Kuuts Nicaraguan Blend | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 6 x 52 “Toro”
Body: Medium
Price: $6.10


Today we take a look at the brand new Kuuts Nicaraguan Blend.

It made its debut at the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show. And was released in late September. It is a regular production cigar. And comes in these sizes:
4 x 48 Momentos ($4.90), 4.5 x 58 Pequeño ($5.50), 5 x 52 Robusto ($5.80), 6 x 52 Toro ($6.10), and 7 x 60 Gordo Especial ($6.90). And they all come in boxes of 20.

The cigars are manufactured at Kuuts’ Honduran factory; Compañia Hondureña de Tabacos.

Kuuts Cigar Co also makes the Miró, Placeres Reserva, and Tabacalera Zapata.

A new extension of the Miró line: Miró Maduro was originally slated for a May, 2014 release but it has been delayed until November, 2014.

I’d like to thank the folks at Kuuts for sending me some samples.

The cigar is surprisingly different from one stick to another. One is pristine and the other is very rustic.

In all, the seams are slightly exposed. But the wrapper color is perfectly matched in each cigar. It is an oily light brown that feels like silk to the touch. The triple cap is impeccable. One cigar has a lot of veins and the next, not so much.

The cigar band is a hoot. It looks very metallic. That brazen copper colored lettering and symbolic South American native smoking from a pipe is quite striking Simple, yet elegant.

I clip the cap and find aromas of strong spice (makes me sneeze twice), pie crust, hay, coffee, and cedar.
Time to light up.

The first puffs are delicious. Notes of graham cracker, pumpkin seed, sweetness, fruity, a dash of cocoa and coffee, cedar, and lots of leather.

This is quite an interesting blend of flavors so early in the cigar.

I only received the samples a few days ago and for a lark lit one up last night. I was impressed. The Kuuts Nicaraguan Blend was ready to review. It has that early stage fresh rolled flavor. It gives you an inkling of what is to come and a bit of the blender’s intent.

Caramel rolls in next. And cinnamon. Actually, it tastes like a rich, thick decadent cinnamon roll. I have to guess here as I haven’t eaten sugar in over 30 years and there just ain’t no thing as a sugar free cinnamon roll. But I do have vivid memories.

The sunlight gives the wrapper color the color of a Pirouline cookie stick. That delicate little cookie that melts in your mouth.

The char line is dead nuts. Perfect. And the ash is hanging tough at 1”.

Orange citrus arrives just in time to counterpoint the sweetness. Sweet and spicy and tart. Lovely combination.
The Kuuts Nicaraguan Blend is perfectly balanced. Not yet a flavor bomb but the subtle and nuanced flavors mesh together nicely.

The strength is classic medium body.

The spiciness had dropped off considerably but as I near the start of the second third, it returns.

Here are the flavors: Creaminess, orange citrus, spice, butter cookie, pumpkin seed, graham cracker, cinnamon, caramel, mocaccino, cedar, and leather.

The Kuuts Nicaraguan Blend is a very unique blend. And I am digging it, my babies.

The cigar has the perfect tobacco ratio of “packed” to “give.” Thereby, making the draw just perfect.

I usually bitch about only wanting to smoke robustos or coronas but this Toro is marvelous. I am so loving this flavor profile, it will only get better as it burns down and the Toro will give me that extra time with the blend.

The second third begins and we have a flavor bomb.

But it is not an over the top kitchen sink profile. It is subtle with a nice complexity that an experienced smoker will enjoy. There are so many nuances to be found that I definitely recommend the Kuuts Nicaraguan Blend for the smoker with the sensitive palate.

The char line has performed admirably. Not a single touch up required and close to razor sharp. A designation of a well-made cigar.

This is a pastry delight. Caramel, creamy, citrus, maple frosted doughnut, cocoa, coffee, cedar and leather. And that pumpkin seed element floats around the profile as it to land when you least expect it.
The Kuuts Nicaraguan Blend makes me hungry.

The doughnut-like quality is very strong now. I am nearly drooling at the thought of biting into a Kuuts flavored cake doughnut.

A small crack forms just below the cigar band. Too small to glue so I will leave it alone.

I can’t praise the Kuuts Nicaraguan Blend enough. How often does one get to smoke an original? And this, mateys, is an original blend.

I look forward to its release. And then I Google it and plain as day, there it is at one of the big online stores. Grab some.

The price point. The online store sells the Toro for $5.50 by the box and $6.10 by the single. This store has an auction arm but none to be found yet.

Goddam this is a delectable blend.

The strength remains at medium body. Not a wisp of nicotine.

I am dead center of the halfway mark.

The pumpkin seed component morphs to pumpkin pie. I can taste the cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger seasonings.

The flavor profile is on cruise control now. It has found its sweet spot and is going to stay put.

Can’t imagine what the Kuuts Nicaraguan Blend will taste like a month from now.

And I said it earlier, but wow! Less than $6 a pop.

The last third begins and POP!

The flavor profile explodes. No more subtlety. Just brilliant potent flavors.

For the last time: Creaminess, pumpkin pie, maple frosted doughnut, cocoa, orange citrus, mocaccino, cedar, leather, dried fruit, and spice.

The strength remains at medium body with a hint of medium/full on its way.

The Kuuts Nicaraguan Blend is a must try cigar. Nab a 5 pack and tell me I’m wrong.

Normally, I would sit and add a rock n roll story but sitting here puts enormous pressure on my back. The doc actually made a pocket for my spinal stimulator in my high butt region just above the pants belt line and just touching that area makes my eyes roll back. So maybe in a couple of days.

The strength has now hit a solid medium/full body.

And with it comes the lovely nicotine.

For me, with this blend, the Toro size is perfect. With a robusto, I’d be done by now. This way, I still have almost 2” to savor.

The small crack did not get bigger and I just burned right through it.

Google “Kuuts Nicaraguan Blend For Sale” and at the top of the page, you will see the only online store selling them at this point.

I imagine as the Kuuts Nicaraguan Blend gets wider coverage amongst the bigger stores, you will probably see this on a daily deal. Expect that any day now.

The big online stores aren’t going to allow their competition to be the only one selling the cigars.

A beautiful finish. Boat loads of flavor. But the dreaded nicotine is strong. It is interfering with my ability to type. So this seems to be a good point to say sayonara.

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