Gunslinger Perdition by The Outlaw Cigar Company | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés
Binder: Nicaraguan Criollo
Filler: Nicaraguan, Honduran, Broadleaf
Size: 7 x 60 “Super Gordo-Box Press”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $11.00




Today we take a look at the Gunslinger Perdition by The Outlaw Cigar Company.
I took the top photo to illustrate the size difference between the 7 x 60 Super Gordo and the 6 x 52 Toro. Makes the Toro look like a Corona. Long review ahead.

Well here we are again. The Outlaw Cigar Company. One more of the Gunslinger blends. Yeah, baby. I can’t say enough about how much I’ve enjoyed each and every blend.

I’ve gotten comments, and noticed myself, that there are web issues. I received this from Kendall Culbertson, owner of Outlaw Cigar:

“My website has been a problem for me for a while now … we are just about ready to upload our new site. It has been under construction for 4 months now. The site you see now is almost 15 years old … we will update it soon. I have owned Outlaw for 18 years and we have always controlled our website…. I am very disturbed to hear about poor customer service. You can call me at 913-804-0486. This is a direct line to me. However it is also the phone number to Gunslinger Cigars. Or you can contact me on Facebook. Gunslinger cigars website is also under development. I am not perfect and I have my flaws … but I try damn hard. Please contact me so I can get things corrected…..”

So far, I’ve reviewed the Gunslinger High Plains (blended with the assistance of Jochy Blanco), Gunslinger Black Powder, WTF Maduro, and the Gunslinger Drifter.

I’ve found Kendall to be a standup guy. And he doesn’t deserve being torn down by anyone.
Now about Kendall…..Culbertson spent 2-1/2 to 3 years just studying tobacco. Not blending.

He spent several years studying cigar tobacco. He was tutored by some of the most influential blenders from Cuba.
He visited most of the factories in Central America. He studied with Arsenio Ramos. As well as Eduardo Fernández..the king of AGANORSA tobacco. Which, by the way, is an acronym for “Agricola Ganadera Norteña S.A.” Fernández created it in 1997. And it used by many of the most famous cigar blenders that we all know and love.

Fernández is owner of Casa Fernández. One of the most esteemed farms and factories in the world.
Culbertson, by the way, blended the Xikar Habano2.

Culbertson lives in Kansas City, MO where his secondary store is. The walk in humidor is 600 square feet. The larger store, in Overland, KS, has the largest, 1500 square foot walk in humidor in the country. Both stores are pure heaven for serious smokers with lounges, bars, poker rooms, etc.
It was because of his stalwart passion for cigars, and what he had accomplished, that all of the big blenders agreed to work with him.
There is a great article called “The Aganorsa Enigma” in the April/March 2012 Cigar Aficionado. You should read it.

This is a gorgeous candy bar looking stick. A sharp box press. A very oily, mottled, coffee bean colored wrapper. Smooth as silk. Solid. A beautiful arched triple cap. Tight seams and almost no veins.


See chart below:



The shaft smells of honeysuckle, chocolate, cedar, coffee, licorice, and leather.
The clipped cap and foot smell of cocoa powder, spice, cedar, and earthy tobacco.
The cold draw presents flavors of spice, cocoa powder, coffee, orange citrus, cedar, and earthy tobacco.

Big Bang start! Loads of black pepper, chocolate, sweetness, cream, coffee, nuts, dried fruit, malt, oak, and rich tobacco.
Strength starts out a tick above medium body.
This is a winner. Why? Because it starts out strong. No hesitation. Just damn the torpedoes!

I must look like an idiot holding a dangling 7” cigar from my lips while I type. Doing everything in my power not to chomp. I must have some of the strongest lips on the planet. (I know what you’re thinking. Stop it).


Oh man. I swear I’ve hit the sweet spot ¼” into the cigar. While there are few reviews of the blends that I reviewed, there are plenty enough of the Gunslinger Perdition by The Outlaw Cigar Company.

I checked and the Outlaw Cigar Co. web site is working just fine. Very soon, Kendall will have gotten his customized, personally designed web site and the problems that Go Daddy has caused will just be a wisp of memory. Like me.

I say this because, while you may have been frustrated by problems with the web site, you need to check out my reviews and treat yourself. I can only think of one other brand that is as consistent as this one. And by consistent, I meat GREAT!

