ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta Aging Room Small Batch F25 | Cigar Review

Wrapper: 100% Habano Dominicano
Binder: 100% Habano Dominicano
Filler: 100% Habano Dominicano
Size: 5 x 48 “Robusto Copla”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $11.50 MSRP








Today we take a look at the ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta Aging Room Small Batch F25.
I want to thank an anonymous reader, Pudding, for sending a pair of these cigars.

Factory: Tabacalera La Palma S.A.
Distributed by Altadis U.S.A. Inc.
A collaboration between Altadis USA and Boutique Blends Cigars.
Release date: May, 2015
A limited production of 250,000 cigars.

The 6 x 54 Corona Gorda Capriccio ($12.25) received a 90 rating from Cigar Aficionado.
The 5 x 48 Robusto Copla ($11.50) received a 90 rating from Cigar Aficionado.
The 6 x 52 Belicoso Cantaor ($12.50) received an 88 rating from Cigar Aficionado.

From the Cigar Aficionado web site:
“In this experimental, limited-edition project, Altadis has given Boutique Blends owner Rafael Nodal the opportunity to create his own small-batch interpretation of the very large Romeo y Julieta brand. Nodal has done so by drawing upon the libraries of aged and distinctive Dominican tobaccos grown and archived by José “Jochy” Blanco, tobacco grower and owner of Tabacalera La Palma in the Dominican Republic.

“Subtitled as Small Batch F25, the Romeo by Romeo y Julieta Aging Room is a Dominican puro using predominantly Cuban-seed tobaccos cultivated in the Dominican Republic’s Cibao Valley. These cigars are being rolled at Tabacalera La Palma.
“Production will stop at 250,000 cigars. According to Nodal, once that number is reached, the project is over. Though the cigars are made at La Palma, where the rest of Nodal’s Aging Room brands are produced, the Romeo Aging Room is distributed by Altadis.”

According to the RyJ web site:
“Combining the wisdom and passion of award-winning cigar makers Romeo y Julieta and Aging Room, the ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta Aging Room is evidence of the magic that occurs when two passions come together. Immaculately constructed by Aging Room artisans under the guidance of Romeo y Julieta’s famed Grupo de Maestros, this Dominican puro exemplifies the best qualities of two storied brands.

“Elegant and aromatic, ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta Aging Room is a rich, savory, medium to full-bodied cigar. Perfectly balanced and highlighted by subtle and complex nuances of flavor, it is handcrafted with 100% Habano Dominican tobaccos. These rare leaves are carefully grown in the Cibao valley — one of the most fertile tobacco growing regions on earth — and patiently aged to create an unforgettable cigar.”

This cigar’s adornments remind me of the early 20th Century bathing suits for women. Everything was covered. I must undress it to get to the meat of the issue.
Once that is done, it is clear why. A very rustic looking cigar with lots of bumps and humps. Exposed seams, lots of wrinkles, and a lot of veins. Meanwhile, the triple cap is impeccable.
The cigar is an oily, milk chocolate brown color.

From the shaft, I smell sweetness, cedar, light notes of cocoa, spice, and floral notes.
Once the cap is clipped, the aromas from the cap and foot are redolent of dark baking cocoa, espresso, spice, sweet lemon tea, floral notes, and cedar.
From the cold draw, I can taste brisk dark tea, malt, spice, fruit, espresso, and cedar.

The draw is spot on. Nice.
There is a tartness and something tangy going on. A strong wood flavor. And a flavor that is highly prominent that I just don’t get. It’s interesting. It’s salty. Brine. That’s it. Brine! This is a first for me in my limited excursions. Never tasted brine before. Which means I can also taste bits of dill, black pepper, thyme, and rosemary. This is amazing.

The ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta Aging Room Small Batch F25 (Another contender for the title of longest cigar name…like yesterday’s review) is a nicely packed, well rounded stick. It takes its time. No rush. No hurry.

Dried fruit and malts arrive on the scene. The dried fruit is raisins and cranberries. Sugared of course. The malts are Aromatic Malt, Crystal/Caramel Malt, and Flaked Rye Malt. (See Malt Chart).
The char line is doing well.


