Hammer + Sickle Moscow City Series | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Size: 4.75 x 52 “Petite Robusto”
Body: Full
Price: $7.65 MSRP


Today we take a look at the Hammer + Sickle Moscow City Series.

There are three sizes: Petite Robusto, Robusto Extra 5.5 x 54, and Double Robusto 6.25 x 56.
The cigars are blended by Henke Kelner of Davidoff.

The cigars are everywhere online and appear to be price controlled.

There are six different blends:
Moscow City Series, Berlin Wall Series, Hermitage No.1, Icon, Tradicion Serie, and Tver(Available only in Texas).

From Hammer + Sickle Cigars web site:
“Crafted at the famed TabaDom manufactory, Moscow City boasts a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, meaning it is Connecticut grown and uses Connecticut seed. We have painstakingly awaited the natural fermentation process of aging to create this premium cigar.
“Only a select group of cigars on the market use this wrapper, which is both rare and high-end. It proves to be challenging to work with, yet delivers a maduro taste that is both unmistakable and unrivaled. The initial sweet taste of a Moscow City cigar emanates from the Connecticut seed, but once lit becomes rich and nutty, resulting in a smoke that is full in body and flavor.”

From NH Cigars:
“The Moscow City cigars are limited to only 400 boxes worldwide and we are one of the first to offer these fine cigars. I know the name sounds kind of different because it’s not named after some Spanish Conquistador, or a name that you can’t even pronounce, but trust us folks this cigar is truly a legend already. The Moscow City cigars have a well-aged maduro broad-leaf wrapper that is wrapped around a peppery secret blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican ligero long-fillers. The burn and draw on these hot rods are outstanding. The Cigar box is made up of metal that will make a perfect conversation piece.”

The cigar has a nice looking milk chocolate wrapper with plenty of oil. The wrapper is very smooth to the touch. Seams are tight. Lots of small veins. A gorgeous triple cap.

I clip the cap and find aromas of cocoa, hazelnut, strong earthiness, enough spice to make me sneeze three times in succession, and oak.
Time to light up.

Wow. A blast of Garcia-like red pepper. And out roll the flavors: Creaminess, chocolate, nuts, earthiness, fruitiness, floral notes, and sweet cedar.

I got these cigars on a fluke. It is a 6 cigar sampler from Thompson Cigar I found through amazingcigarbargains.com. Six Hammer + Sickle cigars for $20. Now most of these cigars go for around $7-$8 each so that was a huge savings. I got two each of the Moscow City Series, Berlin Wall Series, and the Tradicion called the “Hammer & Sickle Super 6 Assortment.” Great, inexpensive way to discover H + S.

The Hammer + Sickle Moscow City Series is screaming flavors. It is 5 minutes away from being a flavor bomb.

These cigars don’t need extensive humidor aging. In fact, I’ve only had them a few days. And this stick smokes like it has been aged for months.

The strength starts out at high medium bodied. In a few moments, it should hit medium/full. And I have no doubt it will hit the advertised full body.

Char line is on the money.

I can taste Granny Smith apples. That tart green skin with the slightly acidic/sweet flavor.
The apple flavor literally soars.

This is damn fine cigar. Is it a mini-Davidoff? Don’t know. I think I’ve smoked half a dozen Davidoffs in my life and I can’t remember a whit about them. Too damn expensive for the working stiff.

Caramel and molasses enters the arena. Lovely addition.

And the cigar hits flavor bomb status.

I am about to begin the second third.

The Hammer + Sickle Moscow City Series has an interesting tobacco flavor. It is intense and painted in broad strokes. It is rich and full flavored. Sometimes, we forget about the actual taste of the tobacco and concentrate only on the foo foo flavors.

We are now at medium/full as the second third starts.

The price point. Worth every dime. A perfect example of water seeking its own level by matching a fine cigar with a fair price.

The flavors are: Spice, creaminess, chocolate, nuts, oak, molasses, honey, caramel, green apple, cedar, and leather. Not to mention a rich earthiness.

There is perfect balance. Not a single flavor, except for the heady spiciness, outdoes the other. Picking the order of flavors was near impossible. Each has its place in the puzzle.

Just as I write the above, the Hammer + Sickle Moscow City Series runs rampant in the streets. Flavors explode. The creaminess and cocoa are so intense, I grab a Diet Coke for my egg cream experience. The green apple is right behind. There are raisins now. Completing the fruity portion of this program.

Coffee appears in the form of caramel macchiato. With little chocolate sprinkles. The honey element is strong. Man, damn fine cigar!

I cannot wait to introduce you to the Berlin Wall Series and the Tradicion.

I still have 2-1/2” to go and that makes me happy. The cigar is so jam packed that it is a very slow smoke. I’ve invested 45 minutes into the first 2-1/4”.

Construction is impeccable. No issues from the wrapper. The cap is sturdy. And the char line is dead nuts.
I can’t get enough of this cigar.

The stick would be much cheaper if not for the metal box it comes in. That couldn’t have been cheap.
I like this size. Perfect for my tastes.

I begin the halfway mark.

The sweet elements counterpoint the earthier elements like command and control.

Kelner did a spectacular job. And because of his name alone being associated with the line of cigars, they could have been in the double digit price range. So kudos to Hammer + Sickle for keeping it real, babies.

We are now in uber super-duper flavor bomb status. There is no place it can go from here. The Hammer + Sickle Moscow City Series has one of the most intense flavor profiles I’ve ever tasted.

The strength becomes full bodied. My brain begins to swim like a sea of swarming simbas.

I have the biggest smile on my puss right now. I want more. I smoked the other one last night which brought me to this review. So now I am out of this blend. I would love to get my hands on at least a 5 pack.

Don’t fuck around. Grab that sampler of 6 cigars, from Thompson, before they disappear. At $3.33 per stick, that’s $4-$5 off per stick. It will give you a good idea of which blend you prefer.

The Hammer + Sickle Moscow City Series is as close to a perfect cigar as they come. Of course, that’s my opinion. You may have another. But the fact that it was basically a flavor bomb from the start and the rich earthiness that accompanies it makes it a real experience. This ain’t no yard ‘gar. It is for the experienced palate.

I will review either the Berlin Wall or the Tradicion this week. I smoked a Berlin Wall that was a gift a few days ago. But it was one of the last sticks of the day so while I thoroughly enjoyed it, I missed out on the nuances.

And this blend is chock full of nuance and balance with a mighty long finish.

The last third begins.

The flavors are so potent, my palate is in overload. Flavor elements have mellowed a bit but still very definable. So far, the nicotine has been mild.

There is a limited supply of these cigars. And they have mostly flown under the radar. Not much of a PR machine. But that is OK for those of us that have discovered them.

One last time: Creaminess, cocoa, spice, green apple, molasses, honey, sweet cedar, coffee, nuts, caramel, leather, earthiness, and oak.

I love cigars that have a potent spiciness throughout the smoke.

The Hammer + Sickle Moscow City Series finishes out beautifully. Not a bit of harshness or heat. All flavors intact. But the nicotine level has risen dramatically. I put on my crash helmet so no worries.

Grab a sampler and see for yourself.

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3 replies

  1. IMO the Moscow city is like the Davidoff maduro on steroids. An excellent cigar.

  2. coultnt resist with this review and at that price…6 already on the way. still saving for the ashton aged maduros…yeesh