I discovered that the company that makes those little bags of wonderful tangerines; “Cuties,” also now makes fresh squeezed tangerine juice. Since discovering this a week ago, Charlotte and I go through a bottle in 2 days. And I’m jonesing for some but that will screw up my palate. So I wait.

It’s a good morning. The cable TV radio is playing a lot of Led Zep and Pink Floyd. For those newcomers, I should tell the story how I met those bands. Another time.

As you can see from the first photo, I chose the behemoth cigar rather than the Toro. This is out of character me as I proselytize the smaller sizes for their intense flavor profile. But The Outlaw Cigar Company blends are an aberration. Size doesn’t matter. And while a 7”er will take a long time to smoke, I enjoy the hell out of it. This will probably be a two hour 15 minute smoke.
The draw is the best I’ve seen in the big Gunslinger blends.


OK. Here they are: Chocolate, creaminess, coffee, citrus, floral notes, caramel, hazelnut, oak, earthiness, and Malt (Biscuit Malt, Cara Vienna, and Chocolate Wheat). –See Malt Chart.
The char line is dead nuts.

The Gunslinger Perdition by The Outlaw Cigar Company’s blend is closer to what one expects from a heavy Nicaraguan leaf influence. The chocolate is downright intoxicating, the creaminess is like putting a whipped cream can to your mouth and letting it fly, the coffee and spice are on the money. The oak is very strong. And the hazelnut element is potent. The orange citrus is just past the halfway point in the pack.

Sweet spot 1.75.

Do you know what the Pythagorean Theorem is? I had to use it every day when I was in construction. Especially, when I started out young as a structural draftsman. You learned it in junior high school. Answer to be revealed later.

I smoked a Toro version last night and there is absolutely no difference in intensity with the Double Corona.
Each puff with each sip of water sends the flavor profile sky high. Does this Culbertson know how to make a dog turd? Apparently not. I admire Kendall for the work he put into his blending skills. To spend 3 years studying before blending his own cigar. That’s the kind of patience I don’t possess.
I still have four others to review: Gunslinger Unforgiven, Gunslinger Hangman, WTF Natural, and Bad to the Bone Habano Salomon.


Strength is medium/full.
The answer to the math quiz:
“a2 + b2 = c2” It states that the square of the hypotenuse (the side opposite the right angle) is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.


Smoke time is 35 minutes.
The flavors: Spice, chocolate, creaminess, coffee, hazelnut, Malt (X3), oak, graham cracker, dried fruit, citrus, caramel, floral notes, shortbread, and a very rich earthiness.

This blend is super smooth as all of Kendall’s blends are.

Godamm the Pusherman! What a great cigar! You are probably so tired of reading this but it’s the God’s honest truth.
No one in the world can send me enough samples to make me lie.


I can’t begin to count the reviews that never happened because the manufacturer sent me dog turds. Rather than embarrass him, I just don’t review it. Now, if it is my dime, I write what I think. But it is a trust issue. You don’t rip to shreds a cigar blend that someone was kind enough to send you. I know it’s hypocritical but my rep is bad enough as being hard to work with without biting the hand that feeds you. And it’s only a little bit hypocritical. I never rave about a bad cigar…just to keep my sponsor happy.

The Gunslinger Perdition by The Outlaw Cigar Company is officially a major Flavor Bomb! This is friggin ridiculous how good this cigar is. Boys…you gotta try it!!!!


I’m having a really bad week with my “thing.” I’m so confused. It is so frustrating.
I’ve lost control of my photos. I usually keep track of photos being first third, second third, halfway, etc. And I just forgot to do this.

Smoke time has been a wonderful hour and 10 minutes.
If I were asked what my favorite Outlaw Cigar is, I would be completely flummoxed. I can’t tell you. Each blend is so different that it is comparing apples to oranges. Each blend is brilliant and stands alone like the cheese.

No change in flavors except that they are bold and beautiful. So intense. I can’t even begin to think how intense a Corona (6 x 44) is.


When I get my social security September 3, I am going to buy a shit load of Outlaw Cigars. I won’t have anything to review but I don’t care. I want more of these sticks.

I’ve cranked up the music until it is shaking the walls. Great morning play list for the radio.
Strength hits full body. Nicotine. Drat.

