Perdomo 2 Limited Edition 2008 Maduro | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Maduro (Aged 5 Years)
Binder: Nicaraguan- Cuban Seed
Filler: Nicaraguan- Cuban Seed
Size: 5.5 x 54 “Robusto-Box Pressed-Epicure”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $5.50 by the box, or less


Today we are taking a look at an oldie but a goodie: Perdomo2 Limited Edition 2008 Maduro.

I’ve had this cigar in my humidor for months. I smoked two on the way to this point and was less than impressed. But it is an old school cigar blend and it took 3 months for it to portray the blender’s intent.
I smoked one yesterday and was genuinely impressed.

The name of the cigar is actually Perdomo Squared, not Perdomo 2; as in Junior.

It has an attractive double band with the main one being mustard yellow and chrome writing with the secondary band looking very typical of all bands that say “Limited Edition 2008.” Black and gold.

Construction is immaculate. From the dark chocolate oily wrapper to the sharp box press…Seams are tight…Lots of small veins..Very toothy. And the cap is executed so perfectly, it is impossible to tell how many there are. But I assume only one.

I don’t clip the cap and find aromas of cocoa, barnyard, honeysuckle, wood, dried fruit, and leather. I want to give you a link to a Youtube video showing an interesting way to light your cigar. You experts out there probably know about this but give the newbies a chance.

Time to light up.

The first puffs are very woody. Quickly behind that is a bountiful supply of red pepper.

The draw is perfect and the output of smoke is blinding me and I can’t chomp and type. This is one of those rare times where wood and leather taste good.

The cigar is so smoky that it is dying for me to get one of those money shots with loads of smoke in the photo. But I am not quick enough…er…that’s not what my wife says…Yuck, yuck. Take my wife…now.

A gorgeous dollop of dark fudge erupts like a virgin on prom night. Flavors are mounting up so here they are: Spice, cocoa, wood, leather, creaminess, black cherry, raisins, sweet cedar, lemon citrus, and coffee.

This Nic puro is exhibiting all the wonderfully typical flavors of so specific to this blend.

I bet that if you go to Cbid you will find this stick for half the price shown above. I have burned 1” and it is a flavor bomb. The flavor profile explodes with specificity. Each flavor has its own compartmentalized space. Each is equal under the Law of Moses.

The ash is kinda’ ugly. A mix of grey and almost black coloring, it looks like the before shot in a men’s hair color ad.

The combo of chocolate and creaminess exhibit the maturity of a blend left alone to marinate for a while. Painted with broad strokes and covering my palate like Huckleberry Finn throwing a bucket of white wash on Tom Sawyer.

The flavors are going nuts on me. What a great tasting cigar. I had two of them and I have no recollection of when I may have purchased them. I’m pretty sure it couldn’t have been more than 3 months but I can’t be certain. Or they were gifted to me. Remember what The Who said, “Hope I die before I get old!” I can’t remember diddly squat anymore.

The char line started out a bit wavy but now as the second third begins is dead nuts. On the money.

The Perdomo2 Limited Edition 2008 Maduro is a surprise to me. I’m sure I’ve smoked one in the long ago past but I probably was impatient and smoked it too soon never to buy one again. Perdomo is the epitome of old school blending. Everything they put out needs months of humidor time.

Damn. What a mighty fine cigar!

And the size is perfect. A box pressed robusto. Did you know that back in the 1800’s that almost all cigars were box pressed? They became that way as the green cigars were stuffed into cigar boxes and mooshed together. It allowed them to get about 4 extra cigars into the box.

The lineup of flavors has changed a bit: Creaminess, chocolate, citrus, spice, black cherry, coffee, sweet cedar, leather, and nougat.

I am at the halfway point. And the cigar is screaming laughter. It has been a very enjoyable, relaxing smoke.

The strength has been an easy going medium body. And with each puff of the cigar, flavors become more powerful…and pleasing.

