Some Criticism – LOL | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

This was worth posting all by itself.
The gentleman, Joe, left a comment on my review of the Trinidad Habano Reserve Siglo VI from back in March.
I believe Joe runs an anger management class in Hoboken.
He seemed to take offense. So here it is:

“Your reviews suck! It’s almost like you buy into the bullshit that CI and other companies tell you in the adds and then just parrot that! You being paid or something because I’ve smoked through 5, 3 paks of these stored for three months at 65% with Boveda (so don’t even go there with the “Have you checked your hygrometer?” bullshit) and to me it is a dull typical bland Honduran shit missle. Have you ever even smoked a genuine Cuban cigar, because unless you’ve had your olfactory nerve severed from getting your head kicked in or or from some other traumatic injury sometime in your life, they are the only cigars on the planet that have cream, cocoa, chocolate, honey, graham, sweetness in any appreciable amount. Haven’t had ONE NC that has any of these flavors in any kind of decent amount. NC, even the top premiums, are 1 trick ponies at best, and flavorless shit missles most of the time. Have fun with your fake assed reviews and let me state this to others who may read your worthless, shill-like drivel…..DO NOT BASE YOUR PURCHASES OFF OF THIS GUYS REVIEWS!!!! NONE HAVE BEEN ACCURATE AND ALL ARE PRETTY MISLEADING!!! BY CUBAN AND YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!!”

From Joe at Protection Status