La Flor Dominicana 1994 Conga | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés
Binder: Dominican (La Canela)
Filler: Dominican (La Canela)
Size: 5 x 52 “Conga”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $7.50 MSRP


Today we take a look at the brand new La Flor Dominicana 1994 Conga. This is a regular production cigar that made its debut last month at the 2014 IPCPR trade show.

There are a total of four sizes
1994 Conga (5 x 52) $7.50 MSRP
1994 Aldaba (6 x 58) $8.30 MSRP
1994 Rumba (6.5 x 52) $7.80 MSRP
1994 Mambo (7 x 54) $8.20

The Rumba being out of stock is probably my fault as I announced that I was doing a review this morning on yesterday’s FB post. My bad. I will ask Andrew if he can snag some more.

I smoked the Rumba last night after on my usual Dry Boxing ritual and was blown away. Finally! An LFD that wasn’t burdened by old school methods that required the smoker to stash his LFD smokes for months. They are now hipper than the room.

In addition to those four sizes, there will be a special Toro (6 x 54) that will be presented in a commemorative LFC beer stein. Only 5000 steins will be produced and contain 20 cigars. I don’t have pricing on it but the stein is pretty cool looking. Expect it to hit the shelves in September.

1994 is commemorative of the year that Litto Gomez went out on his own. He made a cigar called: Los Libertadores. It lasted 2 years, division amongst the owners and Gomez went on to start LFD. So, 1994 was not the year that LFD began. It was 1996. So expect a real 20th Anniversary edition in 2016.

LFD began to acquire their own farms and growing their own tobacco back in 1997. It was the La Canela Farm in the DR.

Construction is excellent. A manly cigar. Packed full of tobacco. A dark coffee bean brow wrapper with some reddish tinge to it. Nearly invisible seams, not so many veins, and an impeccable cap. Semi-oily skin. And a little tooth.

I should thank Vanessa Arosemena-Galego at LFD for being so kind in sending me the samples which also includes the new Capitulo II. A massive 6.5 x 58 chisel head log. It is only the second cigar from LFD to have the chisel head.

I am reviewing the smallest of the bunch to insure I get the most from the cigar in such a short time.
I clip the cap and find aromas of rich earthiness, spice, sweetness, wood, molasses, and a striking cinnamon element.

Time to light up.

An immediate blast of earth, sweetness, cocoa, smoked beef, honey, cedar, and spice. The flavors are bold and enticing. I am surprised of the lack of red pepper.

The La Flor Dominicana 1994 is a magnificent cigar from the get go. It is rich and has depth and character usually only found in the sweet spot of your cigar. The 1994 starts you off with the sophisticated flavors like it was no big deal. Which, of course, it is.

Flavors are going wild. It is 30 seconds away from being a flavor bomb. And the best part? The price point! Is this nuts or what? A $6 LFD from SBC that I find more intriguing than a lot of the other blends. Clearly, LFD thought it was time to show the New Breed Tattooed Ones who they were fucking with.

The char line is dead nuts.

The flavors make a juxtaposition. Here they are: Earthiness, brown sugar, toffee, streusel cake, smoked beef, cocoa, honeysuckle (floral notes), spice, cedar, and hickory.

It tastes like the finest beef jerky dipped in melted Snickers bar. And the beef jerky begins to transform itself until it is almost hickory smoked bacon.

These are subtle flavors; not big and bold ones. An experienced palate will pick this up. The La Flor Dominicana 1994 Conga is designed for the aficionado. Not a newbie cigar.

Famous wants $7.50, Two Guys Smoke Shop wants $7.69, Jack Schwartz Importer wants $7.75, Emerson’s Cigars wants $7.75 and Smoke Inn wants $7.50. Are you getting my drift dear readers? SBC wants $6.12. So, obviously they will be gone soon. Especially, after I publish my review.

The second third begins.

The sweetness of the brown sugar, toffee, honeysuckle, cake are perfectly offset by the meaty element to the flavor profile.

The strength has been medium bodied from the start.

I am so entranced by this cigar that I am forgetting to take photos.

This is nothing like the previous line of LFD blends. I wouldn’t necessarily say it is the best but certainly in the Top 5.

LFD only sent me one Capitulo II. And because it is so big, I am will have to guess when it is ready. Now that I’ve seen how quickly these sticks matured compared to the rest of the LFD line, I am clueless. (I heard that)

As I near the halfway point, the strength moves up to medium/full.

