The Buckingham by Crowned Heads | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés (Not Andreas. That is the fault line in California that could ruin everyone’s day that lives there.)
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 6 x 46 “Corona Gorda”
Body: Full
Price: $7.95


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Today we take a look at The Buckingham by Crowned Heads.

This is a limited edition blend made by Crowned Heads for Cigar Federation. The name of the cigar relates to the changing of the guard at CF. Logan Lawler took over Cigar Federation and became the sole owner.

I’m a big fan of the Jericho Hill and the Las Calaveras. And I do believe that it is made at My Father Cigars in Nicaragua.

The Buckingham is available in one size only. The cigars come in ten count bundles. A total of 2,000 cigars were produced.

The cigar is certainly a no frills cigar. No cigar band. A rustic wrapper without only a modicum of oil to speak of. Seams are clearly visible. Loads of small and big veins. An expertly applied triple cap. Lots of wrinkles. A very hard cigar. And the wrapper is a very dark coffee bean color. And lastly, the cigar is very close to being perfectly round. Don’t see that much anymore.

I really like the size. Just a big ol’ corona with steroid issues.

I clip the cap and find aromas of cocoa, sweetness, coffee, earthiness, spice, wood, and black licorice.
Time to light up.

Wham Bam! A Garcia Blast of Pepper.

The draw is a bit tight. And I sit here with tears rolling down my cheeks from the power of the red pepper.

Right away the char line makes a run for it.

I got really spoiled yesterday while reviewing the Viaje Oro Reserva Aficionado. Everything about its construction was perfect; including the char line.

Flavors begin to unfold: Chocolate, espresso, cream, very rich earthiness, and lemon citrus.
About ¾” in, I am still reeling from the spice.

This is not what I call a photogenic cigar. It just lies there in its simplicity…whispering softly: PUT A DAMN PRETTY CIGAR BAND ON ME!!

But the no cigar band philosophy keeps the cost of the cigar down a bit.

The Buckingham by Crowned Heads is quite flavorful. And did so quite quickly. There is a back flavor that at the moment is indescribable. But it allows the cigar a certain je ne sais quoi. That’s Hebrew for “What the hell is that I am tasting?”

Just past the 1” mark and The Buckingham by Crowned Heads is breaking down the door and bolting.

Flavor Bomb 1.0.

The char line is just fine now. My stern admonishment to it embarrassed it into behaving. Well done.

There is a very woody flavor that nearly surpasses the other elements. The chocolate and espresso merge into mocha java. The creaminess lies at the exact same level.

The citrus is barely there now.

A very good blend. And you can’t beat the price. If you can find one.

The draw has worked itself out.

The spiciness has moved to the far hinterlands of the profile.

Now we are left with a nice “almost” Nicaraguan puro. I expect no surprises from here on in.

The ash falls off but misses my camera and my lap. Thought I was going to get a spectacular shot of a long ash on this somewhat boring looking cigar.

But alas, the Cosmic Muffin had other ideas. It is a little frustrating as I try to make my photos a little artsy fartsy. So a stick just lying there, like my first wife on our honeymoon, is disappointing. But we aren’t here for the photos are we? We are here for the brilliantly insightful analysis. Choked on that one. But I kept it down.

I don’t know how much humidor time is on it but these babies sold fast last month. So I imagine I am receiving the blender’s intent.

I’m guessing with a couple more months of humidor time the cigar will maintain its spiciness throughout most of the smoke. And the few flavors will be much bolder.

I grab a Diet Coke to accompany the perfect flavor profile to allow an egg cream experience.
Any time you have loads of chocolate and cream, it is egg cream time.
egg cream


There is this weird white color that circles just below the start of the cap. Is it glue that dribbled while making the cap? A mystery. Maybe it is the subzero weather.

The second third begins.

And with the start of the second third comes a flood of potent and bold flavors: Chocolate, coffee, creaminess, wood, toastiness, roasted nuts, black licorice, leather, and a bit of smokiness.

Now we’re kicking ass and taking names.

I love this particular wrapper v. filler ratio. It makes for such an intense experience.
I can actually smell the aroma of black licorice. I like that.
Kudos to the blenders.

Each swig of the Diet Coke takes me back to my childhood and those egg creams my father made on hot summer days in California.

The Buckingham by Crowned Heads belies its appearance. It could be mistaken for a broken twig on the ground but the flavor profile is stunning and anything but debris from the storm.

The char line is the tiniest bit wavy but certainly within the parameters of good construction.

It is at this point that The Buckingham by Crowned Heads digs its heels in and finds its complexity. It is just plain marvelous.
The finish went from run of the mill to buoyant and exhilarating.

The Buckingham by Crowned Heads is a real joy to smoke. I only had one and I’m glad I wasn’t selfish and smoked it my man cave but instead shared my experience with my lovely readers.

Flavor Bomb 2.0.

The flavor profile extends itself and reaches out to a new plane of bold flavors.

Normally, a cigar that is mainly chocolate, coffee and cream would get me fawning over it. But in this case, those simple flavors are created so artfully that it deserves being lauded over.

I’m at the halfway point.

This is going by way too fast. Although, I have invested about 45 minutes in smoke time.

A new flavor pops up: Something very sweet and fruity. Like me. What the hell is it? It is perfumey and has floral notes. Lavender. That’s it.
What a very pleasant surprise. Not only do I taste it but I can smell it while the black licorice spins its way into history.

The lavender actually becomes the lead flavor component. If my wife were here instead of being asleep, I would ask her to confirm it. And she would say, “Smells like barnyard to me.” We have a real joining of the hip.

The sun is blaring through the window. It is subzero but the Wisconsin sun is out. I don a baseball cap so I can see the screen.

Now The Buckingham by Crowned Heads has been sitting in the same humidor as the rest of the cigars I’ve reviewed. And the construction is perfect. Not a single wrapper issue. So those few reviews I did where the cigar imploded on me was the cigar, not me or my humidor settings. This confirms it. I don’t need to calibrate my hygrometer(s). I keep 3 hygrometers in every humidor to check and balance. As long as they are within 1% point of each other, I feel no need to salt test them.
On top of that, are my cigars that I smoke during the day and they have been just fine thank you. So those unlucky few that fell apart on me were due to poor construction; plain and simple.

2-3/4” to go and I’m in heaven. What a wonderful cigar.

The price point. Ridiculous. They could have easily asked for $9-$11 a stick. It is that good.

At first glance, the flavor profile doesn’t seem different than a lot of Nic cigar blends. But magic has happened and turned The Buckingham by Crowned Heads into a unique and expansive blend. It is a real shame it is such a limited edition. I hope they bring them back. This is more than an experiment. It is landing on the moon.

The Buckingham by Crowned Heads will definitely make my top 25 cigars for 2014.

The last third begins.
Flavor Bomb 3.0.

The beat goes on. Speaking of which. I took bass lessons from the legendary session bassist, Carole Kay. When I met her, she showed me the famous bass lines she played on…like “The Beat Goes On” by Sonny & Cher. “Sloop John B” by the Beach Boys. “These Boots are Made for Walking” by Nancy Sinatra and a hundred more. All classic bass riffs.

The strength started out at classic medium body. But at the halfway point it hit medium/full.
Now as I have less than two inches to go, it hits full bodied.

A tad bit of nicotine shows its ugly head.

With one third to go, I’ve put in 75 minutes of smoke time. This will be a 90 minute experience.

The cigar finishes out beautifully. The construction was perfect. No cap issues. No wrapper issues. And no serious burn line issues.

I take my hat off to Crowned Heads, Pepin Garcia, and the Cigar Federation.
Well done boys.
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