Impromptu Stout | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Sumatran
Filler: Dominican, Honduran, Nicaraguan (All 3 = 100% Ligero Filler)
Size: 5.75 x 42 “Corona”
Body: Full
Price: $11.00
Number of Cigars Smoked Prior to Review: 0
Accompanying Libation: Pine Sol


Today we take a look at the Impromptu Stout sold by Cigar Federation.

Let’s see. Is it Impromptu or Bellatto/Caldwell/Sears or Lost & Found? They change names faster, and with more frequency, than a pyramid scam at a strip mall.
They claimed to produce a “…continuing series of extremely limited production blends of some of the most rare, exotic and hard to acquire tobacco varietals that the boutique cigar industry has yet seen.” Got that from
As with the Lost Pigeon and Swollen Cock, they were mere leftovers from the old Camacho warehouse in Honduras. Although, the Stout is supposed to be a very good cigar. Not cheap though.
The Stout was released in June 2014. It was a limited production run of 5000 cigars. The Stout refers to beer.
Lost & Found is cranking out cartoonish looking cigar packaging faster than Walt Disney and with it, an avalanche of new cigar blends and huge PR.
The Stout was the fifth cigar they made. It is advertised as using 100% ligero fillers.
The cigars are produced at Tabacalera William Ventura.

I love the look of the cigar. It is a beautiful, oily dark coffee bean in corona shape. On top of the cap rests a small pig tail expertly applied. The foot is closed.
Seams are invisible. Not too many veins. It is nearly perfectly round as I roll it like a pool cue.


The shaft smells of faint chocolate, spice, leather, cedar, and earthy tobacco.
The cold draw puts out more cocoa, spice, more leather, coffee, and more earthiness.

The closed foot is always a pain in the ass to light.
First puffs are strong spiciness. And it takes off like a Mark McGwire home run. My tongue is on fire and hitting the bleachers. (Saw McGwire do batting practice from right behind home plate at the Diamondback stadium in its first season. I was project manager for my company’s portion of the work. Watched as he hit home run after home run and his last hit shot the ball through the Jumbo Tron screen.)

There is a malty flavor element. The draw is superb. Huge billows of smoke emanate from this tiny ring gauge.
The char line is a tad wavy but no corrections needed.
Other flavors join up: Coffee, wood, rich earthiness, maybe I’ve talked myself into this but I swear I can taste the foam from a beer, creaminess, leather, and a touch of sweetness. The spice is black pepper.
I measured the cigar, as I always do prior to a review, and found this stick to be 3/8” short of its advertised 5-3/4” length.

This is quite the unique blend. My palate is enveloping a couple flavors I’m unfamiliar with. Good flavors.
The strength started out at medium body for the first minute and then hit medium/full right after. With over 1” burned, it is about to hit full body.
Complexity digs its heels in. Nice balance. Long finish.
Orange citrus enters. That nice twang is more than welcome. Sweetness rallies.

The Impromptu Stout becomes very smooth and rich at this point…nearing the end of the first third.
I love coronas because of their flavor intensity but this particular one is so good, I wish there were more of it. At best, I might get 45 minutes out of it if I smoke slowly.
The char line is dead nuts.

Impromptu scored big with this blend. See. They don’t have to resort to shenanigans to put out good cigars. Stealing old Camacho throw outs, repackaging in sexy garb, and selling for about 1000% profit. Shame.
A couple friends who work at B & M’s told me that the rush for these Lost & Found blends has diminished drastically as the word gets out.
The Impromptu Stout becomes a meaty cigar. That and the rich earthiness make this an experienced palate’s dream.

This is not a kitchen sink blend. All flavors are based on richness, subtlety, and earthy tobacco notes. This is an adult portion.
As I write this, the coffee makes a big surge along with the creaminess. The black pepper is really, really strong. I like that. As long as it allows the inherent flavors to blossom, no worries.
I’m loving the Impromptu Stout.

The universe rolls out the red carpet for this blend’s flavor profile: Spice, creaminess, coffee, wood, earth, orange citrus, leather, and sweetness.
Moments later, more flavors continue to flop on to the pile: Roasted nuts, a nice toasty element, and the debut of some chocolate.
Herbal notes appear for the first time. Italian spices…oregano, thyme. A pleasant smokiness arrives.
Construction is on the money. The char line needs its first minor touch up.
This cigar blend is quite impressive. Cigar Federation, in the past, has had a hard time keeping them in stock. Now I know why.
Creaminess makes a push.

The Impromptu Stout is very full bodied.
Smoke time has been 25 minutes.
There isn’t much more I can say about this cigar I haven’t already described. The Impromptu Stout is on cruise control. Everything working together like a well-oiled machine. Flavors have settled down and are all on an even keel with each other. No single flavor outweighs another. The spiciness has calmed down. Too bad. I was liking the pepper bomb.
Creaminess takes the helm.

I love this cigar. (Did I say that already?) Too bad it’s too expensive.
Chocolate and coffee are right behind the creaminess with the black pepper in fourth place.
I’m getting a slight swoon from the newly added nicotine. Crash helmet on the ready.

I watched an old Star Trek movie last night. Have you noticed that in every single movie and every TV franchise, the Klingons change with every new movie and new TV show?
Settle on a fucking look and stick to it. The newer Klingons make the old ones look like clowns. Of course, even more ludicrous is watching Bill Shatner in fight scenes. That’s a hoot as his fat body rough and tumbles karate chops and judo throws.

