New Look Gran Habano No. 5 Corojo Maduro 2011 | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Corojo / Maduro from Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaraguan Habano
Filler: Costa Rican, Nicaraguan (Jalapa)
Box Count: 20
Sizes: 6 X 54 “Gran Robusto”
Body: Full
MSRP: $6.50 Approximate Guess





Today we take a look at the New Look Gran Habano No. 5 Corojo Maduro 2011.

Gran Habano has decided to give the Corojo No. 5 Maduro a new look. Not only does the cigar have upgrades to its appearance but as to the boxes as well.
The cigars are made at the G.R. Tabacaleras Unidas S.A. in Honduras.

From Gran Habano:
“This is the strongest blend in the Gran Habano profile. The filler consists of Costa Rican and Nicaraguan long leaf tobaccos with Costa Rican binder all held together by a noticeably red, flawless Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper. The combination produces rich, full boded flavor of dark chocolate and hints of spice.”

I checked and the original review of this cigar is not in existence. So what better opportunity than to be given samples by Natasha Rico and review the Maduro?

The wrapper is as dark as charcoal. I will need more than my lighting gear for you to see the small amount of oiliness on that dark, dark wrapper.
The Gran Habano No. 5 Corojo Maduro 2011 is a solid looking rustic cigar. Lots of veins. Some the size of tree trunks. Yet the seams are invisible. The triple cap is a bit sloppy. The stick is packed solid with the right amount of give.
The difference in design is a new cigar band combo. The main cigar band is Christmas red in color with gold trim.
The new secondary band merely says “Maduro No. 5 Limitado 2011.

The shaft gives off aromas of spice, fruit, dark baking cocoa, espresso, and strong leather.
The newly clipped cap and the foot smells of double sneezing spiciness, baking chocolate, leather, earthy tobacco, (The couple of cap sniffs now make my eyes water), licorice, and herbal notes.
The cold draw tastes of spice, earthy tobacco, hay, fruity sweetness and barnyard.

Robusto 5 x 52
Gran Robusto 6 x 54
Imperiales 6 x 60
CZAR 6 x 66
Triumph 7.5 x 58
Prices range from $6.00 – $8.30. MSRP.

The draw is spot on. This is a very heavy cigar as I try to hold it with my lips while I type.
It must be packed even more so than I thought.
Cherry. A bright cherry flavor. And then a wallop of sweet cream. The Gran Habano No. 5 Corojo Maduro 2011 owns my heart already.
Followed by dark cocoa and espresso. And then it is followed by vanilla custard.

The flavors are piling up faster than a Greek orgy.

The tobacco makes its presence known. It will not be shunned or discarded by the other flavors. It is rich and chewy.
The fruit switches up to cherry/banana. I bet these are momentary transitions.
5 minutes of smoke time and I’ve only gotten ¼” into the cigar.
The strength is a strong medium body.

The ash is almost as charcoal black as the wrapper. It is hard to tell where the cigar stops and the ash begins.

It just dawned on me. The cable TV 60’s music channel has daily themes. Today, the theme is Motown from the late 60’s-Early 70’s. My favorite time for Motown. They are even playing the big English bands covering Motown like the Stones and Beatles.
Milwaukee has Summerfest every summer for two weeks. It is the largest outdoor festival in the world. Check it if you don’t believe me. Two nights ago, the Rolling Stones played. And they must have a dozen or so stages for bands to play on.

The only issue I have is that it is humid up the wazoo. Sometimes reaching 85%. And there ain’t a lick of shade and the people are crammed so tight that it is just an ocean of people eating cotton candy, latkes, and fried butter. Did it one year. The key is to go late afternoon as the sun is low in the sky. But it doesn’t shut off the humidity and I hate walking around like I’m in the Philippines.

Back to the Gran Habano No. 5 Corojo Maduro 2011.

Strength becomes medium/full.
The sweet spot will hit when the second third begins. I do have a crystal ball.
This will be, at least, a 2 hour cigar. For a Toro, that is impressive.
More flavors arrive and here is the current list: Creaminess, chocolate, espresso, vanilla custard, leather, cedar, wood, fruity sweetness, earthy tobacco, tea notes, and a touch of ginger snaps.
I cannot think of another cigar that is this charcoal black with a matching ash color.

It’s taken 45 minutes to get here. Now that’s a slow roll.
The sun begins to come out. Now you can see bits of oily wrapper. And just how dark it is.
Pic 5
I used to smoke this cigar a lot a few years ago and then I got burned out. I think it is time to rekindle the flame and get some of these fine cigars.

I couldn’t find any online store selling the new look. The stores probably want to sell off their inventory of the older look first.
If you type in “Gran Habano No. 5 Corojo Maduro 2011” on any search engine, nothing pops up. The closest thing that shows up is “Gran Habano No. 5 Corojo.”

The Gran Habano folks have not updated their web site to include the new look of this cigar. I’m interested to find out what the “2011” means? None of the cigar news services say. My two cents? The fillers, at least, were harvested in 2011.

Sweet spot 1.0 has developed as predicted.

This is an earthy, manly cigar. Full of savory and sweet notes. And a cigar I only recommend for the experienced palate. I’m only 2” into the cigar and I just know the nicotine fairy is going to swoop down and lop off my head by the last third.

