Katman Contest Winner!! | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

I decided to end the contest one day early. I have the cigars boxed and ready to go. So if the winner gets back to me quickly, I can mail them on Monday.

The cigars are:
1. Graycliff Casillero Privada
2. Room 101 San Andres
3. BURN by Patel
4. Nica Rustica
5. Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ
6. CyB
7. Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro Quadrum
8. Room 101 Big Payback
And a special custom mix of Pipe Tobacco and Small Batch Cigar back stop cutter.

Here are the entrants:
1.Mike Simmons
2. Mark
3. irratebass
4. John Young
5. Ian
6. word8press
7. tall richard
8. Mike Weinstein
9. JD Mitch
10. James Elizardo
11. John Starr
12. Mike Pietruszka
13. Kevin
14. Rene Cardona
15. Marco Lebron
16. Lloyd L
17. Patrick Hosler
18. Ron
19. Chris McCann
20. Charlie
21. Rjay Barjay
22. Jim Scott
23. Brian
24. Schon Garrison
25. willinindy
26. Joseph
27. Trevallica
28. Joe Canez
29. John S
30. Doug Nelson
31. Theyohannian

I’ve written 31 numbers on pieces of paper. Put them in a hat and Charlotte pulled one out.


Rene, get your address to me at phillipkohn@gmail.com asap.

Thanks everyone for participating and I promise another contest on September 1.



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4 replies

  1. Thanks again Katman,
    For all the FUN!
    Your incredible and informative reviews keep me on my toes, wanting more, I don’t think you could ever write one too long for me. Thanks for all the knowledge!
    The personal stories keep me in hysterics!
    Let’s just say….
    Reading your reviews is a great event every day.
    A great present you give us!
    -Mike S.

  2. Congrats brother! Nothing like winning free stuff that’s good.