The stick became a flavor bomb near the end of the first third.

The great thing about this cigar is that it is so affordable that even this reviewer can afford to buy them… the beginning of the month. If Andrew still has them.

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to read some reviewers? They write in one long sentence 1000 words long. I have a lot of trouble reading certain A List reviewers because they do that. I’m old so I platform my reviews in an easy to read format. I read a really big shot in the cigar news and review business and his review is just one long run on sentence. It’s like being hypnotized by a swinging pocket watch. “Yes master.”

The La Flor Dominicana 1994 Conga is a terrific cigar. A month or two of humidor time will only improve it. My dry boxing technique is designed specifically for being able to smoke a cigar without waiting months. Only occasionally do I get the true blender’s intent. But I get enough potential that I can speak in an informed fashion.

I would like to than an anonymous donor and patron for sending me a 5 pack of Quesada Seleción España. This is such a good cigar that my dry boxing makes it readily available to smoke in just a few days. Another patron sent me a 5 pack of Viaje Cache. This is a spectacular cigar and after one day of dry boxing, I got every bit, and nuance, of the blender’s intent. Many thanks.

Here are the flavors as I near the final third: Creaminess, cocoa, brown sugar, toffee, nuts, streusel cake, smoky meat, honeysuckle, honey, newly added lemony citrus, cedar, and spice. For some reason, this stick doesn’t want to become spicy. It is a minor element way in the background.

The cigar would benefit greatly with a spicy kick. That is my only criticism.

And as par for the course, I must eat words right after writing something. Out of nowhere, red pepper makes a big push at the start of the last third.

Now we have some oomph as well as a complex, chewy, and highly nuanced flavor profile.

The strength of the La Flor Dominicana 1994 Conga hits main stage.

The construction has been flawless. Not a single touch up was required and the wrapper behaved like a champ. No soft spots or sponginess. The ash has been tough but I no longer try to see how long I can make it hang on to impress my readers.

Back in the late 80’s, I was working for my dad at his structural steel fab shop. I had a sub-contractor that rolled big beams to within 1/16” +/-. That is impressive. The first day I visited to see how he was doing on curving some architectural beams, he took me up to his office to show me his sideline.

He made sex furniture. Crazy looking stuff that allowed you and your partner to get into all sorts of positions easily and without strain. I was amazed. He got up on it and presented his ass to me. I was a little embarrassed.

As it turned out, he left the family business and went full time with the sex furniture. Apparently he was making a fortune with it. He advertised in all the skin mags and he couldn’t keep up with production.
What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the La Flor Dominicana 1994 Conga.

At this price point, the cigar is going to be a huge seller for LFD.

With less than 2” to go, the flavors become very subtle. The complexity mixes and mooshes all the flavors together into one big round ball. And as the ball rotates, you get a different taste with each puff.

Fortunately, the nicotine level is very low.

I have 2 more and since they are big honkers, I will let them rest for a couple of months or so.

Because the La Flor Dominicana 1994 Conga can be had so inexpensively at Small Batch Cigar this is a must try.

I’ve placed this cigar as #8 in “The Katman’s Top 25 Cigars for 2013-2014.

9 Protection Status


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6 replies

  1. Masterful review Kamensch – only one little correction – Jack Schwartz wants $7.75 for the same cigar you reviewed – not $4.75 – and is out of stock. I checked because I’ve yet to find better pricing than SBC’S.

    I used to see this really odd furniture at houses I have visited – and thought it was just some kind of ergonomic stuff or Scandinavian chic – but now I think it was sex furniture based on your “reveal” about the steel contractor’s dark side. I can only imagine what the “go f…. yourself apparatus looks like…..Maybe that’s what the Cirque Du Soleil “rubber-spined” performers train on?

  2. Thanks for the heads up on my boo boo

  3. Katmensch – I think you need to get to work on an e-book compilation of all of your reviews and stories! I find your reviews to be highly entertaining and the stories are fun. Writing is your self-stated passion (after Charlotte and cigars), and I think you could put a really fun book together and sell it on your site or ??? Just a little tip from the Mossad.

  4. You’ll stop at nothing.
    I have a better idea…Put me on your payroll.
    I can be your off site moil.

  5. How old is that iron that you stand the cigar up to in your pics?

  6. It is from the 1880’s. We bought it in Bisbee, AZ around 20 years ago.

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