Rocky Patel The Edge B52 Maduro | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan, Honduran (Ligero)
Filler: Panamanian Ligero (Per Cigar Aficonado)
Size: 4.5 x 60
Body: Full
Price: $6.85



Today we take a look at the new Rocky Patel The Edge B52 Maduro. Not so much a new blend but, rather, a new size. There is also a Corojo version with an orange band. Same binder and filler; just a different wrapper.

The blend is the original Edge blend. Which according to research is the most popular of all the Edge blends.
It seems everyone is getting on the Roloba kick.

I just did a quick review of the J. Fuego Heat Corojo and it was so bad, I never got past the first third before I put it down. I figure if anything will make up for that limp noodle will be the punch of an Edge.

This firecracker was released earlier this month.

Other than that, I found no information about this cigar anywhere; more specifically, on the Rocky Patel Premium Cigars web site. Probably just made for the CI Conglomerate.

The cigar is sold primarily in boxes of 30. But most stores get around that and they are available in just about any quantity your heart desires.

This is a well-made cigar. It is dark coffee bean brown that oozes oil. It is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Seams are virtually invisible. Very few veins. It appears to have three caps and it appears to have one cap. It is so impeccably placed, I can’t tell.

I clip the cap and find aromas of semi-sweet dark chocolate, strong spice, sweetness, hickory, herbal notes, cedar, fruitiness, and leather.
Time to light up.

It takes a while to toast this big bottom. But the first puffs reward me with a giant blast of red pepper. And followed by dark chocolate, sweetness, hickory, and cedar. As well as some salty pretzel.

The draw is spot on. Smoke fills the room and the cat goes a’ runnin’.

Caramel follows quickly.

Strength is a tick above medium.

This is a delicious cigar. I’ve allowed it to rest for 3 weeks in my humidor.

The flavor profile is just as intense as a corona or a petite corona. An absolute delight.

Naturally, like all of us, I’ve tried all of the Edge blends. And this size seems to give it some extra punch I didn’t find in the original line. I understand now the name of the size: B52. And it ain’t that gay band from the 1980’s. Not that there is anything wrong with that. (I’ve been trying to work in a Seinfeld quote for years.)

Creaminess drops in. I would like the saltiness to go away now. It is getting in the way.

I sip water while smoking today.

I’m afraid, dear readers, that there will be Katman chomping marks on the cap. It is impossible to hold this M80 in your mouth without biting down on it. Heavy cigar. I could just take puffs but this blend is so tasty that I want it in my mouth while I write. (That didn’t come out right)

One thing about Edge cigars is that they have a short shelf life. I’ve smoked all the blends given a year’s humidor time and the oomph is gone.

I’ve found the optimum resting time is about 2-4 months. I like a spicy cigar and that’s always the first thing to go with an extended rest period. It also takes out that really ball busting full body.

I have a burn line problem and quickly tend to it.

I’ve found the Edge line to be a one trick pony bunch of blends. They aren’t terribly complex and the flavor profiles are generally marginalized and narrow. They are what I call a part of the Sledge Hammer line of blends/brands.

I made the mistake of buying some sort of seconds of the Edge from Holt’s a year back and that was a mistake. A completely dull cigar. Should have known better when paying less than $3 a stick.

The second third begins.

1-1/2” in and here they are: Spice, chocolate, caramel, herbal notes, cumin, sweetness, fruit, cedar, and leather.

I’m playing with fire as the stout ash is hanging tough. Do I go the macho route and try to impress you with a cool photo…or do I allow it to fall into my lap and all over my camera hanging from my neck?

The price point. It is just about the same everywhere. With a gazillion Patel cigars on Cbid, not a single B52.

It is at this point, the strength reaches full bodied.

And flavors go wild. The spiciness actually becomes stronger. The main flavors loom large to keep up.
Holy shit. While there is only a small amount of nicotine, the strength is kicking my ass.

This is the strongest cigar I’ve smoked in a long time. I’ve said that before on other cigars but, no kidding, this beats them all.

The Edge B52 Maduro is not a newbie cigar unless they have a will and an Advance Directive.

I had no idea. The Edge B52 Maduro is mopping up the floor with me. Woo Hoo.
I can’t remember any of the other sizes of the original Edge that is this powerful.
I think that Patel is importing yellow cake uranium in these cigars to Iran.

I reach the halfway point.

I’m a big critic of Rocky Patel because of the way he floods the market with mediocre blends and his uncountable house brands he makes for every online store out there. Like Hansotia, it is more about filling the coffers than taking blending seriously.

In the case of The Edge B52 Maduro, I will eat my words. I wonder who blended it for him?

Patel keeps it on the down low but he uses a lot of the top names in the industry to make cigars for him.

As I said earlier, the Edge line is not a complex blend. It is a sledge hammer. The spice and strength are now so strong that they have immolated the flavor profile. I can’t taste any of those wonderful early flavors as my palate has gone up in flames.

The last third begins. And I’m a wreck.

The spiciness has not relented but flavors, like chocolate and creaminess have managed to break through the Maginot Line.

The spiciness lessens a bit. Just enough to allow other flavors to have their chance.

Here they are: Spice, chocolate, creaminess, nutty, toasty, cedar, dried figs, leather, herbal notes, and wood.

Nicotine finally makes its mark. I’m swooning.

With 1” to go, that crack at the cap is doing some damage to what’s left of the cigar.

This was a helluva’ experience.

The Edge B52 Maduro will kick your ass. If you are sturdy enough to walk this cigar off, then this blend is for you. Don’t expect a heavy wave of flavors. That window didn’t really open til the very end of the smoke. And don’t expect complexity, balance or long finish.
The Edge B52 Maduro is a sledge hammer that will have you calling for your mommy.
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