Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002 Maduro | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Habano Maduro (Country not identified)
Binder: Nicaraguan Cuban Seed
Filler: Nicaraguan Cuban Seed
Size: 6.5 x 54 “Torpedo”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $7.20 @



Today we take a look at the Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002 Maduro. A cigar that made its debut in 2012.
Cultivated from Perdomo’s proprietary farms in 2002, Perdomo considers these to be the finest tobaccos grown by them.

The Maduro was Rated 92 by Cigar Journal.

There are four sizes: 5 x 54, 6 x 54, 6.5 x 54, and 7 x 54.

There is very little information on this cigar as the Perdomo web site is mired in PR…rather than good info.

Another odd thing is that this cigar has not been reviewed by any A List reviewer or for that matter, hardly any reviewers. There are three wrapper types: Maduro, Sun Grown, and Natural.

I want to thank Buzz Gould for the gift of this cigar.

This stick feels like a hunk of rebar. It is solid! A beautiful, oily Colorado colored wrapper. Seams are invisible. Few veins. A gorgeous triple cap. And when I roll it like a pool cue, it is perfectly round. The wrapper is very smooth.

I clip the cap and find aromas of cocoa, coffee, spice, cedar, and wood. With a touch of dried apricot along the shaft.

Time to light up…..and the giant, never runs out of butane lighter…runs out of butane…just one moment here…er….ah…bleed the fucker….listen closely…bleed some more….inject Xikar butane (THE only butane I use)….and wait a couple minutes…

So it’s time to light up…..Deja vu?

Wooooaaa. The only thing I don’t like about my giant $11 lighter is that after you fill it, it spews flames 9” long like a plasma cutting torch…so back to the ST DuPont.

A wonderful flavor of fresh cherries emerges. Caramel and generic sweetness abound. A cream cheese cake crust is booming. I can taste the overabundance of butter in the graham cracker.

This is one of the most delicious –out-of-the-gates flavor profiles ever.

A cherry cheese cake. Cocoa shows up next along with coffee and cream. And the earthiness is to die for dahlings.

Yes. I am gay now. You got any complaints, talk to my wife.

What a surprise of shock and awe. Since there were virtually no good descriptions of this cigar nor of any with some nice aging on it, I was not expecting this.

This is, right now, my favorite Perdomo, and if it keeps up will not win a place in my Top 25 because it is a 2012 cigar. Drat.

Hi Teri, darling.

That’s Teri Bronchowski, a long shoreman that works at the docks in San Francisco. Bully of a fella.

The size is definitely out of my comfort zone. The cigar is bigger than a 54 ring gauge. Feels more like a 56 or 58. Or maybe my mouth is feeling explicitly dainty this morning.

I know, I know…some mornings, I just wake up gay. 30 years of marriage has that affect.

The cigar is so jam packed with tobacco that I expect a two hour smoke. I’ve invested a small 7 minutes and smoked 1/8”.

But the flavor profile is undeniably one of the most human grade food bearing I’ve had in a long time.

The dog is bugging me. She sits next to me whining until I do two things. The first is give her a bowl of ice water..that’s cubes. The second is to chop up a bit of boneless chicken that I bake for her (without the skin) and serve to her with Blue Wilderness kibble.

Once that is done, she moseys over to the couch, stretches out and watches “Lassie.”

I can usually hear her snoring within minutes. I wonder if they make CPAP machines for dogs?

I’m killing my time, and yours especially, because this cigar is taking forever to get somewhere.

OK. Here are the flavors: Caramel, cheese cake, cherries, cocoa, coffee, brown sugar, graham cracker and cinnamon.

The strength is medium body.

Leather creeps in. And the earthiness digs deep and finds a very nice richness.

The Classic Rock station is blasting in the background on my cable station. It is playing Deep Purple’s classic “Smoke on the Water.”

Curved Air toured for a bit supporting DP in Europe somewhere. During our sound check, the band hung and listened. Stew and I always took over once the regular crap was played. We went all fusion jazz and the violinist and guitarist couldn’t keep up, say the way Jeff Beck could. So they left the stage.

DP’s stuff was all stacked behind our gear and the boys jumped on stage and began to jam on a riff I wrote that was very Billy Cobham/Stanley Clarke. With that big B3 Hammond blasting it was the coolest and shamed Darryl and Mick of the famous Curved Air.

We did 4 or 5 gigs and they jammed with us every single night making me come up with a riff to jam on. I had plenty. But when I moved the band into Smoke on the Water, the band followed and I had some major wood. Playing Smoke on the Water with Deep Purple. It just doesn’t get better than that.

Right. This is a cigar review.

Oh God, they are playing Janis now. Sigh.

Smoking for over 20 minutes and made a 1” dent in the cigar.

Finally, the second third begins. It is now the year 2173. And I am 223 years old. Should be getting to the last third soon.

The flavors flatten out a bit. Still all there but no excitement.

Got a shipment from SBC of some new cigars from IPCPR I can review. Looking forward to that in a couple weeks or so.

There is a very interesting CAO…isn’t that an oxymoron?

Called The Amazon Basin.