If you have the patience to allow this cigar to properly humidor age, then this is a must have blend. I’m not a big fan of Perdomo as they target the less expensive bundles. But they do well with the 10th Anniversary, the 20th Anniversary, the Habano, the Exhibicion blends, ESV 2000, and the Patriarch..(my personal favorite).

The last third begins and the flavors are just fucking ridiculous. If I were to blind taste test the Perdomo2 Limited Edition 2008 Maduro; I would most definitely put it in the $8 range.

It’s getting ready to rain and the skies are black. No sun for my photos. I need a good camera.

The strength rests at medium body. Not medium/full. And not a lick of nicotine.

Clearly, this is a popular size for this blend. The CI Conglomerate stores are mostly backordered on boxes. It is a testament to its great flavor and ancillary characteristics that a cigar that has been out this long is still very much in demand. Cbid only has two units for sale: A box and a 5 pack. If I had any dough, I would bid on the box of Robustos going for a Quick Buy of $79.00 instead of the CI retail price of $110.

My palate is swimming like a sea of swarming simbas in flavor. The stick finds its complexity in the last third. The balance is spot on and it has a very long finish.

Now I’m sad. This was my last one. I think that no matter what time of day; no matter how many other cigars you have smoked before this one; that it would taste just as good as the first cigar of the day. The one I smoked yesterday that signaled it was ready to review was my 6th cigar of the day.

The Perdomo2 Limited Edition 2008 Maduro is such a tasty and refined cigar that if it were a current cigar, I would place it in my Top 25 cigar list.

The last third is just explosive with flavor, nuance, character, balance and complexity.

I can hear thunder now. It looks like it is 9pm outside. And the cigar photos make the stick look like a big black blob…like me.

The Perdomo2 Limited Edition 2008 Maduro is every bit as good as the top 10 of my list. Who knew that 3 months of humidor time could do this to a cigar?

I was on a Perdomo kick a couple years ago with the Exhibicion blends.

With 1-1/2” to go, the strength moves up to medium/full. And a bit of nicotine arrives.

Oh crap. It is so dark outside; I might as well go into the downstairs bathroom, close the door behind me, leave the light off and take a photo there.

Clearly, I highly recommend the Perdomo2 Limited Edition 2008 Maduro.

And now for something completely different…Really Different:

In his previous life, Rocky Patel was Clem “Big Dingus” Wofford. A product of the marriage between a white cowboy and an American Indian. His father had a small farm in Ensign, Kansas….not far from Dodge City. It was 1878.

Upon the passing of Rocky’s father, Rocky (Clem) took over the family farm. But he didn’t want to grow corn and raise buffalo. He had a brilliant idea. Raise dental floss. (Frank Zappa would not be born for 62 years.)

Now back then, people’s teeth looked like people’s teeth do in England, and Canada, today. And Rocky was thinking of his future. He even raised the floss in three flavors: buffalo, corn, and sheep liver.

The family farm did not bring in enough money for him and his mother to survive so he took a job at the Ensign Saloon in town. He became the bartender.

I was there, observing Rocky. I time travel, of course. And I had heard from an acquaintance that I might find Rocky here. I brought some cigars of the future: Famous Signature Cuban Renaissance Fusion R4 New World Sun Grown Series by Rocky Patel. I intended to let him try one and see if I could jolt him. It was messing with the time continuum, but I am the Katman.

Rocky constantly tried to impress upon his customers that dental floss was hygienically sound and would keep their teeth from being pulled on a regular basis. No one listened.

Rocky’s nickname, Big Dingus, made him very popular with the working girls in the saloon. His favorite was Sigourney “Sink Your Teeth Into This” Cumalong. All the customers loved Sigourney. But no one loved Sigourney like Rocky. It was an unrequited love.

An old man used to sit in the corner of the bar. He would roll cigars for the bar so he could trade them for floss. He had a strange name and a strange accent. His name was Nimish Goyishe. When people asked what kind of name is that? Goy, for short, just shrugged his shoulders and continued to roll.