The Gran Habano No. 5 Corojo Maduro 2011 is now very nutty and toasty. I taste toasted rye bread with butter slathered on it.
The cherry/banana combo is long gone. In its place, are dried fruit such as raisins and dates.
The licorice aroma becomes a flavor.

I was wrong about the banana. My palate senses rich, dense banana bread. With black walnuts.

The Gran Habano No. 5 Corojo Maduro 2011 has turned into a kitchen sink flavor profile. And the complexity kicked in 20 minutes ago. The balance is on point. And the finish is long and chewy.
The vanilla custard becomes key lime pie. Sweet and tart.

When the Gran Habano folks read this review, they are going to think I’m nuts.
I can’t help it. I have a palate that has been developing for 47 years. You oldsters out there reading this. Confirm my theory about how a refined palate comes to be.

I often hesitate to include all the flavors I taste in a cigar because others don’t taste what I taste. So I see myself as a guide. If you smoke the cigar reviewed while reading the review, it will help you find the inner recesses of your developing palate.

The first box of cigars I bought on the very same day I turned 18 in 1968 was Arturo Fuentes. I remember this. I paid $18 for the 20 count box. Haha.

I’ve been lucky in that the last few reviews have all been very positive experiences.
And now the Gran Habano No. 5 Corojo Maduro 2011 adds to that list of wonderful cigars.

Smoke time is over an hour.
I think the most popular cigar from the Gran Habano stables is the Corojo #5. You see it in cigar forums and social media. The maduro is even better.

In my research, I found discrepancies in the binder leaf. Some say it is Nic Habano. Others say it is Nic Corojo. Both Halfwheel and Cigar Coop say it is Habano so that’s the direction to which I lean. I hope Natasha Rico can clear this up.

Absolutely no change to the flavor profile except for its continued richness and complexity.
The strength hits full body. No nicotine yet. (I’ve jinxed it).

There is a strong mocha java presence now.
The wonderfully aged tobacco moves to the front of the line. It is naturally sweet and rich. It’s one of those tobacco components that make you feel you can taste the soil the plants were grown in.

I must contact Guinness. This has to be the slowest smoking Toro in the world.
With 2-1/2” to go, smoke time has been one hour 45 minutes.

But it’s been a very pleasurable time. No boredom. Transitions are constantly on the move. Little bits of nuance and subtlety come and go…totally keeping my interest.

The lemon citrus also comes and goes.

I’m very impressed with the construction. No burn issues. No wrapper issues. A solid cigar.
One last time: Earthy tobacco, creaminess, sweetness, lemon, mocha java, nutty, toasty, herbal notes, tea notes, dried fruit, and cedar. The banana and licorice are long gone.
The sunlight brings out some deeper colors of mottled black and brown. Nice.
Pic 9
Sweet spot 2.0.
Flavors become bold and brazen. Pedal to the metal.
I’m sure with several months humidor time, this will occur earlier in the smoke.

I’m loving the Gran Habano No. 5 Corojo Maduro 2011. I have no idea why I didn’t review the original. And then it hits me in the head. I have reviewed it. But not on this forum. I reviewed it on my old web site on And I reviewed it for some online stores.

Damn delicious. What a beautiful set of transitions.

Flavors are so intense and complex that it is nearly overwhelming.
The nuttiness and toastiness is soaring.
Even as this was a super slow smoke, I slow down. This is the time to really savor what this blend has to give.

The Gran Habano No. 5 Corojo Maduro 2011 was a wonderful surprise.
And I still have two cigars to review: Gran Habano Reserva #5 and the GAR Red.

I’m on a roll with Gran Habano blends so I will keep on reviewing them til they are smoked out.
The blend is super smooth for such a strong cigar. I wish we were in the year 2075 when you will be able to enjoy this cigar with me as I write my review. Of course, I will be 125 years old but that won’t stop me. Cigars make you live longer.

The last third is mind blowing. I moved ahead to keep this review from being 7500 words.
I want to thank once again Natasha Rico for the samples. This has been a very special treat.

This is one of those great cigars that in a blind taste test, I would have guessed it was a $10-$11 cigar.
At $6.50, it’s a steal. This is blends is mostly made up of very large sizes…starting with a 6 x 60 and getting bigger from there.
I think a nice Corona Gorda would have been a perfect addition. But they do have a robusto so that will be my choice should I get the chance to purchase them.

I think that George Rico is a master blender. Yes, he produces a lot of house brands for those wallet challenged smokers. But he is capable of blending some incredible cigars. And kudos to George for keeping the prices of even his grand master blends to a wife friendly price point. This is the true meaning of a real mensch. (The Yiddish word for a person of integrity and honor).
I don’t know if there is any difference between the old look blend and the new look blend but regardless, this is a monster.

More than two hours of pure joy cigar experience.
This is not a blend for newbies. Way too strong. But then again, very little nicotine which wards off the uninitiated. Experienced palates will really dig it.
13 Protection Status


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  1. You SIREN!
    This will be the first thing I order after my next bank robbery!
    Splendid piece, luscious pics

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