GTO Dominican Cigars Pain Killer Maduro | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Dominican Select Aged Maduro
Binder: Dominican grown Cuban Seed
Filler: Dominican Ligero
Size: 6 x 54 “Toro”
Body: Full
Price: $7.00-$8.00




Today we take a look at the GTO Dominican Cigars Pain Killer Maduro.
Good buddy, John Kozlowski, sent me a bunch of cigars I’ve never heard of which is exciting if you live in my world.
Researching this cigar was no easy feat even with the GTO web site at my disposal.

From the GTO Cigars web site:
Oscar Rodriguez is the CEO of GTO Dominican Cigars.

“GTO Cigars, manufactured at Tabacalera GTO Dominicana, is located in the Dominican Republic.
The latest in GTO’s line of quality Dominican cigars. Begins with Dark Coffee, Hickory and a hint of Cayenne spice. Halfway through, one will observe hints of caramel and cocoa. The latter third offers some leathery notes with a more pronounced spice. It will begin medium to full right from the start and end full bodied. A balanced well rounded smoke for those who prefer a heavier bodied cigar with great taste, but never bitter. Curious as to why we named this cigar the Pain Killer?

“As a gesture of honor and respect for the thousands of men and women who devoted their lives to the Dominican Republic’s cigar industry, we have launched the GTO Pain Killer line of cigars – with all of the components of these cigars purely from the Dominican Republic (called a puro). The Pain Killer line uses the finest Dominican tobacco. These cigars (available in either a maduro or corojo wrapper) exhibit a full spectrum of flavor and strength, as bold as any cigar that you might have tried in the past. Although bold, these cigars are very flavorful and now harsh or bitter.”

There are quite a few reviews but I could not find a list of sizes or MSRP pricing. I found a photo on the GTO web site showing four sizes but they aren’t described. Turns out when I find a larger picture, it shows the two Pain Killer sizes in Maduro and one in Corojo and the Mandinga on the far left of the photo.


Plus, the GTO site shows only two sizes: 5 x 52 and 6 x 52. Both cigars are listed under the “New” category. It seems that every review was of the 5 x 52 robusto.
It appears that the cigars are $6-$8. This is from limited resources in my research.

There are a couple online stores that carry them but they are out of stock. There is a phone number you can call on the web site: 334-538-2949. They are located in Montgomery, Alabama.
They also have their own Face Book page.
Many thanks to buddy, John Kozlowski, for gifting this cigar to me.

And extremely oily, dark coffee bean wrapper. Toothy to the touch. Rustic construction with visible seams and lots of veins. It has a flat triple cap that is impeccable. The cigar is near rock solid with some give.
It has a double cigar band set up. The main band which identifies it as a GTO brand and the secondary band that says, “Pain Killer.”

There is also a GTO Pain Killer Corojo.
The web site has a lot going on so I suggest you visit the GTO Dominican Cigars web site to check things out.
The aluminum siding cigar band is so shiny that it reflects light like moon. It is giving me a helluva hard time.

From the shaft, I smell a fruity sweetness, strong red pepper, dark chocolate, cedar, earthy tobacco, leather, and something exotic.
From the clipped cap and the foot, I smell loads of dark baking cocoa, raisins, black cherry, red hot spice, and earthiness.
The cold draw presents flavors of cherries, sweetness, chocolate, cedar, and rich tobacco.

Damn! The cigar flavors explode in my mouth!
All the aromas and cold draw flavors have translated to cigar flavors. A very sweet background for chocolate, cherries (In fact, it tastes like chocolate covered cherries).
The draw is just a tad tight so I massage the cigar and all is well.
Then a big wallop of red pepper in the puss. Man, it is strong baby, strong. It makes my eyes water and my sinuses clear. I just love that. Better than using Afrin.

The cigar is so jam packed with tobacco that it is heavier than the average Toro. I am finding difficulty in holding it between my lips, and not my teeth, while I type this wonderful review.
Graham cracker and cream cheese components mix at the perfect time offsetting the sweetness of the chocolate and cherries.
Espresso moves in.

Strength is medium+ bodied.
I get a crack near the foot. Fingers crossed I burn right through it.
The char line has needed a few minor touch ups. No worries.



The flavors flatten out some. That explosive beginning seems to have been stopped in its tracks.

Smoke time is 25 minutes.


It is a very smoky cigar which makes for great photos.

And then the GTO Dominican Cigars Pain Killer Maduro makes a hellacious come back. Huge!
Flavors explode!

Everything looms large now. I think this happened because I was puffing the hell out of it trying to get a good smoky cigar photo. Who knows?

This is the sweet spot. Not only has the cigar met the start of the explosive flavors, it has surpassed them.
The char line needs another adjustment but the flavors are wonderful. Everything returned exponentially.
Strength is medium/full bodied.

