Colón Grand Vintage 2001 Edicion Limitada Doble Perfecto | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Panamanian
Binder: Panamanian
Filler: Panamanian
Size: 6 x 56 “Double Perfecto”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $47.97 OR $143.00 OR $558.00 each! (Really. Depending on who is selling them.)
Number of Cigars Smoked Prior to Review: 0
Accompanying Libation: Water



Today we take a look at the Colón Grand Vintage 2001 Edicion Limitada Doble Perfecto.

I want to thank Johnny Piette of Prime Cigar Co. in Brookfield, WI for gifting me this from his personal stash.

I’m reviewing it for two reasons: The first is I want to convey to my readers what a truly uniquely expensive cigar tastes like. And second, I don’t want to waste smoking this cigar without documentation of my experience.
Normally, this cigar would be held waiting for a most special occasion. And this seems to be that occasion. This will be my last regular review. I will be on hiatus until manufacturers send me the occasional cigars for review.
The cigar is produced by the Darier & Cleef of Germany.

The perfecto shape is near flawless on this russet brown, oily wrapper. One of the smoothest cigars I’ve felt up.
There is a small crack that I discovered last week and glued it carefully.
The cap is very unusual. See the photo.
It also has a completely closed foot.
Seams are invisible. Few veins.

And a very classy cigar band. (Are you paying attention Manufacturers of Today’s Cartoon Cigar Bands?) If you can’t make a good cigar, disguise it in tomfoolery that your toddler will enjoy.
It looks like an old fashioned movie marquee with hundreds of small dots surrounding the name of the cigar. But those dots frame the solid shape of the country of Panama.
On top of the outline of the country is “Colón” and below that is the word “Panama.”
Beneath that is a wisp of a secondary band saying: “Grand Vintage 2001.”

The aroma of the shaft is pure heaven with large doses of hot chocolate, creaminess, coffee, spice, cedar, and leather.
The cold draw is heavy on earthy tobacco, leather, wood, and barnyard.

The draw is wonderful. Giant plumes of smoke fill the room. I get a lot of toasty wood notes at first. Then a blast of red pepper.
A strong presence of leather will not go unnoticed. Chocolate slips in. So does fresh mint. Fruitiness joins the band. Pomegranate. Then follows even more elements made up of sweet tea and cappuccino.

The strength is a strong medium body. At this early stage, methinks the Colón Grand Vintage 2001 Edicion Limitada Doble Perfecto will be a full bodied cigar. Which is surprising because Germans like mild bodied cigars. I have an expert at home with me who can vouch for that.
A small wrapper malfunction occurs above the burning foot. I am not going to glue it, just cross my fingers and hope I can burn right through it without it getting larger.
In fact, the char line is pretty impressive.

The cracks are working their way up the cigar. Damn. The cigar is not going to make it to the end in one piece.
Ahhh, but then the wrapper disengages itself enough to expose plenty of face to allow me to slide some glue underneath both sides of the wrapper. I carefully, close the wrappers like a surgeon; gently wipe it clean and voila ! It may last the entire smoke.
You gotta’ expect some issues with a cigar that is almost 15 years old. And since I speak only a little German, I cannot find info on the cigar that tells me about the leaf stats and how much they are aged at rolling time.

Roasted nuts appear. This is an ultra-smooth blend. I don’t know if it is merely time or the Panamanian leaves.
In a blink of an eye, the Colón Grand Vintage 2001 Edicion Limitada Doble Perfecto has a Cubanesque twang to it. Absolutely delicious.
Here they ae: Black walnuts, hazelnuts, earthy tobacco, spiciness, coffee, leather, wood, chocolate, fruit, sweet tea, and newly added strong herbal notes.

The ash is amazing at hanging tough and not budging an inch without any finagling on my part.
Complexity has been building since I started. But now it has really found its place in the universe. A gorgeous depth of character. A spot on balance. And a very long finish.

The ash finally falls gently comes off while posing it for a shot.
The strength is a solid medium/full.

I don’t know what a $500 cigar is supposed to taste like but this one is pretty good. More on that later.
The toast becomes a nutty bread component. Creaminess completes the flavor profile.
Despite the early wrapper issues, the construction has been top notch. The long uninterrupted ash. The consistent char line. And a structurally sound cap.

