Quesada Seleción España | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Arapiraca
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Connecticut Broadleaf, Dominican, Nicaraguan
Size: 5 x 52 “Robusto”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $8.75 MSRP


Today we take a look at the Quesada Seleción España. It was released in July, 2014.

Only 150 boxes of 10 were produced so good luck trying to find them. And the ones that do… charge more than MSRP. Quesada has said that more will be released but in very limited quantities.

The cigar comes in 3 sizes. SBC carries the Robusto and Petite Robusto.
Short Robusto- 4 x 50
Robusto- 5 x 52
Corona- 5.5 x 42

Only 12 B & M’s have been given this cigar and only a couple of online stores got them. These are rare cigars and if you can find them, buy them.

From the Quesada (Matasa) web site:
“The Spanish Market has always been dominated by Cuban cigars, but lately high unemployment and the high cost of Cuban cigars has driven the Spanish to search out alternatives. To address this new demand, The Quesada family brought Spanish Tobacconists to the Dominican Republic to work a cigar exclusively for Spain, and after a week of blending the Quesada España was born. Available for Spain in three popular Spanish sizes, the Quesada Espana possesses a distinctive taste, yet is reminiscent of the Cuban cigars the Spanish are familiar with.”

Construction is good. The wrapper is a reddish brown with invisible seams and a few veins. The stick is very toothy. With a fair amount of oiliness. The triple cap is well executed.

I clip the cap and find aromas of earthiness, buttermilk, cocoa, cedar, earthiness, dried fruit, butterscotch, leather, and spice.
Time to light up.

Black pepper starts the show. A heavy dose of campfire meat makes its presence known. But there are different levels of sweetness to contend with: raisins, sweet coffee, chocolate frosting, and some red wine.
The draw is spot on. The char line is dead nuts.

And this is a most unusual cigar. Not anything like I expected. You’ve probably smoked all the Quesada has to offer in their high premiums. But this is nothing like those blends. It is more complete from the start. It is nearly flavor bomb status after burning 1/8”.

Creaminess appears. The cigar becomes so complex at the start that it is literally astounding…and I wasn’t prepared for this. I read a few reviews and they made this cigar to be a mundane, but good, cigar. Nothing special.

But this cigar is nothing but special. There is such a nice smoky meaty element that contains brown sugar and molasses. Raisins and cloves complete the BBQ picture.

The spiciness has picked a level it likes and hangs there like an IRS agent with his hands on your shoulders watching you sign your life away.

The red wine component is very pronounced. I don’t know how anyone could miss this. It is closer to red sangria than a fine wine. The creaminess surges and takes the cocoa and coffee higher and higher. (Music reference)

With ¾” burned, we have flavor bomb status.

Here is the myriad of flavors: Red wine, cocoa, creaminess, spiciness, coffee, raisins, smokiness, molasses, brown sugar, newly added floral notes, cedar, and leather.

An amazing mix of flavors. And each one clearly defined…there is no muddling of each flavor. They are gay and proud. The Quesada Seleción España is, by far, the best thing under the name Quesada, or MATASA. This is truly a major breakthrough.

Since only 150 boxes were distributed, these cigars will be gone in a heartbeat. I still can’t believe Small Batch Cigar still has them. But it might be because there is a stigma about Quesada. MATASA cigars tend not to be the best blends in the world. But Manuel Quesada has made a brilliant effort of upping the anty and showing the other big time blenders: “Look. This is what I can do. It ain’t that hard.”

Smoke is just flooding the dining room.
The strength is classic medium.

I am broke so you can have the 5 pack I would have taken somewhere in this review.

The char line is perfect.
The second third begins.

This cigar is smooth and gorgeous tasting. A bit of lemon citrus appears. Not much. Just enough to offset all that sweetness.

Nougat shows up. French bread with that crusty top and slathered in butter.

I love my first cigar of the day when my palate is fresh and open to all suggestions. Nothing like that first cigar. It is the biggest treat of the day.

The list of flavors has not change an iota. I can’t believe I am saying this but now there might be a four way tie for first place on my 2013-2014 Top 25 cigars.

What makes it super special is that it comes blaring out of the gates like Yosemite Sam guns a’blazing. That’s the identity of an immaculately conceived blend.

I think I might ask Andrew to put a 5 pack away for me. So please don’t buy them all.

The Quesada Seleción España mellows out a bit now. Smooooth. Every flavor is intact but not as explosive as the first third. Flavors are deep and rich.

The strength remains at medium body.

But this is one of those rare cigars that provides the smoker with a true experience. You don’t want to be distracted for a moment. No kibitzing with your friends. Get into your man cave and be alone when you smoke this. Or sit on your patio, in the sunlight, and drink in your wonderful weather and the enormous nuances and character of this cigar blend.

I am not going to repeat the list of flavors. There is no change.

The black pepper becomes red pepper, that’s all. And it is mild but still bold enough to keep your attention.
The Quesada Seleción España is a triumph of talent and the right tobacco.

The halfway point is upon me. I have two cigars left. I made the mistake of smoking them in the long line of cigars during the day and I missed out on 75% of the blender’s intent because of a fried palate.

Creaminess really takes over now. And there is a slight shift of flavors: Creaminess, molasses, brown sugar, raisins, spice, coffee, cocoa, toast, cedar, citrus, smokiness, floral notes and leather.

I haven’t been paying attention and I am now at the beginning of the last third.

Strength moves to medium/full. The red pepper surges. My sinuses open. My shnoz is running.

What a spectacular cigar!

I stick with bottled water on this blend. I don’t want any encumbrance of another flavored drink to interfere.

The spiciness has hit the Ha-Cha-Cha stage.

A bit of nicotine shows up. But no crash helmet required.

The Quesada Seleción España has ruined me for the rest of the day. Nothing I choose to smoke will come even close.

I am screaming laughter. This blend surpasses the Collective, the Illusione Singularé 2013 Rose Croix, and is neck and neck with the Viaje Cache.

This always happens around this time of year. All the new stuff from the IPCPR trade show begins to hit the shelves and one is better than the next.

I have another brand new cigar for review on Saturday: Tierra Volcán from Mombacho Cigars. A brand that has mostly been sold in Canada, Europe, and China. And the stick runs in the $6 range.

Tomorrow, I shall review something more down to earth: CLE Plus. The latest from Christian Eiroa. This stick has no price control on it and runs from $7-$9 for the big Toro.

Back to the Quesada Seleción España. This blend has one of the chewiest, longest finishes of any cigar I’ve smoked. I am constantly smacking my lips and the dog is sitting next to me imitating me.

Alas, the Quesada Seleción España finishes before I’m ready for it to finish.

An easy going nicotine kick, not a lick of harshness or heat, and still blooming with flavors.


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  1. Oh man! You got to stop egging on my wallet. It’s little cries of ‘mercy’ are heart wrenching.

  2. DAMN YOU! On the weight of this review I am catapulting to Small Batch!
    DAMN YOU! What will my children eat this month???

  3. So…standard aging / resting time for these? I REALLY don’t want to miss any subtleties!

  4. Katman, i have two of these from an 8 pack manufacturers sampler and I have had them resting for 3 weeks or so. i think I will smoke one on Friday eve. I have also enjoyed the 3 other blends in the sampler. These Quesada’s are slick sticks. Another great review !