The GTO Dominican Cigars Pain Killer Maduro has a new list of flavors: Spice, Chocolate, coffee, cherries, nuts, creaminess, graham cracker, cedar, earthiness, leather, and licorice.

I don’t know why the GTO Dominican Cigars Pain Killer Maduro was fooling around in the first third, but now it has earned its stripes. Great cigar. Some ups and downs but maybe several months of humidor time will remedy that.
I’ve burned right through the cracks and the char line is being a good boy.

And then a big dollop of caramel completes the picture.
There is now such an overload of flavors that it becomes super complex. Unbelievable the transformation it made.
It hits strong full body.

Smoke time is 50 minutes.
This is not a cigar for newbies. The strength is now kicking my arse.

The flavor profile of the GTO Dominican Cigars Pain Killer Maduro is killer.
Now that I’m insane from dementia, I think I may rate cigars I like. Later on that.


All of the construction issues have been put to rest. Even the char line is spot on.

I have to slow way down as nicotine enters the picture. With less than 3” to go and the GTO Dominican Cigars Pain Killer Maduro being such a slow smoke, I’m going to need my crash helmet.

The chocolate covered cherries are the strongest element now. With red pepper right behind. Then coffee and nuts. Then graham cracker and licorice…etc.

The cable TV radio is playing “Authority Song” by John Mellencamp. What a rip-off of the 60’s tune: “I Fought the Law.” I have no idea how he got away with it.

Both cigar bands come off easily not daring to take wrapper with them.
Creaminess moves to the front.

I had never heard of GTO Dominican Cigars. But thanks to John, I now do. The GTO web site shows 6 other blends: CONNECTICUT CHURCHILL GOLD, TORPEDO – DOBLE CAPAS, CHURCHILL DOBLE CAPAS, CORONA, MANDINGA, and PAIN KILLER (Corojo).
I found some online stores: Atlantic Cigar, Old Havana Cigar, Florida Tobacco Shop, and River Front Gifts.

This is the first photo that allows you to see the ornate, and non-reflective, main cigar band.


I’d love to try the other blends.
I think I’m going to put the arm on Oscar for some samples. We are so damn broke. Sound familiar?
I’m the only poor Jew in Wisconsin. LOL.


The GTO Dominican Cigars Pain Killer Maduro is just out of this world. Maybe from Pluto?
Smoke time is over 90 minutes.

Thank God for my dear readership. Without you, I would miss out on some great cigars. Thank you.
But that’s the price I pay for being a cigar outsider. I did a study online to see where my web site is in the scheme of things. Surprisingly, I’m not that far behind the Big Guys.

I think it is a shock to most smokers that I get an average of 3500 hits per day. And half of them are smokers who seek me out and the other half are Googling a specific cigar and they find me that way.

Back to the GTO Dominican Cigars Pain Killer Maduro.
The blend is super complex. Nice balance. And killer finish.

I like that the spiciness has remained at a pretty high level this whole time. And yet doesn’t interfere with the flavor profile.
This is a cigar you must try. Not to mention the other GTO blends. Clearly, Oscar Rodriguez is a master blender of the highest quality. A real journeyman in his field.

I assume the Connie blends are aimed more for the newbies. But that’s just a guess.

I now understand the name of the cigar: Pain Killer. I feel nothing. LOL. Next time a doctor chastises me for smoking too many cigars, I will tell him that I smoke nothing but Pain Killers.
The Corojo is next on my list.
Final smoke time is shy of 2 hours.

Oscar Rodrigues is a very smart man. First, his list of Retailers is huge! I count 58 B & M’s.

If this blend were coming right out of this summer’s IPCPR trade show, they would probably be going for double digits.
Every email I get from online stores asks me to pre-order something new. The average 5 pack is $70. Or more than $14.00 per cigar. Ridiculous.

The price tag for the GTO Dominican Cigars Pain Killer Maduro is cheap compared to its quality. Remember when $7 was an expensive cigar?

Now greed has taken over the cigar industry. And this just kills me. Smokers are flocking to these new overpriced cigars like lemmings off a cliff. I guess it must be nice to be flush.

Anyway, the whole GTO line is at a very comfortable wallet price.
The GTO line is in 6 states. The list doesn’t differentiate between B & M’s and online stores. So you will have to do your own research. I’m too old for that.

The first third is a little perplexing with some construction issues and a momentary flattening of flavors.
But the GTO Dominican Cigars Pain Killer Maduro comes roaring back big time by the start of the second third.
Oscar is keeping the leaf stats close to his chest. I couldn’t even begin to guess what they are. Clearly though, a lot of ligero was used.

I highly recommend this cigar. As I said earlier, I am going to rate this cigar: 92.
Yeah, it’s that good.
I want to thank John Kozlowski for sending me the GTO Dominican Cigars Pain Killer Maduro. Clearly, he has good taste in cigars. He sent me a few more that are unknown to me and I can’t wait to review them.

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