Goddam the Pusherman! The Impromptu Stout has nearly ruined me for the rest of the day. This is a blend of the highest quality and it ain’t no Camacho throw away.
I’ve smoked several of the Lost & Found blends and found them to be either just OK or not that good. If most are Camachos, they need a lot of humi time before they are ready to go.

Flavors diminish at this point. The blend is still very tasty but I was spoiled by the earlier flavor profile.
Instead of the last third being the sweet spot; it seems the middle half of the cigar claimed this status.
I will try to nub it but it depends on how much heat it puts out at the end.
For the first time, I get some mineral element. I don’t care for that component. Gives it a licked penny flavor.
With an inch to go, the Impromptu Stout becomes very hot. And a touch of harshness to boot. The mineral element now takes over. An inauspicious end to an excellent cigar blend.
I grab my Xistix roach clip. It is a handy tool but not worth $25. The clip disengages from the base for more ease of smoking. Still, a clever tool.
Final smoking time is around 45 minutes.
The Impromptu Stout is an exceptional cigar.

The folks at Impromptu/Bellato, Caldwell, Sears/Lost & Found only know one price point: double digits. God, they must be laughing all the way to the bank.
Is the Impromptu Stout worth $11? It is 10% cheaper if you are a member of Cigar Federation. I checked their web site and they only have two singles left in stock. But they do have 10 five packs for sale.
There is no denying that the Impromptu Stout is a superb cigar. So in the larger scheme of things, I’d have to say that it’s worth the $11. I make this judgment call based on the current culture of cigar pricing. It seems that every new cigar to hit the market is double digits.
Although, I have some Rolling Thunder blends. These are fantastic cigars and only in the $5-$6 range.

I had a lot of fun reviewing this cigar. I’m a member of the Cigar Federation Cigar of the Month Club and the Impromptu Stout came in the shipment. I’ve tried just about every COM club and this one is, by far, worth the dough. They even allow you your 10% membership discount.
I’m glad I was able to try the Impromptu Stout. It shows me what Lost & Found is capable of.
The cigar had top notch construction. It was flavorful from the start. The nicotine, in spite of being full bodied, never got to a point of discomfort.
It took very little humidor time to be ready to smoke: a few weeks.
I can highly recommend the Impromptu Stout.

And now for something completely different:

I had a large group of friends (acquaintances really) back in the early 80’s. I owned one of only two recording studios in Long Beach, Ca. A city with 400,000 people.
We did well. While we recorded hundreds upon hundreds of bands, we specialized in dong radio commercials.
Plus we were young and vibrant souls. Age had not taken us down yet.

All sorts of bands recorded with us…but there is one that sticks out: a radical punk band whose name I cannot remember.
They were always fucked up on speed. And they insisted on recording at 8am on Sunday mornings….probably to keep the buzz going from staying up all night and partying.
None of their songs lasted more than one minute. And they insisted we record them directly to two track instead of the 16 tracks we offered.
This meant no overdubs. No mixing after the recording. We set the board for the recording and whatever happened, happened.

They would come in and lay down 20 songs in 4 hours. It was exhausting. They always brought an entourage with them and I brought in extra security when they were recording because they had a tendency to steal things.
One Saturday night, they decided to rent our rehearsal studio next door. It wasn’t so much a rehearsal as it was a massive party with hundreds of their friends showing up.
I carried a .38 revolver in my pants. They got unruly early.

An hour or so into the party, they were ruining our P.A. system we provided with the rental. If it didn’t work right, they had a tendency to bang on it. Not good.
We had a nice lounge outside the actual rehearsal space and it was full. And there was a big crowd outside because there wasn’t enough room inside.

I saw, with my own eyes, as men and women were vomiting on the outside and inside walls of the studio. I saw one guy actually peeing in the corner of the lounge. That was enough. I called 911.

The cops heard the words punk band and they showed up in droves. They completely blocked the 4 lane road outside our studio near the beach of downtown Long Beach. Two cars of K-9 units arrived. And the biggest cops I had ever seen arrived as well with their clubs at the ready.
They began to arrest people as they were caught unaware as they smoked doobies and snorted crank.
The head cop asked what I wanted? I told him to get them out of my studio. Fast!
He smiled.

About 15 cops started to round up everyone and shooed them outside, frisking most of them; discovering drugs and drug paraphernalia.
The band had trashed my studio. They started screaming they wanted their money back. $10 an hour…or they wouldn’t leave. Wrong thing to say.
Cops dragged people out of the studio by their tri colored mohawks.

Several news crews showed up. And then a riot began. More cops showed up and with them came a SWAT truck.
I stood very closely to the largest cop there. He had his arm around me to make sure the idiots noticed that I was under protection. He didn’t know I was packing.
It took almost an hour for things to calm down and for the bums to be removed by their own volition or by being arrested.
One of the band members threatened to kill me right in front of my big cop. So that cop drew his club from his belt and beat the living shit out of him, the whole time asking, “Who are you going to kill?”

When it was all over and the cops left, I perused the damage done. It looked like Hurricane Katrina had moved through there. I sat on a pee stained couch in the lounge and put my head in my hands.
The PA was ruined. And it would take us several days to clean up.
Needless to say, the punk band was not allowed to return and I always kept my .38 nearby. Protection Status


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  1. Great review – nice to know that even the Impromptu hype machine can actually produce a smoke that equals the price and advertising.

    Good job, Katman!

  2. Thanks Katman-
    Love your stories even more than the reviews (u probably have never heard that before :). )

    Phil Corallo

    Sent from my shoe phone


  3. Great review, might have to track one down and enjoy a big glass of Pine Sol with it!

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