Felipe Gregorio Silencio | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan Habana ‘92
Filler: Dominican Corojo, Mata Fina, Nicaraguan Habana
Size: 7.5 x 60 “Salomon”
Body: Medium
Price: $12.60 SRP ($7.60 from Small Batch Cigar. And then take your 10% off = $6.84)


Today we take a look at the Felipe Gregorio Silencio. A big honker of a cigar.

I found this cigar while rooting around in my humidor. It was stuck sideways at the back.

I bought this in early August of this year. It was part of the Katman Special from Small Batch Cigars. I either got a couple replies from buyers that they were less than impressed with the cigar; or even worse: Silencio.
So, here the cigar is humidor aged for 4 months. Today, the cigar will tell the truth.

The cigar comes in five sizes; all figurados except for the Robusto Special:
Salomon (7.5×60)
Don Gregorio (6.5×60)
Short Salomon (5.5×58)
Belabusto (4.5×60)
Robusto Especial (5×52)

From the Felipe Gregorio web site:
“Founded in 1990 Felipe Gregorio Inc., is the true boutique cigar maker, we have stayed small investing in quality and dedication to the cigars we produce. We specialize in limited batch cigars using vintage tobaccos; each blend is unique in its character.
“As a cigar maker for over 20 years my respect for the origins of the tobacco and genetically pure seeds has led me to pay special attention to the raw material we use, “what makes a cigar exceptional is the tobacco used in the blend.

“Like a great wine the leaves used to make a cigar needs to have the identity of its birthplace and the earth it sprung from. The soil brings out the original characteristics of the blend. As men we can only paint with the palette of colors that the earth has given us. We borrow from nature so that you the smoker can “taste the land”

It’s a raggedy looking stick. Although, I am always amazed at the salomon shape. It takes a lot of skill to roll this shape.

But the seams are sloppy. There are monstrously huge veins. But the triple cap is perfect. It is a nice oily caramel/toffee colored wrapper that is for the most part smooth but some tooth can be felt here and there. The actual shape is also perfect which is confirmed by rolling it on the table.

The cigar band is what FG has been using on his new blends.

I clip the cap and find aromas of milk chocolate, spice, cinnamon, herbal notes, rich earthiness, and wood.
Time to light up. And my only decent single torch lighter runs out of butane. Sonovabitch.

The first puffs are very sweet and woody. Like me.

The outpouring of smoke is blinding. No draw issues here. The cigar is jam packed with tobacco and that was one of my concerns; now put to rest.
Immediately, it needs a minor touch up.

Creaminess appears. So does the chocolate. This is the only one I had so there were no previews on my part prior to this review. I had no idea what I had.

A gooey caramel enters. This is turning out to be a nice cigar.

The strength is mild/medium. But with over 6” to go, who knows where it will land.

Drat. A wrapper crack forms. In two places. My humidity vigilance is extreme so it must be the subzero weather we’ve had for a month or two.

The wrapper is a disaster. Clearly, it received insufficient humidity stuck sideways in the back of my humidor; forgotten about and never moved around to get that good ol humidity.

But the damn cigar tastes so good, I am going forward. Please forgive the horrible state of the wrapper.

The second third begins.

And all of a sudden, black pepper rushes in like a tsunami. Very strong. I like it.

Café latte shows up. I am getting confused.

Here are the flavors: Spice, creaminess, caramel, café latte, toasty, cocoa, nutty, wood, leather, and cedar.

Clearly, the folks that didn’t like this blend did not give it its due in the humidor. It is a big cigar and big cigars ALWAYS need lots of time. I’m not talking about a big toro or Gordo here. This is a behemoth of a cigar. I measured it and it was actually 7.75” instead of the described 7.5”.
I have no way to measure the girth. Unless I’m buying a new belt.

I’ve done my best with the Kingpin glue and it seems to be holding. But some wrapper just crumbled and exposed the binder on the back side of the cigar. Of course, the back side is whatever you deem it to be if the cigar band will rotate.

Flavor Bomb 1.0.

Normally, the construction issues would have me discarding the cigar and thinking just bad luck.

But this cigar is so fucking delicious, I can’t put it down. I bet the robusto is a killer which SBC carries. A 5 pack is $25. Minus the 10% discount makes it $4.50 a stick. The SRP is $10. Quite the savings.

The wrapper is becoming a freak show.

I rarely smoke cigars this big. I never put up with the self-destruction of the wrapper. But the flavors are so bold and exciting that no matter what kind of Frankenstein monster this becomes, I will finish it.

This cigar takes the cake as the worst looking cigar I’ve ever reviewed. It has become laughable.

The cap is a mess. And I’ve made it worse with my Katman drool.

An aside. My best friend, and brother in arms, bought me the 72” tripod for my camera. He is half blind and insists I am taking blurred photos with my new camera. Rick Tunstall held the teen masturbation consistency rate of anyone in the 1960’s.
Rick put out a CD several years back and out of nowhere it has gone for the moon in Asia. He put up a CD Face Book page called “Rick Tunstall” and it has 22,680 Likes. He is currently making a compilation album of new and older material he hopes to release in January. He suggested I buy a Hofner bass..you know..the McCartney bass; because it is a hollow body and light. I will cross my fingers. How cool would this be to go back on tour at 65? Thank God that Rick and I kept our youthful good looks.


I passed the halfway mark a few minutes ago.

The photos are getting worse and worse.

The caramel and creaminess and nuttiness are so intense that it tastes like a Crème brûlée with nuts.

The coffee element becomes much stronger now.

Some of the other flavors on the list dissipate. But the strength of the remaining flavors makes the horrifying wrapper experience worth it.
I’m going to snag a 5 pack of the robustos. If you do, make sure that you tell SBC that the Katman sent you. The coupon code for 10% off is leafenthusiast.

The last third begins.

I feel bad for the folks who bought the Katman Special 4 months ago and then smoked it too soon. With proper attention, there wouldn’t have been these wrapper issues. And they would have been rewarded with a kick ass cigar.

Flavor Bomb 2.0

I’m afraid to remove the cigar band. The whole thing might fall apart. It is starting to look like a joke cigar.

Smoke time has been only an hour. Seems short for such a big salomon.

But you benefit by getting a 1300 word review instead of a 3000 word review.

The cigar band comes off easily. No additional damage done.

The Felipe Gregorio Silencio is on cruise control now. It is a very smooth cigar. Lots of complexity. Balance is spot on. And a nice long finish.
The strength move to medium body at the beginning of the second third.

It is now medium/full. And some nicotine shows up. Blecch.

I don’t have to completely finish the cigar to recommend it. I would steer clear of the salomon and go right for the robusto size. Give it a month or two and you will probably be good to go.

Get it at the best price on the web at Small Batch Cigar.

Life is Good!

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2 replies

  1. It looked like you bit a hole in the mouth piece in your 3rd picture LOL Yea that stick is huge! Rarely do I light one that big unless its an aged CC…Great review no matter the condition of that log of a smoke.

  2. Sorry, katman, but I keep playing catch up with your reviews. Just had the bone crusher, and you were right again. Great cigar. Keep up the good work.