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I would like to introduce Steve Ventura to everyone. He is my first guest reviewer. I put out the call last month. And so far, Steve has been the first up to the plate.
Enjoy everyone.
The Katman

This is my first written review so bear with me everyone!

Rocky Patel Decade Cameroon

    Cigar Stats:

    Vitola: Robusto – 5 X 50

    Wrapper: Cameroon

    Binder: Nicaragua

    Filler: Nicaragua

    Body: Med-Full

    Price: $8.68 as a single
    Personal Humidor Time: 1 1/2 Months

    This cigar is said to be the same blend as the original Rocky Patel Decade just wrapped in a Cameroon leaf as opposed to a Sumatra leaf. While I have not smoked the original Decade in almost two years, I remember enjoying it quite a bit and I am a fan of Cameroon wrappers so let’s see how this goes.


    Removing the cigar from the cello the first thing I notice is the sloppily applied cap. It really seems to stand out to me and I can’t remember the last time I smoked a cigar where this was the first thing to stick out to me. The cigar has a double cigar band, black background with a diamond pattern, the “RP” logo surrounded by “Rocky” and “Patel” on one and “Decade” with “Cameroon” underneath it on the other. The wrapper has a matte finish with no oils at all.

    It is slightly toothy with a large vein running down the middle of the stick. The cigar appears to be packed pretty well and is firm to the touch and also appears to taper slightly towards the foot.

    The cigar’s pre-light aroma smells of tea with a slight touch of hay. The pre-light draw is almost effortless and tastes of herbal tea. I prepare my drink pairings: Buffalo Trace with two rocks, a tall black Americano (Espresso and Hot Water), and ice water, and I consume them in that order prior to about every other draw. (Normally I only pair water and an Americano with my cigars however, due to the cold weather in Upstate NY I must travel to one of only three local bars which still allow smoking.)


    I light up using my Zippo BLU torch lighter that my wife (she was my girlfriend at the time) got me as a gift when I graduated from boot camp. It’s my favorite cigar accessory and I love to show it off.


    The cigar lights up with ease and the initial draw tastes of dry toast. The cigar produces copious amount of chewy, white smoke and at the ½ in mark there are flavors of tea, wood, and grain.

    Out of nowhere a distinct cherry flavor takes over from the ½ inch mark until the ¾ inch mark, and then disappears. Tea returns to the forefront with some slight tobacco and is drying out my mouth.

    The first third of the cigar is done and tea is the main flavor with some woodiness and tobacco in the background. The burn line is sharp but not perfect.


    The start of the second third of this cigar and the cherry flavor jumps back into the forefront for just a few puffs before a slight wood flavor take over.

    Just prior to reaching the half-way point the cherry flavor jumps in again with a slight pepper taste, and then is gone just as quickly as it was there.


    I’m at the half-way point and the burn line is still strong but not perfect, and the nicotine is starting to show itself. It takes a lot for me to feel the nicotine so I attribute the fact that I’m starting to feel it at the half-way point to me having not had any food in two hours.

    I take the label off now just to get it out of the way. There are now weak flavors of tea, pepper, and fruit and I’m noticing the cigar is not producing as much smoke.

    The start of the final third and the cigar has gone out, which is extremely frustrating as I am smoking indoors and have been paying extremely close attention to it. I re-light and a bright citrus flavor presents itself for a few draws, which is very enjoyable, and then is gone, replaced again by a slight tea flavor, nothing special.

    The burn line is wavering slightly, and a slight spice and cedar step into the flavor mix.

    The nicotine is ramping up a little more and I’m feeling it my head, nothing that will knock me out but it’s definitely there. Approaching the nub, the cigar has become rather hot, and a burnt cherry flavor has taken over.

    I can’t smoke this down to my fingers because it’s becoming too harsh and too hot.


    To sum up this cigar, I would say it’s a slightly above average smoke. It had some transitions, but there were not many points during the smoke where the flavors really wowed me.

    I would’ve liked to have the cherry flavor linger longer when it did appear, but it disappeared too fast and the base flavors of tea and wood were nothing special; not to mention at one point the cigar went out, which always angers me.

    I have never been a fan of a cigar company making a specific blend for one specific wrapper, and then after some time passes they take that blend and use a different wrapper.

    In my experiences the blend never seems to go as well as it did with the original wrapper it was made for, and this cigar is a perfect example of that.

    Now maybe the month and a half this stick spent in my humidor wasn’t long enough but, I doubt I will purchase another one in the future to even find out. When I judge cigars I don’t try to give a numeric rating, I just think about if the cigar made a lasting impression, and to me, this cigar just does not do that. I think it’s worth a try for those who are curious however; if you never smoke this cigar you can rest well knowing that you’re not missing anything spectacular.


    My name is Steve V. from Rochester, NY. Just a little background about myself, I’m a 30 year old U.S. Navy Veteran who now works in Law Enforcement.

    I remember first smoking cigars around the age of 19, they were Cuban Cigars provided by an Uncle, and I was too young to even appreciate them.

    I began “Officially” smoking cigars at 23 years old after a neighbor handed me a Camacho Negro and I realized how complex and enjoyable cigars could be.

    Since then I have developed what I consider a decent palate and have smoked a wide variety of cigars to include those of the Cuban variety.

    During my time stationed with the U.S. Marines I was given the nickname “The Maduro Kid” by my cigar smoking buddies because that seemed to be all I would ever smoke! I found my cigar smoking to be a good way to take a break from the military life for a couple of hours at a time and since leaving the Navy I have continued smoking one to two cigars weekly and maintain three humidors with approximately 150 cigars; one of those humidors being used as an aging humidor holding approximately 30 cigars with some currently aged over two years (I take great pride in that fact).

    To give you an idea of my palate, some of my all-time favorite cigars include The Edge Maduro, Oliva Serie V and Melanio, Camacho Corojo original blend, and 601 Green Label. Protection Status


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