Wilson Adams White Label Habano No. 6 | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Predominantly Nicaraguan (3 County Filler)
Size: 7 x 40 “Lancero”
Body: Medium
Price: $9.25
Number of Cigars Smoked Prior to Review: 1
Accompanying Libation: Water



Today we take a look at the Wilson Adams White Label Habano No. 6.

The company is owned by Brandon Wilson and Stephen Miller.
“Wilson Adams was born out of a desire to create a cigar for smokers who yearn for balance, richness and complexity. In 2011, we traveled to Estelí, Nicaragua where we visited the Plasencia family and formed a lasting partnership. Instead of utilizing smaller factories, we chose Plasencia due to their vast storehouses of tobacco from almost every growing region in the world. The family owns farms peppered across Central America from the island of Ometepe to the gorgeous fields of Honduras. After many back & forth trips to Nicaragua and some 40 blend iterations the White Label (Habano) was born and launched in 2012. A year later we launched our Red Label (Sumatra).”

From Wilson Adams web site:
“A beautifully balanced cigar that consumes the palate in flavor without overpowering. Starts with a gentle pepper/spice combination that soon adds sweet florals, cream and dried fruit tones with undercurrents of earth and cedar.”

Wilson and Miller were able to have their cigars manufactured at Plasencia Cigars S.A.
The White Label was their first outing under this name and a year later the follow up was the Red Label which is a stronger cigar than the Habano.

Toro Grande No. 5 – (6.5 x 56 $9.50)
Toro No. 4 – (6 x 52 $8.75)
Corona Gorda No. 3 – (5.875 x 46 $7.99)
Robusto No. 2 – (5 x 50 $7.99)
Lancero No. 6 – (7 x 40 $9.25)
Limited Edition “A” (8.5 x 49 $Unknown)

Nice looking stick with a touch of rustic. Seams are tight. Lots of small veins. The wrapper is an oily russet brown in color with a small amount of tooth here and there.
The triple cap is impeccable. The cigar band is simple but elegant. And a bitch to photograph for a novice like me.

First snifferoos find a nice earthiness, spice, butterscotch, barnyard, strong cocoa, herbal notes, green vegetal notes, and sweetness.

The draw is excellent and redolent with a long list of flavors: Nuts, spice, cream, vanilla, dried fruit, cocoa, rich earthiness, cedar, butterscotch, and cinnamon. All flavors are nuanced and subtle.
Not bad at all.

The strength is a solid medium body.

There are a few flavors that float to the surface above the others: Caramel (No longer butterscotch), chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, spice, nuts, and cedar.
I think I really like this cigar. It starts with a nice subtle bang that immediately gets my attention. And from there, it builds.

I don’t usually like lanceros that much but this smokes more like a corona grande or a robusto. It is jam packed and gives one the experience of a shorter, larger ring gauged cigar. Lanceros usually burn quickly constantly demanding that you take care of the ash. Not here. It has a much slower burn and requires no frenetic activity on your part.

Damn. This is one of those “It” cigars. It has what it takes. A carefully plotted blend with a lot of focus and time spent developing it and getting it right.

I got a 5 pack from Small Batch Cigar which has only the Lancero in stock in both boxes and 5 packs. Tobacco Barn has four sizes: Robusto, Corona Gorda, Toro, and Toro Grande. I couldn’t find any other online stores. I assume the brand is meant primarily for B & M’s.
As I approach the second third, the flavors blossom beautifully. Caramel, wood, cinnamon and cocoa really fly.

The Wilson Adams White Label Habano No. 6 has a striking resemblance to the Curivari Buenaventura. In terms of flavor and character. I consider the Curivari stick one of the great cigars and definitely a personal favorite.

Creaminess really soars now. Along with a newer, brighter spiciness, chocolate, cinnamon, nuttiness, vanilla, cedar, and newly added touches of espresso and toastiness.

Check out my review of the Curivari Buenaventura and tell me I’m wrong.

A slight shift occurs with the addition of some lovely floral notes and a hint of black licorice.
The strength is now medium/full.

The construction is immaculate. The char line is on point. And not a single wrapper issue.

The Wilson Adams White Label Habano No. 6 is an uber flavor bomb now. Now I know, my dear readers, that everyone makes fun of me because I used that label too often. But I heard you and ratcheted back on that term and only use it when there is no other way to describe the flavor profile.

This is a flavor bomb! And the terrific part is that I still have 4” to go. Woo Hoo.
I smoked one a not long ago and what a difference a few days makes.

This is a high premium stick. I love a blend that builds slowly. Constantly teasing you with each puff. Wondering what is in store next?
I’d love to buy a box but I’m in the dog house with my wife because I went over my tiny cigar budget this month.
The Wilson Adams White Label Habano No. 2 soars once again. Amazing. My palate feels like a shock wave hit it.

Some very good cigars have a factor within the flavor profile that makes it impossible to explain. Some call it complexity. I call it the X factor. A rich, deep presence that defies explanation by someone like me with a puny brain. If this was 50 years from now, we would have Taste-O-Vision and you could taste what I taste.

Flawless cigar construction and gorgeous, complex blend of flavors.

This was a total surprise. I’ve had the bad luck of needing to give some recent reviews a thumbs down. So never smoking a Wilson Adams cigar, I knew not what to expect. A cigar that I can fawn over like a little girl with a new Cabbage Patch doll.

Flavors are swimming like a sea of swarming simbas. This cigar is an anomaly. It stands tall amongst most other cigars.
I only have 3 left. I shall cherish them.

The Wilson Adams White Label Habano No. 6 must be your first cigar of the day before you allow your palate to become crispy from smoking all day. Nuances of character will disappear in the midst of other blends.

I recommend that you smoke this cigar all by your lonesome in your man cave without distraction. This is not a blend to be smoked in a Herfer’s Paradise.

Every single flavor I’ve described is here and accounted for.

I like that the spiciness has not relented. In fact, I believe it is even stronger in the last third.

One last time: Spice, creaminess, chocolate, vanilla, floral notes, caramel, cedar, black licorice, wood, cinnamon, nuttiness, toasty, and espresso.
This is a kitchen sink blend. Only thing left out is lox and bagels.

A bit of nicotine creeps in. But no crash helmet needed quite yet.
The dried fruit element finally makes a solid appearance.

The Wilson Adams White Label Habano No. 2 finishes beautifully. No harshness or heat. And flavors still whacking away at my palate.

The price range of around $9+ is an understandable price point for this type of quality. I stumbled upon them while perusing the Small Batch Cigar line up. I thought what the hell. They aren’t too expensive and worth a try. Especially for reviewing purposes. Now I am a big fan.

I am dying to try the Red Label Sumatra. I am licking my chops. There are three sizes: Gordo 6 x 60 No. ($9.75), Toro 6 x 52 No.4 ($8.99), and Robusto 5 x 50 No.2 ($8.25). I am unable to find pricing on these sticks but I’m guessing they are near the pricing of the White Label Habano.

I shouldn’t have to say this based on my review, but I highly recommend you try this cigar. You’ve got 6 great sizes to choose from. And the price is right.

While I’ve never heard of Brandon Wilson and Stephen Miller, I am duly impressed with their talent. These are young men from California; my home til I was in my 40’s.
They have a huge future.

There are no retailers in Wisconsin. A shame. But there are quite a few in California.

The real treat is that these blends don’t require tons of humidor time. My review cigar has two weeks on it.

If you don’t live near the Retailer’s List, then go to Small Batch Cigar or Tobacco Barn to purchase them.
The Wilson Adams White Label Habano No. 6 was a real treat!

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