try this cigar in a Katman Special or in a 5 pack. Win/Win.

The last third is upon me and I am now at over 90 minutes smoke time. The cigar is jam packed and a slow smoke.

The strength touches the hem of medium/full now. And a touch of nicotine shows itself. I can tell by all the typos I make.

Construction has been marvelous. I’ve only had to clip the drool covered cap once. The char line required no touch ups. And the wrapper has been a real champ.

Sometimes you will see small cracks near the cap. That’s my fault from clipping it to obliterate the drool from the photos.

The Viaje Collaboration 2014 is a spectacular cigar. The team of Viaje and Casa Fernandez did themselves proud.

The stick comes in only one size.

I am going to finish the cigar without further comments. I want to savor the last bit without distraction.

NOTE: Check out the comment section of the Tatuaje 10 Grand Chasseur TAA 2013 review. My old nemesis took issue about what I said about him. And now he is unleashing his lawyer on me. LOL
Note 2: I relented and removed the comment I made about this guy because I felt sorry for him. He threatened me with non existent lawyers and said he would call the police on me for cyber bullying. His little evil no backbone minions are always watching me; looking for something I wrote that they can tattle tale on me. These are not people. They are douche bags of the highest order. Can you imagine a life in which you get off hiding in the shadows waiting to take someone down and laughing like Peter Lorre? They don’t have a life, they live vicariously through others. Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke. Or be man enough to take it. I published this guy’s comment of accusations. I didn’t hide it which is my right. And once I removed the comment, guess what? He asked that I remove his comment. LOL I should have let it stay right where it was but I’m a soft hearted guy.
So I guess he took his ball and went home.

One last thing, in his emails to me he said that everyone in the cigar industry talks badly about me and that is why I don’t have more sponsors. Is that spreading lies? Is that slander? So is that bullying? Is that free speech allowed and mine is not?
Fuck him. Protection Status


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  1. I agree with Patrick, Katmensch. I’ve only been practicing law for 40 years since leaving Stanford Law School, and have read and re-read your TAA post. The most I get out of it in any form of a negative is that you disagreed with another reviewer, whose identity is unknown to me – and there are enough so-called public reviewers that, with the information given, it would be tough for me to figure out who you were writing about. Even so, you merely questioned the reviewers palate and disagreed with the review. Big Fucking Deal. Expansion of the Ego is a horrible disease.

    You must have removed the post that you talked about in this review – I can’t find it – but do keep in mind that “celebrities” are held to a different standard in the libel and slander world – the “bar” is much higher for them to assert libel and slander claims.

    If you must, publish a retraction so we can all have a good laugh. George

  2. I just looked on Google for reviews of the TAA 2013, and eight independent reviews came-up on the first page using the search term “TAA 2013.” One of them, sadly, was not yours. I have no idea who you were talking about and no way to figure it out – one of eight (and I am sure there were more) is not enough to make the connection.

  3. Sorry to be so verbose, but if your “old nemesis” took issue with the first part of the story following the review, just remember that truth is an absolute defense, and I have no clue who you were talking about.

  4. I’ve got news for your ‘friend’. When you threaten litigation due to slander,liable or defamation of character,for the rest of us living in reality,it’s just petulant whining. Will people loyal to him run away in droves due to anything you said? No. Standing at the counter in Starbucks,will people be whispering behind him…”Oh my god,did you see what Katman said about that guy.” No. Will the pimply teen behind the counter at McDonalds refuse him his three Big Macs and four super sized fries due to what he glimpsed on Facebook? No.
    Would any of the same possibilities occur for Phil due to anything written,seen or heard? No.
    The people in society who threaten to sue over the drop of a hat need to go off somewhere by themselves. Somewhere cozy and comforting like the womb they never left. Where cute,cuddly bunnies shit Skittles,and rideable unicorns fart rainbows. Where they can stroke each other’s fragile egos in the best Stuart Smalley fashion.
    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. God knows you’ll probably sue over that too.

  5. Brilliantly said! Brava!
    I shall now dub thee Yodoug!

  6. I will keep his name out of it because if I get one more comment or email from him, I am bringing down the Jewish Defense League upon his head. Maybe a call to my buddies in Mossad.
    The thing is I never back stab. If I have a problem with someone or some people, I write openly about it. And then wait for their remora fish minions report back. To which their response is to spread rumors about me.
    George, I have to be honest about this. I love rattling douche bags’ cages. As long as I don’ threaten, I can do what I want.
    And cyber-bullying? He said he would call the police, like a little girl with gold ringlets in her hair, and next thing I know is that the Milwaukee SWAT team is rampaging through my house at 2am.
    “Did you call this man a douche bag” DID YOU? COME WITH US!!!!!”

    You might want to read the blog, “The Cigar Authority.” This is all he has left. Go to “About Us” and scroll to the bottom. Need I say more?

  7. I removed the offending remarks because I’m a good guy.

  8. Katman, I am very impressed with your ability to discern all of the
    different flavors in the cigars that you review–I seem to have a much
    more limited palate.

    I am wondering if the majority of the flavors that you’ve noted in cigars, are identified via retrohaling or your tastebuds?

  9. I never retrohale for a review. Maybe half or less of cigar smokers can do that so it is strictly smoke on the palate. Wasn’t that a Deep Purple song?
    The most important thing is that the cigar I review is the very first cigar of the day when my palate is clean and fresh.
    After the 5th cigar of the day, I can rarely taste those same nuances again.
    So save your best cigars for the first part of your cigar day. And smoke the $5 sticks after dinner.

  10. George,
    I have figured out the ever changing algorithms to Google and other search engines to get my review on the first page of every search engine.
    But, it takes 3-4 days to get there. When I first publish a review, I am usually on the 2nd page and then day by day, it creeps up until it is usually in the top 5 reviews of the cigar.

  11. I’m cracking up! Too funny. I have a vision of a Milwaukee cop with his dick in his hand trying to explain visiting you over some random asshole’s hurt feelings. I like your no BS style – if anything I’m too much that way – so fuck the fucking fuck!

  12. Katmensch – I never realized you didn’t retrohale for a review! Explains a lot to me – I think I retrohale too much which kills my palate!

  13. Oh – and check your email – I just became a “sponsor” of The Katmensch and Charlotte.

  14. I just did and I don’t know how to thank you.
    You are now the King of Mensch’s.

  15. No thanks needed! Just keep doing that VuDu that only you do so well!

  16. Power of the Leaf,the Yodoug,wields,does he. By knighthood,honored,he be.

  17. The other wanker that also tattle taled on me just sent me another request to post a press release. The company is called CREATIVAS and the wanker in charge is Gabriel Pineres. He personally went to Jack Torano to tell on me when I bitched that Torano is only sending me singles for review. He sent my email to Torano personally and that set off the searing emails from Jack Torano that I still have in my possession.
    I keep telling this arse wipe to stop sending me press releases and he just ignores me. He is personally making sure that I don’t get samples from all of my old clients. This mentality astonishes me and I can only assume he has a 2″ penis.

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