Foundry Elements Krypton | Cigar Review

Wrapper: US Broadleaf
Binder: Brazilian
Filler: Dominican, Honduran, and Undisclosed Third Filler
Size: 4.8 x 50 “Box Pressed”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $6.50

(Thanks to CI for the use of the photo)




Today we take a look at the Foundry Elements Krypton.

It is one of the 5 new Elements from Foundry Tobacco Co.:
Americum, Calcium, Krypton, Potassium, and Sodium.

Michael Giannini, of General Cigar, made this baby his. He is pumping out blends like a mad man. I know of at least 19 different blends under the brand name: Foundry, Elements, and Musings.

And Giannini has made it his solemn duty to make sure no one knows anything about these blends.

I want to thank Brian Austin for his kind gesture of sending a couple of these sticks.

As every blend in the line of Foundry Compounds, Elements & Musings. The packaging or the presentation of the cigar is over the top. And General Cigar manages to keep the prices on every blend very low. Mostly in the $5-$6 range.

The wrapper has a beautiful dark, oily coffee bean hue. The construction is pretty sloppy. Visible seams. Lots of veins. A single or double cap that looks slap dashed. And it is very lumpy and bumpy like a Rum Crook cigar. But it is a solidly packed stick without soft spots.

I clip the cap and find aromas of spice, chocolate, rich earthiness, plump black raisins, barnyard along the shaft, herbal notes, and cedar.
Time to light up.

The draw is good. First puffs are a combo of rich dark chocolate and red pepper. It also has the reliable nutty and toasty elements. Sweetness comes from the chocolate but also something fruity. The Foundry Elements Krypton has a long finish right from the get go.

The strength is medium body.

I’ve reviewed the Plutonium White, Vanadium, Argon, Gold (AU), Chillin’ Moose, Worm Hole 2014, and Foundry War of Currents Laboratories Shoreham. I haven’t made a dent, apparently.

I’ve found that the EC&M line has some inconsistencies. Some sticks are brilliant and others just blah. I believe I loved the Plutonium but could care less about the Gold AU.

A wonderful fresh wood/bark component enters stage right. As kids, we would hike in the tree covered areas of So Cal and as boy scouts, we knew what we could chew on and what we couldn’t. I don’t remember the name of the tree, but we always peeled a piece of the bark off and chewed on it while hiking. No. It wasn’t coca or khat.

Of course, that would have been funny. A bunch of 10 year olds dashing through the forest with uncontrolled energy and then one boy yells to the others: “Hey guys! Let’s race to that mountain over there. I think it is 17 miles but we can do it!! Let’s go!”

The Foundry Elements Krypton has a meaty flavor profile. Things that are dark. It’s smoky, chocolate, hickory, wood, cedar, red pepper, and raisins.
Chocolate is the most prevalent flavor at this time. Oddly, no creaminess.

It’s cherries. Not black cherries. Red cherries. I grab a Diet Coke. A cherry Coke.

Do you remember where you hung out at night in high school? Or after the Friday night football game? We hung at Bob’s Big Boy. All the waitresses were very cute and just a little older than us. Cherry Cokes was ordered by all the young patrons. Back then, they had to squirt some sort of toxic cherry solution into your Coke.

I take a puff and then sip the Coke and damn! Cherry coke. How cool.

There is a nice slow burn. After all this time, I’ve only dented the cigar an inch.

A couple new flavors are added: Coffee, mild creaminess, and caramel.

The construction; including the funky look, is actually very good. No burn issues. The wrapper is hanging tough. And the cap can take it.

We have a new cat that my darling daughter thought we needed. A rescue that was 5 months old. Now 6 months old. And still full of that kitten energy and driving me nuts.
The cat has destroyed so much of my shit, I’m ready to microwave him and add a Béarnaise sauce.
Yesterday, I opened a box that had a couple of 5 packs and left the lid to my humidor open. The friggin’ cat jumped right up and into my open humidor. And the little fucker still has all his claws.
Most pets don’t like smoke. Especially cigar smoke. This idiot not only loves it but I catch him licking the ashes in the ashtray. Or jumping on me when I’m smoking to huff the cigar along with me. This is very annoying. So…
I had the cat for dinner.

This blend has several months on it so I imagine I am receiving the blender’s intent. I am so so on this blend. It is showing just enough potential that it seems to want to make a quantum leap to the next level; but doesn’t. It needs to make that leap in order for me to recommend it.

I can’t find a solitary online store that carries the Foundry Elements Krypton. It must be a strict B & M cigar. Giannini planned it that way. Some are online and the other half in stores. Not a single online store carries the entire line. The online stores carry an average of maybe 6-8 blends and that’s it.

If you know a good source for these cigars, please comment below and let us all know.

The second third begins.

Took me 20 minutes of smoke time to get here.

And it is here that the cigar finds its place in the universe. Flavors perk up.

Here they are: Chocolate, cherries, wood, creaminess, floral notes, coffee, nutty, cedar, caramel, earthiness, smoky, and raisins.

The strange combination of tobacco used in the Foundry Elements Krypton makes for a very interesting flavor. I was surprised to find the leaf stats on this cigar because the majority of blends do not disclose them.

