SCREWPOP CIGAR PUNCH 2.0 REVIEW | Cigar Reviews by the Katman


I want to thank Brett Fischer of Screwpop Tools for sponsoring this contest.
I have 5 cigar punches to give away.
You may know that there was an earlier version of this tool. After customer suggestions, Brett decided to go back and re-tool the punch. All the previous issues have been remedied.


The cigar punch is 3-1/8″ long. It is made of aluminum while the working parts are stainless steel.
The aluminum housing makes it very light and creates no issues if you want to attach it to your keychain. Or you can hang it from just about anything.


It also has a beer bottle opener that works great. I tried it out last night.

I used it on several cigars and it is flawless in taking out the bit of tobacco in the cap and then forfeiting the piece of cap from the device. The blades are very sharp and should last a long time.

It’s been a couple days since I’ve had the cigar punch. The actual punch tube is longer than what is needed for removing the tobacco from the cap. Try not to bury it to the hilt. You only need to extend the punch half way into the cigar. More than that risks cracking the wrapper. Once I figured that out, no problems and no worries.




OK. The contest is simple. Just add a comment at the bottom of this post. Say hi, be clever, just say you want to win the punch…anything that strikes your fancy.

The contest ends on November 18 at high noon CDT.

The Screwpop cigar punch runs for $14.95 and I think it is worth every penny. You can visit the web site at Screwpop Tools to see the other accessories offered.

Good luck everyone! Protection Status


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32 replies

  1. I’d like a screw…top! 😁

  2. Just the perfect tool for my Saturday outing of golf !! I want it I want it… Life is Good !!! Buddy

  3. Sure… I’m in! I would like a cigar punch. Please!

  4. I’m always leaving my cutter(s) in unknown places. This looks like a great device to keep with me on my keyring!

  5. the last time i spent $15 was on a worthless quad torch lighter that had a cigar punch on the bottom and busted after about 2 weeks of use. but hey, if i leave a comment i might win a screwpop. so got that goin for me, which is nice.

  6. Perfect way to try a punch cutter for the first time. Thanks for the opportunity uncle, and screw pop tools!

  7. Nice!!! I would love to have a punch 👍

  8. Looks like a great tool I could use! I also love contests, even though I never win. Thanks Uncle and Screwpop Tools!

  9. Great contest Katman!

  10. Perfect accessory/tool/weapon for the Katman Army as we march in lockstep.
    “Screwpop Tools are mighty fine!
    In a pinch they’ll save you time!
    Screwpop Tools are top of line!
    Git ur own and leave me mine!”

  11. I’m in, Katman!

  12. Katmensch,
    Once again you are proving that you make the Cigar World Go Round! I am sending this post to our buyers. We are also contacting Brett. Thank you for the insight.

  13. Winner for sure!

  14. Two of my favorite activities, cold beer and smoking cigars.

  15. I’m in – have the old model and glad the problem got solved!

  16. I’m in for punch, a screw, and a cold one!!
    I like to live on the edge!
    Thanks again Uncle for thinking of us hooligan’s!!!

  17. Stellar invention, by the way Stewart Copeland is my favorite drummer.

  18. Everyone could use a good screw POP! now and then….

  19. I like cigar related contests, so thank you for this one!

  20. Looks great. Nice design. Handy. A winner!

  21. Thanks for the give-a-way, nice cigar tool!

  22. Hey Dennis, how would you like a nice Hawaiian punch?

  23. I’d really like to try a punch cut cigar – never have had the opportunity! Thanks.

  24. Punch me Katman…

  25. Looks like a great punch that would replace the cheapo plastic one I use now.

  26. I want to win a punch. Thanks katman

  27. Hey! Always wanted to get a punch. Just been to lazy. Story… the other day I was bathing my one year old and she ripped a huge fart in the tub. As i sat there arguing with myself if she was going to poop or not. I look over and she is squating in the tub letting one go. I paniced and screamed for my fiancé that our daughter shit in the tub. She yelled at me too and said i should have stuck her on the toilet next to me. 4 years in the Marine Corps and I have never paniced like I did when my 1 year old shit in the bath.

  28. Katman is throwing punches, first a TKO to the Executives at Crowned Heads and now to his readers! Sure hope I land a nice punch.

  29. my screw top is old, I could use a new one for my key ring!