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Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 6.5 x 54 “Toro”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $5.00 ($4.50 if you are a member of Cigar Federation.)


Today we take a look at the Cigar Federation house brand Mr. XL.

There is no information anywhere about this cigar. Obviously, it is a close kept state secret. But I was able to find out from a source, Deep Throat, that this is a Nic puro. I shall call it “MrXLGate.”

So without adieu, let’s plow ahead.

The stick is not fancy looking. Visible seams. Lots of small veins. Some apparent sloppiness by the rollers. On the upside, it has a nicely done triple cap. The wrapper is an oily dark chocolate/coffee bean/burnt umber color.

This is a big honker. I’ve smoked one already and was quite pleasantly, knocked off my feet.

I clip the cap and find aromas of spice, ginger, cocoa, coffee, peach, cedar, earthiness, and leather.
Time to light up.

The draw is excellent on this redwood tree. A curious spiciness appears: Red pepper, curry powder, and Samba Olek (an Asian red pepper sauce that I love.).

The Indian accent is heavy. Creaminess appears to calm the beating heart.

A host of other flavors show themselves: Cedar, leather, gingerbread, nutty, sweetness, and something like banana bread or pound cake. More emphasis on the cake portion than the type; in other words, it is very smooth and buttery.

I will let you in on my secret. I only received these cigars a week ago. I tried one the day after receiving them and I got that lovely fresh rolled bunch of flavors. I was about to review a Mr. XL when I became ill. So things got put on hold for several days.

Naturally, with a few months of humidor time, this cigar will blossom and bloom and become a helluva cigar blend. But this fresh rolled taste is fantastic and should not be ignored. I will come back in a couple of months and update this review for comparison.

The char line is doing well.

The chocolate and coffee ramp up and push to the front of the line. Creaminess is right behind. The Indian spices are strong and makes the blend very interesting. There is a heavy woody element as well as that nuttiness and generic sweetness.

And the cake? Well, it reminds me of vanilla pound cake. I know, nutty. But after 4 days, not including the Corazon review, this is my first cigar in all that time. My palate is like a virgin. Even has the pointy bra to prove it.

Blind Faith. I loved that band. Only one album. Damn. Listening to the classic rock station on cable. Now that was a Super Group. And if you are an audiophile, or a player, you better know who these guys were.

The strength is classic medium body.

I’m really digging this cigar. I’ve smoked the Mr. X from Cigar Federation and while it was a very good cigar, I like the Mr. XL more.

From the CF web site:
“So, you’ve smoked the Mr. X and loved it as much as we do. The only thing that would make it any better was if we could stuff more of those limited tobaccos into that gorgeous wrapper.

“Guess what? After a little sweet talking and a few bottles of Flor de Cana, we’ve pulled off the deal of the century and procured another vitola in the Mr. X blend! It’s the bigger, badder, tastier version that we cleverly named Mr. XL.”

The blend is on this journey of getting smoother and smoother. Yes, I know it is supposed to be “badder” than the Mr. X. But with a stick this big, only time will allow for that pie in the face at the very start of the cigar. Not a week.

The second third begins.

The spiciness steps on the gas.

The rest of the flavor profile kicks into gear. Damn. This really is a fine, fine, blend. My hat is off to the folks at Cigar Federation. Damn fine job, sons.

Here they are, in order: Spice, creaminess, caramel, sweetness, cocoa, coffee, nutty, cake-like, toasty, cedar, and leather. Clearly, this is a Nic puro. The only thing I haven’t experienced yet is either raisins or black cherry.

The strength moves up to medium/full. It has become very complex and has a marvelous balance of flavors. And a mighty long finish. Lip smacking good.
The price point. Who are we kidding? This is a $10 cigar hiding in $5 wolves clothing.

CF did its members a real solid with this blend and keeping the price so low. And like most CF cigars, the per-stick price for a box is the same as a single. That’s classy.

The toastiness is something else. It permeates the flavor profile.

I like the fresh rolled taste for one particular reason….the tobacco. It is ebullient and brighter. One can taste the minerals from the soil. A lot of that can go away after months of humidor time.

This blend is like an extreme learning curve. It starts with a nice surprise of flavors and then heads to the moon, Alice. Because it is experiencing a fresh rolled taste, the sweet spot probably won’t become apparent until the last third.

I reach the halfway point.

Complexity level is high. Flavors are going nuts. The spiciness keeps increasing. (I love that). There is a strong buttery taste. And that cake-like element is keeping up. And that woodiness is fantastic.

The chocolate and coffee are somewhere in the middle of the list. But the creaminess is right behind the spice: which is first in line.

The construction has been right on the money. No burn issues. No wrapper issues. And the cap has held up nicely.

The strength hit full body.

The sweet elements: Caramel, vanilla, a bit of orange citrus appears at this point, milk chocolate, and sweet, candied nuts. In fact, it reminds me of Boston Baked Beans candy…you know..the peanut with a sugar hard crispy shell on it?

Smokiness shows itself for the first time.

This has definitely been a kitchen sink flavor profile.

The last third begins.

A wonderful cigar. The price is right. It allows the smoker to enjoy two stages of the blend: The first being the fresh rolled profile. And second, the several months of humidor aging. All for the outrageous price of $5.00.

As predicted, the last third is the real swinging dick.

A flavor explosion. Damn. It is so creamy and spicy. Add to that the long list of flavors and you have a high premium blend.

Next month around this time, I shall buy a mazo of 15. Which by the way, is on sale right now. Instead of being $75, it is only $60. Bringing the per stick price down to only $4.00 each. And if you are a member, pricing for a mazo is only $54.00. $3.60 per stick.

At this point in the cigar, it becomes a bona fide flavor bomb. The profile is extremely bold. And I love that the spiciness has stuck around for the entire burn.

You’re not going to find too many cigars that can compete with Mr. XL for the price. I bought a 5 pack. And I have three left. These will sleep the sleep of the dead in my humidor for a couple of months.

Go to the Cigar Federation Store and snag some Mr. XL. If you are a member, there is a 10% discount code. Joining is free.
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