Brian, who gifted me this stick, also gave me a couple of the new Calcium blends. I read this on CI: “A firm Cameroon binder aids in Calcium’s perfect construction and ample flavors, and also holds long-fillers from San Andres, Nicaragua, and an additional secret long-filler snugly in place. A glistening Honduran wrapper leaf caps this medium to full-bodied gem.”
(Many thanks to for the photos)

He also gave me a couple called Sodium: “With subtle hints of salt, Sodium reveals a pristine Brazilian wrapper leaf hugging a binder that remains a mystery. On the inside, a cocktail of Dominican and Honduran long-fillers result in a medium-bodied show-stopper.” This is a 5 x 51 perfecto with a racing car on the cigar band. Giannini must be around my age. Because there is a history of taking acid leftover from his formative years.

I reach the halfway point.

Flavors are good. The blend is very smooth and elegant. Generally speaking, the creaminess factor dominates other flavors. The cream comes and goes with the Foundry Elements Krypton. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. With the creaminess in the background, it allows the other nuances to shine.

The last third begins.

I’m guessing that, overall, this will be an hour long smoke.

The price point. The five new blends hiked the prices a bit. While most were in the $5 range, the new ones are in the $6.50-$8.00 range. And each blend comes in one size only.

So is the Foundry Elements Krypton worth $6.50. Yep. Totally enjoyable blend. I like it because it is different than most blends I smoke. We seem to be in a period where Nicaraguan blends reign. And you get a rough similarity from one Nic cigar to the other.

The last 1-1/2” is a boomer. The chocolate and cherries are screaming laughter. The small dose of creaminess is right on the money. The woodiness adds the perfect topping. And the sweetness component, which includes raisins, rounds out the flavor profile. I rarely use this term but the Foundry Elements Krypton is an elegant cigar.

I want to thank Brian Austin and Mike Simmons for sending me these wonderful birthday gifts.

Sip of Coke. Cherry Coke.

This last part shoots from medium to full bodied. It totally bypassed medium/full.

And no nicotine.

This is one of those blends that leave you wanting for more. Another inch would be bliss. (My wife said that to me on our honeymoon.) Badda-boom!

Because of the complexity and character and nuance of the flavors, this is a cigar best smoked alone. Otherwise, you will miss out on a lot.
The Foundry Elements Krypton ends with a flourish of creaminess. Not harsh or bitter or hot. Well-made cigar.

And now for something completely different:

It was all a big prank by the boys in the band. Charlotte lived in Tahoe. She ran the bar at one of the better clubs. The woman has a master’s in psychology from Goethe Universitat in Frankfurt and she never used it. Her father was a well-known psychiatrist in Fulda. He even had his own clinic for children.
Charlotte got married right out of school to a German cop. But a year later, he was killed in the line of duty.

She became a flight attendant for Lufthansa. By the time she was 27, she got her green card and made the US her home.

Right after the band move back to Tahoe; their home base, I met her.

I was already dating a bevy of beauties.

Everyone in the band wanted to be matchmakers for me.

There we were sitting in a booth downstairs where the band played. It looked like a cave and held about 300 people.
We were exhausted from humping the gear.

In walks Charlotte. She pushes the guys over and sits with us.
I was introduced. I was impressed.

I never held back that I was a Jew.

Charlotte was not only a German but a Catholic as well. They thought this was very funny and wanted to see how I would react to this.
Charlotte holds court where ever she is.

She cursed like a teamster. Every other phrase was: “What the fuck!”

I was told that I sat there quietly with my jaw hanging open.

We argue about who asked who out but, really, she asked me out a few weeks later.

I had just met that nice Jewish princess in Carmel. She was rich, good looking… and rich.

After an hour, Charlotte split.

And the table broke out into laughter.

I had to break our first date because the band was going into the recording studio. And I was producing.

We got together a few days later and since she knew Tahoe, she took me out to a fancy Swiss restaurant serving great German food. Also, very expensive. She had to pay for everything as I was broke. The Eddie Munster project decimated me.

The band played out for around $500 a night. I got $100. And they played maybe three times per week. So I was living on $300 a week.

At dinner, Charlotte ordered a bottle of wine. I didn’t tell her I don’t drink but I did to impress her. I got so schnockered I could barely stand.
Afterwards, she took me to Harrah’s Casino on the north shore. In Nevada.

The all black band, The Bus Boys, were playing. I knew them. We had recorded in the same recording studio in West Hollywood for months.
So here was my chance to impress her.

During their break, I grabbed her and went on stage to re-introduce myself.

They had no idea who I was. I had to run by them a list of names until they said, “Oh yeah, we remember.” I think they were just being polite.
I was so embarrassed.

We stayed in Tahoe from May until September. I convinced her to come back to Long Beach with me.

I was bored with the band. They didn’t listen to the wise young man that was their manager. So frustrating. So I jettisoned them.

We packed up everything into my Nissan Maxima station wagon and headed south.

I swallowed my pride and asked my father for a job at his structural steel fab shop. I had experience so I was made a project manager.
Charlotte and I were poor. We got a bachelor apartment. You bedroom.

And while we lived there, we got married in February. The 8th to be exact.
So I don’t know who the last laugh was on but that was 30 years ago this week.
Time really flies.

And 11 months later, Charlotte gave birth to Katie. Our one and only child.

It’s been a long road. There have been ups and downs but it is a real marriage. Companions for life.
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