Black Abyss | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés
Binder: Dominican Corojo
Filler: Cuban-Seed Dominican Criollo ‘98/Olor/Piloto Cubano/Ligero
Size: 6 x 60 “Cerberus”
Body: Full
Price: $3.75 @ JR Cigars


Today we take a look at the Black Abyss. This was a gift from reader and buddy, Rene Cardona.
It was bought at a local B & M in Florida.

This blend is the product of Jose “Jochy” Blanco. Blanco grows most of the tobacco for the Boutique Blends brand and is manufactured at Tabacalera Palma in the DR.

The Black Abyss is made exclusively for JR Cigars.

First, the cigar is a big mutha’ futter. It is very rustic with exposed seams, a ton of veins, it appears to have a well-made double cap, and it is bumpy and lumpy. The wrapper is semi oily and a coffee bean color with a lot of tooth. The stick is absolutely jam packed and not a single soft spot to be found. I should finish this cigar sometime in March, 2015.

I clip the cap and find aromas of powerful spice, earthiness, coffee, chocolate, potent raisins, and cedar.
Time to light up.

I put the giant log in my mouth and I swear I will not survive in prison past the first day.

The draw is spot on. A sweetness develops. And then a ball peen hammer in the puss with red pepper.

The strength is immediately a tad bit above medium body.

The flavor of the earthiness of the tobacco is a side show unto itself. It stands out more than most cigars on its own. You know what I’m talking about…it is as if you can taste the rich soil.

I’ve had this cigar for over a month and I’m sure Rene had it awhile. How do I know this? Because the cigar is about to explore the blender’s intent without being deprived of the proper humidor time.

If the cigar was short on aging, the first half inch would have tasted like grass or hay. Instead, the Black Abyss starts out with a bang.

I don’t normally smoke 6 x 60 cigars. They are great if you want to give off the Tony Soprano look but I prefer smaller cigars as they tend to be little flavor fire crackers. And they humidor age much quicker.
Since I’m a chomper, and have a small delicate mouth, I find it difficult to find a comfy resting place while I chomp.

The char line is dead nuts. And very close to snow white. Yeah, yeah, I’ve told the story before how I got a BJ from one of the many Snow Whites that worked at Disneyland while in my senior year in high school. Everyone worked at Disneyland but because I had a moustache, they wouldn’t hire me so I got a job at Knott’s Berry Farm where I fit right into the western theme. Skippy was already working there and got me the gig. Paid $1.65 an hour. Woo Hoo.

The flavor profile seems to be on hold at the moment. The sweetness is there and so is the earthiness. But the spiciness has been tamed and what I thought was going to be a chocolate wonderland disappeared completely.

Another reason I don’t like Gordo cigars. Of course, another reason for the flavor profile to be in hibernation is that maybe it has too much humidor time on it. A lot of my readers have sent me some great cigars. But I found the ones that had a year or more humidor time on them mellowed out too much. All the zip and oomph was sucked out of them.

Rene should comment below and tell me how long he had the Black Abyss before sending it to me.

The sweetness morphs into a taste of honey and caramel. But just barely. Now, with 1-1/2” burned, a hint of something good may be occurring.

The char line becomes wavy and needs a touch up.

The flavor profile is reaching up from a deep well. It is asking to be pulled up into the daylight. But keeps slipping back into the black abyss.

I would love to list the flavors but they are so weak that there is no point.

Chocolate is the first flavor to climb from the well successfully. Creaminess is holding on for dear life to chocolate’s feet. And both make it into the sunlight.

I have to take a break and take Charlotte to work. Be back in 15 minutes.
I’m back. I drove very, very, very fast so the police wouldn’t see me.

Back to the Black Abyss.

The second third begins.

I’m beginning to get some flavor development now.

It is faint but here they are: Creaminess, earthiness, sweetness, chocolate, spice, and cedar.

I would have rather reviewed a smaller cigar. The Black Abyss comes in four sizes: 5 x 50, 6 x 60, 6 x 52, and 6 x 52 torpedo. Prices range from $3.00-$3.75 dependent on size. And come in 20 count boxes. JR doesn’t sell 5 packs of this brand. That’s dumb. Who is going to put out $75.00 for a box without even trying it?

So far, this is pretty much a one dimensional cigar. You can smoke it while golfing, doing yard work, giving it to the wife, having sex with the dog, joining ISIS, or while masturbating to photos of Roy Rogers and Trigger.

I have no idea where that came from. But interesting note. Roy Rogers had a German Shepherd named Bullet. When my family first came to L.A. in 1955, I remember visiting my mother’s aunt and her husband. They had one of the Bullets from the TV show. And I distinctly remember being allowed to ride him. Yes. He was that big.

Aunt Gussie’s husband, Max, was one of the biggest entertainment lawyers in L.A. They were very rich and every time we visited them in Beverly Hills, a movie star or two was in attendance which meant nothing to me at age 5.

One of their sons, Fred Selden, became a savant on the sax. By the age of 13, he had his own band touring Europe playing jazz.

These days, he is scoring music for big blockbuster movies and doing a ton of session work. He was a big influence on me. I think Fred is 3 years older than me. It was Fred who arranged for me to take bass lessons from the legendary bassist Carol Kaye. She too was a legendary session player.

I’m killing time waiting for the Black Abyss to show some character. But I fear this may be a lost cause.
The strength bypasses medium/full and goes straight to full bodied. Oh lord.

I am at the halfway point. Not counting the road trip, I’ve invested 45 minutes in this stick.
The char line has really behaved itself since that first issue.

The flavors just won’t kick in. They lay there dormant like a welcome mat.

If the Black Abyss doesn’t see some action after the last third, I am not going to punish myself any longer than that.

Caramel and creaminess become the leading edge of the flavor profile.

Rene has an impressive habit of trying every cigar out there. He posts photos of what he is smoking during the day in my cigar group on Face Book. And at least half of them I’ve never heard of. He has sent me cigars that are totally new to me. The problem with that is that it is impossible to find any info on them.

This will probably be the one and only review of the Black Abyss. So I won’t be doing the manufacturer any favors.

But then JR has found their own niche by selling loads of unknown inexpensive bundles and since they are so successful, it must be working.

I am half an inch away from the beginning of the last third.

This blend is a one trick pony. No complexity. Shallow flavors. No particular balance and a short finish.
Sorry Rene. I do appreciate your kindness in sending me sticks but this one is a dud.

The name of the cigar is ironic as Black Abyss describes it perfectly.

It’s only redeeming factor is that it is a good cigar for newbies that want to experiment with strong cigars.
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6 replies

  1. Well your right about it, Katman all I have enjoyed is the sweetness through out the whole smoke and for me never surpass medium until the very end that’s when it went up a notch, but they have been good during my golfing. That cigar was too about a month in my humidor. Listen your honesty in your reviews is what keeps me reading your reviews and I know sincerely know that you are appreciative, so no sorry is needed. Thanks Buddy.
    Life is Good !!!

  2. I like to believe we all appreciate each other’s honest assessments Uncle,whether they be good or bad. It’s one of the things that make us loyal readers and followers,here and in the FB group.

  3. Ditto, uncle. Out of sight…

  4. Very good review. And that “survive in prison ” bit was a great line!

  5. Thanks for the review, Uncle. I always like to find a review of a cigar more in my price comfort zone. Too bad this was a dud. So the search continues for good but very inexpensive (cheap) cigars!