Into the Sunset | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Well friends, it seems that the almighty dollar wins and the Katman loses.
I just cannot keep up with the escalating price of new cigars.
The market is out of control. Manufacturers are foisting subpar cigars at ridiculous prices on the smoking public.

I have around 50+ cigars left in my humidor and probably a couple weeks, or so, of reviews left.
When they are gone, so am I. I won’t be buying cigars even for my own use.

I won’t shut the site down but I won’t be adding new reviews except when the occasional opportunity arises and my sponsors send me cigars.
It’s been a fun ride.

I plan to focus on my music. There is a realistic opportunity in the making that I might find myself on the road traveling with my musical partner of 35 years, Rick Tunstall.

Rick lives in Virginia and he has sent me digital software so I can record my bass lines for his songs on my computer. At the moment, Rick has over 24,000 Likes on his Face Book page which seems to have captivated an Asian market.
This is a photo of both the software that allows me to turn my computer into a complete recording studio and the red box is an audio interface that allows me to hook my bass up to the system. It is a simple version of the big stuff but then I only need to mix my bass line, not mix the songs:

We are currently working on a second CD and fingers crossed that we can hit the road this summer, or fall, to promote the albums.

I want to thank everyone for their support and friendship. I’ve made some great friends through my site that otherwise would never have happened.
Today is not goodbye.
Just wanted to give you a heads up that I will be directing my focus elsewhere very soon.

I will miss it terribly. And expect the first few months, without cigars, a little like detoxing.

I want to thank the wonderful manufacturers and online stores that supported me. They are a rare breed who got the Katman. Good people, all.

I will cherish the next few weeks I have left to bring you my reviews.

So all the best to you and remember there are some great reviewers out there. They won’t tell you about the debauchery of rock n roll, but they are very good at what they do.

Ciao babies,
The Katman

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10 replies

  1. Seriously? WTF?!?!

    Katman, thanks for all the reviews. They’ve been (and continue to be) great especially since they bear up to repeated readings. Please keep us posted on developments regardless of where your travels take you.

    Much success and long ashes always!

    Your “nephew” EA.

    Peace, man.

  2. Good luck on the music adventure. I have really enjoyed the reviews. Thank.

  3. Son of a bitch! This is a shitty press release. You have a love for music and cigars, seems like music is taking over which is cool. You can make $$$ at music not reviewing cigars. I’m gonna miss your brilliance. Continue a blog on the music. I’m sure there won’t be stories of sniffing coke off a hookers ass but you’ll be able to spin a good tale! Mazel Tov brother…you’ll be missed

  4. Just discovered your blog a week ago, I enjoy it very much. Thanks and good luck.

  5. Very happy for your good fortune in music and the future, very sad more or less no more reviews. Glad the site will still be up and around which So I can read and re-read reviews at my leisure. You said the perfect quote and I echo the sentiment 100% about “manufacturers producing subpar cigars at ridiculous prices”. I would just add that the public buys into the scam. Your guided list of affordable cigars between $5-6 is a godsend and when discussing it on certain forums and cigar apps everyone turns their nose if the cigar isn’t worth half a diamond. Thank you and rock on!

    Best regards gary

  6. Truly a sad day in the Republic of Katman and Cigarville everywhere. I’m sure all of your subjects will savor whatever further literary crumbs (or ashes) you deem us worthy of. Your site has been a mandatory stop for me everyday.You are an honest, excellent writer with the gift of being a great story teller. Wish you the best.

  7. I was in a rush earlier so I need to clarify one the of the end statements I made. That is if your not smoking the new Drew estate, Pádron, Tatuaje, etc ultra rare only 2 boxes were made in the world $50 cigar than it’s dog rocket. It’s all about keeping up with the Benjamin’s like anything else in this world including cigars I’ve found out. I love the comments I always get saying a $2 cigar I had was every bit as good as the new $20 flavor of the month, cigar snobs. Thank you calling a spade a spade. AJ Fernandez is the man and his cigars blow away everyone, how the competitors get all the recognition is beyond me.

    Again best regards,


  8. Thanks for all of the great reviews and stories. I hope the music works out well for you. Your brand of honesty will be missed in the ever crowded market of “romance” over substance.

    Will the site still be open for “guest” reviews? Oh, and please give us the names of a couple of honest and worth while reviewers.

  9. Happy trails, Phil. My cigar purchases are greatly diminished as well the last few months and will remain so, as the pricing of cigars has now reached overt gouging.

    Keep the emotional overload low and the inspiration high!

  10. This is clearly bittersweet, having come into you reviews and wonderful writing late in the game (subscribed 2 months ago ish) I was just getting comfortable with our relationship! I am glad you are having success with your music and understand your reasoning but still, it saddens me. I do hope that as you mentioned, when you cross paths with a good cigar you will do a write up. I have enjoyed your perspective, anecdotes, fine writing and your pallet. Best wishes to you and good luck.

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