This has been a fun experience I’ve looked forward to since Johnny Piette sent this cigar to me a month or two ago. I held on to it trying to understand when and where I would smoke this anomaly. Two weeks ago, it came to me. What better way to go out than smoke a cigar with a price tag that is insane. Everything I’ve always railed against.

The flavor profile is now very intense and has shifted some: Creaminess, spiciness, bread, toasty, fruity, sweetness, leather, earthiness, graham cracker, unsalted butter, and berries.
There is no harshness or heat as the cigar comes to a completion.

This would have been a great $10 cigar. So who says Germans only like mild bodied cigars?
The Colón Grand Vintage 2001 Edicion Limitada Doble Perfecto is so good with only 1” to go that I want to milk it and drink its juices.

I bitch about prices all the time. So, clearly, I am not going to endorse that you find a German cigar web site and shell out $500 for this cigar. Clearly, the Colón Grand Vintage 2001 Edicion Limitada Doble Perfecto is mainly for show in wealthy Germans to be shown off in their luxurious studies, home libraries and smoking rooms.
If I had to price the cigar based on what it tastes like now…well, I would say it is as good as any $10-$12 boutique brand.

I enjoyed reviewing this cigar. It was a real treat and a helluva’ good time.

And now, my good bye…
It’s been a real blast being a writing machine; 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year for nearly 7 years. More than 2200 reviews
I made the decision to choose a path that was mine. I chose not to follow the guidelines. I know I’m a big mouthed, ornery, crotchety, old bastard. And I push peoples’ buttons. It is who I am and I decided it would be more fun if I was to be true to myself. I’m done with following the templates of life. I’m a senior citizen and yet there is still more adventure ahead of me. I am currently recording an album with an old music partner and there is a great possibility of touring Asia this summer, or early fall, due to the acclaim the first album is getting right now. The second album we are working on will be even better.

The only reason that this comes to an end today is that writing seven days a week is expensive. I can no longer afford purchasing cigars that keep me at the forefront of the trends.
I started reviewing while I had a great $$$ job. But now Charlotte and I exist on social security. That’s some pretty big sticker shock to the wallet.
Unfortunately, the new trends have come with a ridiculously expensive price tag in which there seems to be no end in sight. I’ve been priced out of the market. I am unable to spend double digits, on a regular basis; to keep up with the reviewing crowd. I got into this when an expensive cigar was $7-$8. Now, every boutique cigar comes with a $10-$15 price tag.

So this is not a final goodbye. I will still be around on occasion. And I hope you will welcome me back when those occasions occur.
To all the wonderful people I have entertained; from my heart, thank you.

Phillip “The Katman” Kohn Protection Status


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11 replies

  1. Feels like a friend just moved out of the neighborhood. Sucks. See ya around I hope.

  2. Thank you for the entertaining reviews on cigars and life. Enjoy your new old career. That tour should be a blast!

  3. Well, it was a fun ride. I enjoyed the reviews and the stories. Your low price list informed most of my early Cbid purchases. Hell, it still molds many of my cigar searches and purchases. I appreciate the humor, honesty, and guidance into the BOTL life style.

    Don’t be a stranger.

  4. I’m sure your online/review friends would greatly appreciate it, if and when you go on tour, you would post a journal of some kind regaling us of your adventures. Until then, adios, amigo.

  5. I started to write Katman a note but noticed that Mike said it better! So, what he said.

  6. I wish for you success in your music adventures and you find the peace and happiness you deserve mate. Best to your wife Charlotte too.

  7. You shall be missed, sir. Tomorrow I will pause as my fingers begin to type in those familiar letters, “k-o-h…,” and reflect on hours spent reading Eddie Munster stories following entertaining reviews about flavor bombs.

  8. We cannot always do great things in life, but we can always do small things with great passion.
    It’s the journey, not the destination.
    Thank you for letting us ride along. We’ll all look for you as you come back through every once in a while.

  9. Thanks Phillip for a great ride and THE best cigar reviews on the web. Take Care.

  10. …your honesty was refreshing and even if I disagreed with you, I always appreciated knowing how you really felt about a cigar or a cigar maker or an industry practice.

  11. It’s been a total pleasure reading your blog. It’s not just about cigars, It’s about life. I think that’s what has kept me coming back. Cheers to the future ventures, and trust that instinct. Cigars ain’t going no where! We’ll all be here!

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