S.T.K. Miami Barracuda Limited Edition Maduro 2014 -Pre-Release- | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Pennsylvanian Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan (Ligero)
Size: 5 x 52 “Robusto”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $7.50

Today we take a look at the pre-release blend: S.T.K. Miami Barracuda Limited Edition Maduro 2014.

I received the sample and press release less than a month ago. News sources say it is to be released in July which has come and gone.

Only 200 boxes of each size will be released. I must assume that the only place you will find them is in a few B & M’s across the country.

The cigar comes in three sizes:
Robusto: 5 x 52
Toro: 6.5 x 54
Corona Gorda: 5.675 x 46

Although my sample is 4.5 x 52. Where did the other half inch go?

The S.T.K. line also includes the Zulu Zulu, Barracuda Habano, Mas Paz, S.T.K. Miami American Puro and Opium. All are made at George Rico’s Little Havana Factory in Miami.

The two precursor words: “Gran Habano” were deleted a year ago. And now the line is strictly the STK Miami.

I like the mottling, or marbling, of the reddish coffee bean colored wrapper. Seams are tight. There is a road map full of veins. There is a terrible triple cap with the tiniest of pig tails atop it. The stick is very firm but not hard and not a single soft spot.

I clip the cap and find aromas of spice, tangerine, cocoa, black licorice and a rich, deep earthiness.
Time to light up.

Immediately, there is a gorgeous floral scent in the air.

And strong elements of creaminess and licorice. Cocoa paints a giant swath across my palate. There is a small amount of black pepper in the background.

I keep puffing away and coffee becomes prominent. The draw is superb.

There is a pleasant, but odd, flavor that I cannot identify quite yet. So I will keep going until I figure it out.

The flavor profile keeps piling flavors on like wood on a camp fire. I can taste a wonderful orange citrus with a floral element. The creaminess in tandem with the cocoa is blasting away like Spock’s phaser. On stun, of course.

And that’s exactly what is happening. I am truly stunned by how good, this early on, the S.T.K. Miami Barracuda Limited Edition Maduro 2014 is. It is a slow burning stick and I’ve burned only ½” and it is ready to conform to flavor bomb status.

The missing link is more fruit than just orange citrus. There is mango and orange melon. The orange citrus reverts back to tangerine and we have Carnivale in Rio.

While I’m futzing around trying to figure out what I’m tasting, the blend hits flavor bomb status at the ¾” burned point.

Here are the flavors: Creaminess, tangerine, mango, cocoa, coffee, spice, melon, leather and rich earthiness.
Coffee makes a run for it and crosses the border ahead of all the fruitiness. It still has a little bit of licorice attached. Odd pairing but it works.

The char line needs lots of minor touch ups.

The second third begins.
Strength is classic medium body.

The spiciness becomes raging red pepper. Now we’re cooking.

This is just plum crazy. The flavor profile is something so interesting that I am taken aback by its uniqueness.

It finds its complexity by the constant rotation of flavors elements. I get a blast of creaminess with cocoa and coffee. Then I get a blast of spiciness. After that, I get a blast of the fruitiness. And lastly, I can taste the rich earthiness throughout.

Before I know it, I find myself not paying attention to writing and just sitting back and enjoying the S.T.K. Miami Barracuda Limited Edition Maduro 2014.

So now we are at the halfway point. I’ve put 40 minutes into the smoke. Which brings me back to the question of what happened to that missing half inch of length? Did I get a sample that is not a finished product? Or is it meant to be 4.5” long?

There are no changes to the flavor profile. Just more of it.

I’ve reviewed all the cigars listed above and then some. The STK Miami American Puro is nothing at all like the S.T.K. Miami Barracuda Limited Edition Maduro 2014. Totally different animal.

The price point. The press release says the sticks run $7.50-$8.50 depending on size. I guessed that this is the $7.50 cigar. Is it worth it? Hell yes.

With the gazillions of new blends hitting the market, and most of them out of my price range, this new cigar is keeping it wallet friendly. I refuse to spend $14 on a My Father cigar. Is it twice as good as the S.T.K.
Miami Barracuda Limited Edition Maduro 2014? I highly doubt it and I even wonder if it is as good.

My one major criticism is the burn line. It needs constant attention. I have no idea if it is just this stick or the entire line is like this. Did I let it rest long enough? Twilight Zone.

Here are the flavors: Coffee, creaminess, earthiness, cocoa, fruit, licorice, citrus, and spice.
The strength moves up to medium/full.

The last third begins and the flavors are going crazy. One of the longest finishes I’ve enjoyed.

The char line issues seem insignificant compared to what a wonderful flavor profile this blend has.

This is quite possibly the strongest coffee flavor I’ve ever smoked.

The Wisconsin sun refuses to come out this morning. I know. So what else is new?

But on the positive side, the flash brings out the mottling that a straight photo might not produce.

Removing the cigar band takes some wrapper with it.

I’m now taking such close ups of the S.T.K. Miami Barracuda Limited Edition Maduro 2014 that it reflects in the photo so I am trusting mother nature to help me out.

This is a killer cigar. I’d like to try more. I checked the Gran Habano web site and it is not included yet so there is no list of B & M’s where they can be found.

I’m also guessing that there was a delay in releasing the cigars. I scoured Google and could not find a single site saying they have the S.T.K. Miami Barracuda Limited Edition Maduro 2014 for sale.

If you can find the S.T.K. Miami Barracuda Limited Edition Maduro 2014, grab some. I doubt they will be around long.

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  1. Just reading your reviews and ordered the SOSA Exclusive Series from the Antillian Cigar Co. and wanted to their turn around since this is my first order.