Sons of Anarchy Clubhouse Edition KG-9 | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sun Grown Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 6 x 52 “Box Pressed-KG-9-Toro”
Body: Full
Price: $5.95 by the box/$7.00 by the 5 Pack/$9.00 by the Single




Today we take a look at the Sons of Anarchy Clubhouse Edition KG-9.

You all know about the TV series so I won’t bore you with additional, unneeded info.

But this is my lucky day. In my research, I discovered that this stick is blended by the MAN: AJ Fernandez.

There is a companion collectible blend called Sons of Anarchy Clubhouse Edition Chapel. And this too is blended by AJ at his factory in Nicaragua.

Both are limited editions. The Sons of Anarchy Clubhouse Edition KG-9 has only produced 750 boxes of 21 cigars. Only one size was chosen.

The cigar box is made to have a firearms crate appearance while the Chapel Edition is a hand carved box of regular size and dimensions. Both are roughly the same price. The MSRP is in the $135.00 range. But in my research, I’ve seen it as low as $125 and as high as $190.00.

For the 7th and final season of the show, no better blender could have been chosen. Yes, I am a big AJ fan.
Back in 2013, Black Crown released the first SOA cigar blend. It was made by General Cigar. It used an Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper.

The difference between the KG-9 and the chapel is this: The KG-9 uses the leaf stats shown at the top of the review while the Chapel uses an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with Nicaraguan binder and filler.

This is a beautiful cigar. The billboard sized cigar band is somewhat unnecessary and over the top….because the wrapper is a thing to behold. It is an oily medium brown with nearly invisible seams and very few veins.

It has a nicely done soft box press. The triple cap is damn near invisible as well. Cigars feel different from one to the next…some feel silky and others a bit toothy.

I clip the cap and find aromas of barnyard, pepper, exotic spices, cedar, leather, and cocoa.
Time to light up. Wait, wait…just sneezed three quick times from the spiciness being stuck up my right nostril.
I’m OK. “Charlotte! No need to call 911. I’m OK.” The poor woman worries about me constantly.

The draw is filling the room with white billows of smoke. Right from the first, a blast of red pepper schmears my puss like a habanero cream pie in the face.

Big doses of chocolate taunt and tease my palate. I feel wood nearing.

I’ve only had this box of cigars for 3 days. Last night, after a couple days rest, I lit one up on a lark.

After all, I had 21 of them so when I occasionally afford a box, I will try my luck. And WHAM! After a day of smoking, the cigar was pristine and clean. Like me.

But then all of AJ’s blends are like that. A couple days after receipt, you light one up and they have a nice fresh rolled taste. And in a month, they become monsters.

I want to thank JDL lawyer Schmuel T. Horowitz, my V.I.P. sponsor for allowing this purchase.

I’m half an inch in and here they are ladies and germs..the flavors: Spice, dark chocolate, creaminess, caramel/vanilla mousse, toasty, nuts, wood, and gingerbread cookies.

As I hit the 1” burned point, the cigar’s flavor profile explodes and becomes a bona fide flavor bomb.
The char line is a bit funkier than I would like but not out of control. Minor touch ups are required. Humidor time should cure this malady.

I love how AJ can take a $5 bill and turn it into an artful thing. OK. A $6 bill. You say toe-may-toe, I say toe-mah-toe.

I am happy as a clam knowing I still have 19 of these beauts left sleeping the peaceful dreams of an infant baby.

BTW- The KG-9 is in reference that to join the SOA, you must Kill a Gorilla by age 9 to get in the club. Mystery solved.

Goddamn good cigar. The Sons of Anarchy Clubhouse Edition KG-9 is absolute ass kicker. The strength at the moment is medium/full on its way to the big house.

The Chapel maxes out at medium/full.

Wisconsin has hit winter early. We are currently getting temps in the teens but the sun is out and no wind. Beautiful day.
Snow begins in just days.

The second third begins way too quickly for my tastes. The Sons of Anarchy Clubhouse Edition KG-9 is packed pretty solid but it seems to be going too fast as time speeds up as I enjoy this artful blend.

