Corona Intensa Cigars | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan ’99 Corojo (Aganorsa)
Binder: Nicaraguan Maduro (Aganorsa)
Filler: Nicaraguan (Corojo, Viso, Ligero) [Aganorsa]
Size: 5.25 x 54
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $4.00


Today we take a look at Intensa Cigars from Corona Cigar which is no easy feat as I am high as a kit on pain killers from yesterday’s afternoon back surgery. Not a lick of sleep so this should be a very interesting review.

The Intensa Cigar is a joint venture from Casa Fernandez and Corona Cigar.

The cigar comes in three sizes:
Gran Robusto (5.25 x 54), Toro (6 x 50), and Belicoso (6.25 x 54). Prices range from $4.00-$4.50.

Thanks to buddy Patrick Hosler for the gift.

This is a super rustic looking cigar. It has a reddish tinge on the wrapper with a nice oily texture and very toothy. It has a nicely applied pig tail and a sloppy triple cap. It has sloppy seams and a ton of veins both big and small.

I clip the cap and find aromas of orange citrus, spice, leather, chocolate, and grass. I always hate clipping a pig tail off; especially a nice one. So I just twist it off carefully. Perfecto!
Time to light up.

We start off with a very nutty texture. Followed by a smack in the face with a massive whack of red pepper. I love the start of this blend. No fucking around.

The draw is perfect. A nice toasty element appears along with some rich earthiness and leather.

New flavors join the pile up: Cocoa, creaminess, espresso, charred hickory/oak, and something fruity. Like PJ.

I have burned a total of ½” and the cigar is giving me everything it’s got. And for the grand sum of $4.00!

The strength is a classic medium body.

There is a hard toffee candy element with almonds and hazelnuts. Yum.

The strength moves up to medium/full after burning 1-1/4”.

The Intensa Cigar hits its stride and we have flavor bomb status.

The ash is tough and nasty..hanging on like a champ.

Yesterday, because of my high tolerance for drugs (Please, no commentary from the Peanut Gallery) they had to double, triple and finally quadruple the amount of knock out drops into my vein. They were pumping me full of Propofol (the same shit that killed Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers) and just a dash of Fentanyl and Versed with a swipe of Demerol. Even with all that shit pumping through me, I woke up crying in the middle of the surgery twice. Totally uncontrollable. My first real surgery and I don’t want to do that again.

I am so dehydrated that I am chugging down liquid like an elephant.

The wrapper is cracking. I just can’t keep my cigars humidified no matter what I do. The intense cold in the house during the day and night is just too much. I go through this every winter.

As I take my fourth photo, some sun comes out and I can ditch the flash.

The second third begins.

The Intensa Cigar is extremely delicious: Creaminess, toffee, nuts, wood, black cherry, espresso, leather, and nougat.

This is the perfect example of premium cigar that is reasonably priced. The last three reviews were sticks above the $9 price points. And the Intensa Cigar is better.

The construction is great except for the crack that the bitter cold of Wisconsin caused. No touch ups of the burn line required and no wrapper issues.

The last third begins and it is screaming laughter. Man, this IS the sweet spot.

Almost from the beginning, this stick was a flavor bomb and it just kept ascending the whole burn.

How else are you going to get a Casa Fernandez stick for $4.00?

Even though it is a house brand for Corona Cigar, the Casa Fernandez folks didn’t skimp on quality like so many other big manufacturers do when they make house brands.

Here are the flavors one last time: Coffee, cocoa, creaminess, toffee, black cherry, citrus, raisins, wood, leather, toasty, and nougat.

Even with the fucked up wrapper, I don’t want to stop. The flavors are complex and perfectly balanced. A nice long finish wraps it up with a bow.

You can taste the heavy Casa Fernandez influence.

This review of the Intensa Cigar was more of mind over matter this morning. I really wanted to be able to write a review just to prove I could do through the pain. And while it is not clever or long, I think I’ve done my job.

The strength hits full bodied with about 1-3/4” to go. No hint of nicotine, harshness or heat. A winner, ladies and germs.

In this last bit of the cigar, the toffee really explodes along with the creaminess.

Cocoa comes in third. The head banging red pepper that started us off is almost gone now.

The nougat and toastiness move quickly up the ladder now.

The flavor profile of the Intensa Cigar is like a whirling dervish.
I’d rather be smoking than writing.

My doc gave me some pretty strong shit for the pain. Norco. And I am to take two pills every 4 hours so I just popped them. It was the only thing that allowed me to cat nap last night.

The Intensa Cigar is a fantastic cigar and I highly recommend it. Corona Cigar is the only place to find it. I’m still reeling from the fact that it is only $4.00 a stick.

I decided recently not to disclose the location of where you can purchase this cigar as I felt it was time to stop promoting online cigars because they rarely show their appreciation. But with the Intensa Cigar, I didn’t want you standing in the rain without an umbrella. So go to Corona Cigar and nab a 5 pack or box. You won’t be sorry.

Note: With an inch to go, the wrapper disengages due to the extreme cold. We are only getting into the 30’s during the day and then teens at night. And since we live in a big two story house, it is very expensive to heat it. So my cigars suffer my lack of funds.
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  1. Know the folks at Corona Cigar. Most are GREAT people! AVO Uvezian hangs out there. The owner, Jeff, spends most of his time in D.C. with the CRA fighting for our rights.