From Halfwheel: “One of the most discussed cigars at the IPCPR show last month in Las Vegas was the CAO Amazon Basin, which incorporates some fairly unique tobacco into its blend. While the wrapper is Ecuadorian Sumatra and the binder and some of the internal tobacco is from Nicaragua, 40 percent of the filler is Bragança, a tobacco grown in the Amazon Rain Forest and harvested just once every three years.”

“Unlike traditional tobacco plantations where the plants are arranged in neat rows, these seeds are planted wherever there is available sunlight. Once harvested, the leaves are rolled by hand into tubes called carottes and undergo six months of natural fermentation, a technique similar to that of Andullo tobacco. Once fermented, it takes four to six weeks to get them from forest to factory, a process that involves being hand carried to the river, put into canoes and rowed to the mainland, then driven to the port and shipped to Nicaragua where they are made.”

I have no idea how long to sit on it.

As the Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002 Maduro goes blah on me, the elusive spiciness begins to show. Very mild but growing.

The cigar started off so tasty and now….now…it is just lying there like Charlotte on our honeymoon.

The flavors are so muted that they are very close to disappearing.

The strength moves up to medium/full.

What a disappointment. But then Perdomo cigars usually are. Buzz also sent me the Edición de Silvio. The ode to Perdomo’s pop. But that is a really expensive cigar. The Toro he sent me goes for $17 a stick at box prices. Seems no point to review a cigar none of you will ever buy.

So I get to smoke it whenever I want.

Damn. The radio station is playing pure gold tunes. Clapton now. My daughter Katie used to tell all her teachers in elementary school that I played with Clapton. I did not and don’t know where she got that idea.

So every time we went to teacher parent shit, the women teachers would gush over me in front of my wife. I thought of not saying anything but I told them the truth and Katie would stand there and argue with me. After that, the teachers beat feet.

Curved Air? Steward Copeland? Who gives a fuck.

It is 187 years later and I am close to the halfway point.

And now the moment is ruined. Billy Joel.
Except for his first hit, “Piano Man,” I never got that guy. I guess it’s a Jersey thing.
And look at him now! Is he not the ugliest man on the planet?

I am dead center at the halfway point.

I just buried our dog in the back yard due to old age. She wasn’t really dead so I had to keep hitting her with a shovel until she gave up and then I covered her up.


I love my little Ebba girl. (German name meaning “Give me the Sudetenland or we will eat your sheep.”)
The last third begins.

Now I know why there are hardly any reviews and none of the A List reviewers didn’t touch it.
It’s a turd.

It has remained in the constant state of blah for almost an hour.

I have 3” to go and I will see how far I can go before throwing it out the back door.

Halle-fucking-leujah! Breath is forced back into the Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002 Maduro. Even some potent spiciness.

All the flavors return as they were in the first third.

And the dreaded nicotine kicks in.

Here are the slightly shifted flavors: Creaminess, black pepper, cherry, cheese cake, graham cracker, cocoa, and wood.

Buzz sent me only nicely aged sticks and my reviews have proved that of the Avion trio and the Undercrown Dogma.

So, I’m guessing this is just what the blend is. Inconsistent.

Maybe lots more humidor time will solve the missing flavors during the halfway point but I don’t know.
But, again, based on the lack of reviews to be found, I just think the A List reviewers didn’t want to bite the hand that feeds them. Chickens. Wusses.

The black pepper is extremely strong now and the strength moves to full bodied.

Ahh…Lou Reed.

Side note: In my “Whatever Happened to Eddie” single, I had a chorus of girls singing “And the colored ghouls go…Do dah do dah do..etc. Just like the Lou Reed song “Take a Walk on the Wild Side.”
In the 30 years since, not ONE person ever got that play on words.
And for two bars, I even slipped in that famous bass line that starts the song. Oh well.

I can’t really recommend the Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002 Maduro. It started off like fireworks and then diminished to nothing. Picking up where it stopped in the last third.

The price point. It is spot on for what should have been a magnificent cigar.
Thanks Buzz.
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  1. When I was a kid I spent hours trying to recreate that Herbie Flowers bassline on Wild Side… a couple years later found out it was two lines mixed.

    I’ve had mixed success with Perdomo… I used to love the big, cheap, Maduro bundles J&R sold in the 90s. The last several I’ve bought at full retail have been a wildly varying group of smokes. It’s kind of scared my off the brand.

  2. I had the LOT 23 and it was…..meh. I don’t know what’s up with Perdomo. I still have the Patriarc, 20th Anni in mad/nat, Noir and others I can’t remember. I hope they’re better.

  3. Parallel universe this morning. Having a Perdomo Habano Corojo in the Robusto size right now. Slow burner. 20 minutes,and I’ve only burned an inch. Initial Garcia like pepper,now toned down and letting the various tobaccos develop. Really sweet tobacco. Think they got a lot of the Jalapa leaf into this stick. Much more than the last one I had a couple months ago. What you can say about the lower end Perdomos is they’re a steady everyday stick. Great construction and burn. Ooooh…just hit the mocha latte with the swirl of caramel on top of the whipped cream section. Gotta go.

  4. How do you feel about retro hale a cigar and do you do it?

  5. Suprizing review. The robustos are my favorite Perdomo stick. Does the vitola makr that much of a diff?