Rolling Thunder .50 Caliber Connecticut Shade Double Robusto | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan, Honduran
Size: 5 x 60 “Double Robusto”
Body: Mild/Medium
Price: $6.00
Number of Cigars Smoked Prior to Review: 0
Accompanying Libation: Hot tea




Today we take a look at the Rolling Thunder .50 Caliber Connecticut Shade.
This was gifted to me by Kevin E. Thanks Kevin.
By now, the cigar has over a month’s humidor time.

From Rolling Thunder web site:
“Light wrapper, great construction. Mild bodied. Smooth draw… Nice easy cigar to go with an iced tea or similar. Subtle notes of anise, last third to finish with slight licorice tastes. Good smoke for the new cigar enthusiast.”

The cigars are sold in 5, 10, and 20 packs.
Also comes in two other blends: .50 Caliber Maduro and .50 Caliber Natural Wrapper. All are the same price: $60.00. Except for the Torpedo.
The size varies on the Maduro with the addition of a Double Corona 7 x 60. It also varies on the Natural and Maduro in a Torpedo 6.25 x 52 shape.
All Rolling Thunder cigars can be purchased on their web site.
Rolling Thunder procures their tobacco from Oliva Tobacco and is made with 100% Cuban seed.

The Rolling Thunder .50 Caliber Connecticut Shade is a nice looking cigar with a light brown wrapper that is near translucent allowing veins to be quite visible giving in sort of an artistic view of what a cigar should look like. It has a beautiful oily sheen with the slightest bit of tooth. Seams are invisible. The triple cap is perfectly flat and flawless.

There are strong aromas of barnyard, spice, cocoa, and cinnamon just along the shaft. At the clipped cap and foot, I can smell newly mown grass, wood, and leather.
On the cold draw, there is sweetness, barnyard, wood, and spice.

There are too many variations to write them down here. I advise that you visit the Rolling Thunder web site page to visit their descriptions and pricing based on wrapper, size, and count.
Sizes are 5 x 60, 7 x 60, and 6.25 x 52 Torpedo. Prices vary from $6.00-$6.50.

Wow. The first puffs nearly knock my block off with spiciness. Yowsah. The draw is spot on and the smoke is so potent that it fills the room and makes my eye s water as I try to type with the cigar in my mouth.
Have to put the cigar down, stop typing, and use a Kleenex to wipe the tears out of my eyes and off my cheeks. Now that was a helluva’ introduction.
Besides spiciness, a big dose of wood and creaminess follow tout suite. Leather is a big component as well. The burn line is on the money.
The cigar is densely packed without a single soft spot. This makes for a very slow smoke. I have a feeling I shall be sitting here typing this time next week. That’s OK. I have Medicare.
(Tears are still rolling down my cheeks. LOL)

There is a similarity between the Rolling Thunder .50 Caliber Connecticut Shade and the My Father Connecticut but the RT .50 is $3 per stick less.
The earthiness of the tobacco is more than gestating; it is strong and upfront.
I don’t care for mild bodied cigars normally because the blender forgot to add flavor. I must admit I was hesitant about this review.
But my worries have been assuaged.

Here they are: Wood, earthiness, spice, creaminess, graham cracker, nuts, maple, sweetness, charry oak, leather, and black licorice. And a touch of dried fruit.
Now this ain’t your daddy’s mild bodied cigar.
With each puff, the flavor profile intensifies.

I believe the large flavor profile is using legerdemain on my palate. While the strength is mild, it seems more like medium+. The devil’s work.
With every bundle of Rolling Thunder cigars, you get a contract signing over your soul to Rolling Thunder. Go ahead and sign it. It’s OK.

The char line has caused no problems and has been on point from the start.
I have to thank Kevin E. for sending this cigar to me. Only one mind you. Bastardo!

His knees were shaking about whether I would like it or not because when I don’t like a cigar, well…you know how I can get. So he feared he might have to go into the Wit Sec Program to protect him from the Rolling Thunder folks.
You can relax brother Kevin, I love the cigar.

More flavors come to roost: Butterscotch, gingerbread, hickory, coffee, floral notes, and baking spices. And this is on top of the earlier list. Is there no end to this lunacy?

The spiciness makes a surge. My tongue burns. I love that. The hotter the better. Bring it on.
The friggin ash falls right on top of my camera hanging from my neck. But it falls in one piece and I easily remove it. Thank goodness for my hand held Swifter.
I promise, I know. But I am going to break that promise right now.

Houston, we have a Flavor Bomb!

The strength is now classic medium body.

“Goddam the Pusherman” What a delicious cigar! Halle-fucking-leujah! What a surprise and what a real treat.
More flavors are detected: Toasty bread, nougat, cedar, vanilla, and now a large dose of powdered cocoa. The creaminess and spiciness loom large and make the perfect tandem.

It is here that the Rolling Thunder .50 Caliber Connecticut Shade finds its rich complexity, nice balance and long finish.
This blend is every bit as good, if not better, than the My Father Connecticut. And that was a great cigar. I reviewed it.

You know I don’t like giant Gordos. Normally because they get boring. This is the exception to the rule. The cigar makes it a point to keep your interest. No waning of enthusiasm.
I love this cigar and would love to try the other blends.
If you look at the photos, you can see what a gorgeous cigar this is.

Strength appears to be getting more potent. A small dose of nicotine enters. My crash helmet is at the ready.
Every single flavor is here and accounted for. Not a single one has dissipated. And may have even become stronger.
Damn. I did it again. Right on the top of my camera.

The creaminess and sweet elements are going hog wild. The chewy long finish is a mile long.
I’m now very sad that I can see the end of the experience.

I should add that I dry boxed the Rolling Thunder .50 Caliber Connecticut Shade for 48 hours prior to the review.

You’ve probably read my tirade on the Lost & Found Swollen Cock. I went nuts on that scam. They too sold unbanded cigars that they got from the “These aren’t good enough” bins at Camacho warehouses. And then sold them for twice the Rolling Thunder blends.
The folks at Rolling Thunder ooze integrity.
Final smoke time has been 90 minutes.

You can’t beat the price. An honest manufacturer. They are becoming rarer by the minute. Rolling Thunder blends a near perfect blend and then doesn’t soak the customer. $6.00 for this quality? I want more. I would gladly choose to always have a box in my humidor. But not until I try the other two blends will I make that decision.

OK. I don’t get the uber expensive super blends the other reviewers get but this cigar deserves to be in my Top 25 Cigars of 2015. It is that good.
Of course, buying directly from the manufacturer doesn’t hurt. By removing the middle man, they’ve been able to keep the price down to a most ridiculously inexpensive price point.

Not a single construction problem. A perfect char line. No wrapper issues.
If this was a cigar by a major manufacturer, there would be a massive PR campaign followed by a double digit price.
No harshness. No heat. No bitterness.

Just a wonderful blend. Kudos to the folks at Rolling Thunder.

The folks at Rolling Thunder must be wonderful people. They blended a terrific cigar. Kept the price down. And make the purchase of them easy peasy.
I highly recommend the Rolling Thunder .50 Caliber Connecticut Shade. They make it easy on you….5 packs, 10 packs, or 20 packs.
Go to Rolling Thunder Cigars and get yours.
This has ruined me for the rest of the day. Nothing I have in my humidor is as good as this cigar.

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  1. I could have told you this foa while…great smoke,great people..wait til you try the 50. cal maduro…unreal…enjoy

  2. And we have a winner! Out of all the shit I’ve sent you, I finally hit a home run! Just kidding, I haven’t sent you very much. Glad you liked it. Now I don’t have to hire that personal bodyguard!

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