My New Cigar Group on Face Book Called “Katmensch Cigar Group” | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Well, I’ve gone and done it again.
I started a new cigar group on Face Book and hopefully this one lasts.
Please clink on link to join group:

Since many have asked about creating a cigar forum, I hope this will work.

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  1. Me too – matsu

  2. Katmensch – you have outdone yourself! The best review yet, and I lived the same story you told after the review! In your prior review you talked about “screwing anything that moved” when you were young. Being Jewish, I dated Jewish girls, and so I would say that when I was in my twenties I screwed everything that didn’t move. LOL

    • I’ve only dated 3 Jewish girls when I was young. All of them demanding, whiny, lousy in bed, and a general pain in the ass…mine, not theirs.
      One, around 1973, was drop dead gorgeous. Long brown hair down to her ass.
      Unfortunately, her pubic hair started at her belly button and stopped at her knees.
      You never have a lawn mower when you need one.

      • Funny! But I think you misunderstood the 1973 girl with the giant muff stretching from her belly button to her knees – she was just an Orthodox Jew.

        • There was nothing orthodox she did to me that night I took her on a private ride on the Cordelia K steamboat ride at Knott’s Berry Farm.
          It’s good to be the captain!

  3. Katmensch – I joined the group with our “anonymous” facebook account – you will see a request to join from “TilerGrouter’ – that’s me.

  4. I just had one and it fabulous! Creamy and cocoa galore and it burnt like a champ, no touch ups! Oh and I hate FB. Like the others have said, a major PITA. If it were a regular forum, then hell yes!