I sat at a table near Goy and took out three cigars. They would change Rocky’s life. I motioned for Rocky to come sit. I handed a cigar to both Rocky and Goy.

The pre-light was delicious. Faint smell of cocoa and earth. Upon light up, I was struck with two tastes…black pepper in the back of my mouth and cream which tamed the pepper. And then a panoply of flavors came forth…earthiness and minerals…a tart taste of citrus backed up by the tartness of black cherry…but these tastes were faint and not overwhelming. As the second third came around the earthiness and minerals blended and wrapped around the slightly spicy taste. It urged the senses with one taste after another…and as it wound down, I could taste a little licorice or anise. I couldn’t believe so many flavors would combine so nicely. I smoked it to the nub. Rocky then unrolled the cigars and shoved horse turd scraps into them…and then rolled them back up. “Now! This is a Rocky Patel cigar!”

Before I left, I showed Rocky something that would make him very popular with women. I smashed fresh apples in a box and then let the juice drip into a glass and covered it with whiskey and water: The Apple Martini. It was an instant hit with the ladies and Rocky loved the attention.

Rocky died at the untimely age of 49. He was holding Sigourney’s hand at the bar when a frequent customer came in and took exception with that. He grabbed Rocky with one hand and with the other grabbed an entire roll of corn flavored floss and strangled Rocky with it.

Only two people showed at the funeral: Goy and an investment banker named Gus.

In Rocky’s current life, there is no “Big Dingus” nickname. Something happened in his prior life that took that gift away.

In addition his punishment included that he become an entertainment attorney. This was certainly several notches down from a bartender.

But I, the Katman, was there for Rocky and as his biggest client urged him to follow his muse. So off he went to Ensign Kansas where he spent 5 years learning, from the ground up, how to make and develop fine tobacco. Using déjà vu, he remembered to not forget the horse turd scraps.

Ever since the mid 90’s, Rocky has been on a roll. His tobacco creations wowed the world. Unfortunately, that world was the one that had people who smoked Avantis and Rum Soaked Crooks.

With the help of his good friend, Goy, they used Montana long filler and Eastern Prussia binder and wrapped it in an oily Palestinian wrapper. It was perfect.

But Rocky did not know what to call this new creation. While napping behind his desk, as he usually does, an epiphany exploded. He remembered reading something in a dream about this beautiful woman back in the 19th Century that lived near Dodge City, Kansas. He struggled to remember her name and then it came to him: Nasty Sanchez.

There was no need to thank me as a millions of cigar smokers found that there is nothing like a Rocky Patel cigar. Protection Status


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7 replies

  1. As Montgomery Burns,( played by Rocky )would say,”Hi-larious! Smithers,release the hounds on Mr Katmensch.”

  2. I was going to comment on Perdomo but after I read “Nasty Sanchez”, I was too busy laughing.

  3. I think the biggest problem with Perdomo is that they are stuck in the 1940’s. They are terribly old school in the blending process requiring every single cigar to marinate forever in your humidor. I don’t have the patience or budget to buy a bunch of Perdomos and then sit on them for 6-9 months.
    But this cigar blew me away. I said it was probably 3 months of humidor time before I reviewed it but I cannot be sure. And the more I think about it, it might have been a gift from a reader who told me they already had almost 9 months of humidor time.

  4. Well, Katmensch, I just bought the last box on cbid for $79.00 because you were so sad to be out of them – and half the box will be heading your way as soon as I get them. Now to read the Rocky Patel story – I can hardly wait!

  5. Many thanks Senor Ambulance Chaser. I pray for your soul everyday.
    That’s a great deal on those sticks. Thank you.
    Your Uncle Julius

  6. The Rocky Patel story is funny as hell. You will need me when he sues you, of course, but truth is an absolute defense to slander – so you will win. How about a similar story about the online merchants who helped Big Dingus to get where he is and act as his factotums in shoveling the mule shit packed stogies unto us?

  7. This is the first Perdomo I fell in love with. Great cigar. You need to try this stick before closing the book on them.

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