The first sign of nicotine is my eyesight gets goofy and out of focus.
Then comes the tremors. Then dizziness. Then I pee right into my Depends. Or on the dog. We have a loving relationship.


Interesting side note. When Janis came out with “Me and Bobby McGee,” the writer of the song, Kris Kristofferson, let her have it saying it was really bad.
Since Janis died, he changed his tune, so to speak, and now says it is wonderful. Prick.

The malt elements move to the front of the line.
One more time: Malt, chocolate, coffee, spice, creaminess, shortbread, oak, hazelnut, sweetness, earthiness, caramel, raisins, figs, and earthiness. Some flavors fell to the wayside.
Transitions. I’ve hammered this home ad nauseam. Transitions really make this cigar. I sip water, and the flavor profile blasts away.

The complexity is first rate. Perfect balance. And a long finish.

The ash has fallen into my lap three times. I’ve been re-circumcised twice. I think I need to wear a cup when I review.
Jimi. “Purple Haze.” The walls are a’ shakin’.

Did you know that Jimi was Billy Gibbons’ (ZZ Top) mentor? Yep. How do I know this? Billy told me back in 1972. I saw ZZ Top in a dive bar in the afternoon with maybe 10 people in the joint. They had a whole different look then. They all wore matching 3 piece business suits and their hair was short.

So we got to talk to the band between sets. Our guitarist of the band I was in back then noticed that Gibbons used a Marshall stack. But he turned it facing the wall and threw packing blankets on it. From then on, that’s what our guitarist did when we played out. Poor Mike Cook died of prostate cancer in his early 50’s. Miss the silly bastard.

Old age is a time of loss. Friends move away or die. I’ve lost so many dear friends to death. And the others still alive and kicking communicate via email. Remember when you were young and had a million friends? On the weekend, we would go from house to house, spend a couple hours smoking herb and then move on to the next group of friends. Really miss that.


Back to the Gunslinger Perdition by The Outlaw Cigar Company. For my tastes, this is a perfect cigar. My rating will reflect that.
Massive intensity. Enormous complexity. Incredible balance. And mind blowing finish.

And now for the denouement.
The Gunslinger Perdition by The Outlaw Cigar Company not only met my expectations but exceeded them by a long shot.
I need to read the other reviews. So I do. The other reviews don’t begin to touch the hem of the Gunslinger Perdition. I am blessed with a great palate. And if you use my reviews as a template while smoking a cigar, you can train your palate to taste what I taste.

Honey. And floral notes head up the pack now. Nice surprise. Hazelnut is right behind. And then coffee.
The malt has shifted slightly: Honey Malt, Coffee Malt, Crystal/Caramel Malt, and Flaked Barley Malt. (See the Malt Chart).
The malt elements make the flavor profile soar.


Strength remains at full body. And now I am hallucinating from the nicotine. Woo Hoo. It’s 1969.
The spiciness makes a huge resurgence. Mikey likes it.

This is a phenomenal blend. I think that Kendall signed a deal with Beelzebub.
Like a light switch, the nicotine calms way the fuck down. Big relief.

I’m close to finishing the Gunslinger Perdition by The Outlaw Cigar Company. What a cigar experience. I don’t recommend this cigar for newbies. Too strong.
But the experienced palate will love it.

Okie doke. Rating time. I give the Perdition a 96. It is about as perfect as they come.
I want to thank Kendall Culbertson for the samples.
When you buy yours, tell Kendall the Katman sent you. The Outlaw Cigar Co. site is up and running.

$8.00-$11.00 per stick depending on size is a good deal and worth every nickel.
As I’ve said in all of my reviews, Kendall has kept all of his price points relatively painless. How many times have you seen a boutique blend in the $14.00 range? Way too many times.

Alas, I don’t see a swing to the other direction. Cigars will consider to be driven by greed. Make it a limited run blend and the sky is the limit. Very few new blends are affordable. There are exceptions of course. As in the Nomad Therapy I reviewed yesterday.

I don’t think I really need to summarize my experience. I made it perfectly clear throughout the review that I think this is a tremendous blend.


WANTED-POSTER-kendall Protection Status


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  1. Got mine last week. Struggling to keep my hands off but if you/re right…………………………….. What am I saying, you are always right about serious things like good cigars. Keep telling the truth.

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