The flavors spew boldness in lock step. Balance is perfect. Complexity is on the money. And it has a long chewy finish.

A few flavors really stand out: Creaminess, hot chocolate, mocha latte, and a new citrusy element. Lemon.
I always, without fail, fawn over AJ blends. I can’t help it.

I am especially happy because the spinal stimulator in my spine was turned on yesterday and it kicked in this morning. Much less pain. Godamm wonder of medicine.

But you should see the chazerai that I must use to maintain the damn unit in my back. See below:

I now have to be careful not to piss off Charlotte because she could wait til I’m asleep and push the pedal to the metal with my remote control and have me flopping on the bed like a freshly caught fish. I may have to hide it.

Back to the Sons of Anarchy Clubhouse Edition KG-9. The cap seems to be somewhat Katman drool resistant. I see bite marks from chomping but the cap is so perfectly applied that it ain’t going nowhere.

The price point. Well, I sure as hell wouldn’t pay $190 for the box. But several online stores are selling them at $125. At $6.00 a stick, it is pure folly. Take the San Lotano line, or the New World (I really love this cigar), or the Bull, or the Pinolero, or the Mayimbe…AJ has produced his back bone catalog of brilliant blends.

AJ must have a secretary that fields calls all day long from cigar manufacturers begging for him to blend their new cigar. Just about everything this man blends turns to gold. There are a few clunkers from when he was starting out; but other than that, this man swings for the fences every time. He is the Mark McGwire of cigar makers. Without the juice.

The Sons of Anarchy Clubhouse Edition KG-9 is morphing now. The flavors are denser. They are like concentric rings on a Redwood tree. (What the fuck is Uncle Katman talking about?)

The Sons of Anarchy Clubhouse Edition KG-9 is so complex that it is difficult to describe what is going on.

Flavors are all in their proper places. The balance is spot on. But there is a depth of intensity that is just incredible. The creaminess is more than creaminess. It is whipped cream, it is custard, it is buttermilk, it is butter fat, and it is cream cheese. I know it seems like I am going overboard.

The strength moves to full bodied.

I am the halfway point.

The sweetness is cocoa butter, powdered sugar, and it is chocolate liquor. There is a fine brandy quality.
The coffee is the entire Starbucks menu.
The nuttiness is a bag of raw mixed nuts. Sweet and earthy.
So you get my drift.

You’ve seen enough of my teeth marks and I clip the cap back a bit.

The last third begins.



This has been an extraordinary smoking experience. And deserves to be in “The Katman’s Top 25 Cigars for 2013-2014.”

I will put the Sons of Anarchy Clubhouse Edition KG-9 up against any $10 cigar out there.

Up until now, there has been no hint of nicotine but it rears its ugly head now. Considering it hit medium/full a long time ago, I am pleased that it waited until the last 2” to appear.

Smooth. Smooth. Super smooth.

As much as I’d like to smoke one every day, I am going to wait 2 weeks and try another. Then I will wait another two weeks. By then, this will be a powerful blend with no peers.

There is no way Cigar Aficionado will review this cigar. That’s a shame. Because I’d love to see how they score it.

But CA rarely rates very limited editions. If I had the dough, I would buy one or two more boxes. Based on all the back order notes I see from different online stores, this cigar will be gone very soon.

Clearly, I highly recommend it. The price is killer. The cigar is a monster. And in a few months, it will only be a fond memory.

If you can get your hands on the Sons of Anarchy Clubhouse Edition KG-9, do it.
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  1. Nice review, Uncle Katman! I’m going to an AJ event in December – and hope he will be there rolling cigars – that is the assumption. After I suitably fawn all over him, I’m hoping to find out something he probably won’t tell me – but it has to do with the old Cuban art of spraying the fermenting leaves with citrus juice and water and ??? to enhance the tobacco flavors – and AJ get flavors out of tobacco that no one else does. Not only is he a talented blender, he seems to be the very best at processing, fermenting and aging the leaf.