I gotta be honest. I’m not a big RyJ fan. And I thought it very strange that Aging Room would do a joint venture. But this has turned out to be a real journey of excellence. I’m so happy that I got the chance to review this cigar. Love ya, Pudding.

Here are they flavors: Spice, brine, dried fruit, sweetness, creaminess, espresso, wood, malts, lemon tea, and a strong sweet cedar.
Strength is medium/full.
The char line is nearly dead nuts perfect.
I expect that from a double digit priced cigar. While so many of its kind have let me down. After a while, you begin to doubt your careful toasting of the foot technique.

Bright cinnamon joins the work force.
The ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta Aging Room Small Batch F25 is super smooth for a blend verging on full body. No nicotine yet.


Nice balance. Very complex. And a mile long, chewy, finish.
Kudos go out to Nodal and José “Jochy” Blanco.

The ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta Aging Room Small Batch F25 (There has to be some sort of short acronym for this cigar’s name) is a relaxing cigar. So smooth.
And then I hit the sweet spot. The flavors that jump out are creaminess, spice, cinnamon, raisins, chocolate with a dusting of espresso.
It dawns on me that I should review 5” long cigars in halves, not thirds. And it doesn’t need a halfway point mark. I go back and make some adjustments.


I can taste a bit of pumpkin pie spice in the background.
I’m sure, by now, all of you have tried this cigar. I chose this blend because it seemed to be a good stick to have in my catalog.

This cracks me up. Altadis USA calls the ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta Aging Room Small Batch F25 a limited production cigar. 250,000 cigars. LOL. Now we’re talking.

Unlike the stupid version of limited edition of Viaje Full Moon 2015 where only 400 boxes were released. I lose respect for Farkas and his crew when they pull this shit. If you don’t have the dough to “immediately” purchase a box, you are S.O.L. Farkas could have easily put out 250,000 cigars and made everyone happy. But no. Keep the mystique of Viaje blasting away. Ptooey.
Construction is top notch despite the funky appearance.

Smoke time is 40 minutes.
I received these two cigars from Pudding a couple of weeks ago…I think. I smoked one after a week and it wasn’t ready. Two weeks and this baby is ready to go. Now that’s New Breed blending at its pinnacle.

Pudding sent me five different brands to review. I still have the Rocky Patel 20th Anniversary, Camacho Shellback, Centurion H-2K-CT, and the Undercrown Shade to review. Decisions.


Sweet Spot 2.0. Wow. This is one delicious cigar. The creaminess and malts have the pedal to the metal.
Cigar Aficionado got it right.
Strength hits full body. And no nicotine. There. I’ve jinxed it.
Gorgeous day outside.

I hope you AJ fans got a chance to take advantage of the CI sale of Fallen Angel Devil’s Ink I posted yesterday. I wish I had some dough. I would have bought four boxes. I know that some of you don’t care for AJ but his blending technique satisfies my palate nicely. Except for the cheap blends he makes for different online stores. Actually, Fallen Angel is strictly a CI Conglomerate item.
I checked and my link to the CI page still works. You can still snag some.


What a pleasure it is not to constantly touch up the char line. And not a single wrapper issue.
The ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta Aging Room Small Batch F25 is impressive.

The stick settles down into near ecstasy. Each swig of water forces even the most elusive flavors to explode on my palate.
With 1-3/4” to go, the blend becomes extremely full bodied with a full dose of nicotine.


The size I’m reviewing is just perfect for my tastes. The other two sizes are big cigars. And if they smoke like the 5 x 48, they will be an all-day sucker. I prefer a cigar that takes an hour or so to smoke. Once you get into 90-120 minutes, I get bored. Plus, the smaller size is bound to be more flavor intense.

The ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta Aging Room Small Batch F25 finishes perfectly. No harshness. And no heat or bitterness.
I highly recommend the cigar.


You know what I think of double digit pricing. While the ROMEO by Romeo y Julieta Aging Room Small Batch F25 just barely ekes past this price, it is worth it. Although, with 250,000 cigars produced, you’d think they could have priced this cigar in the $8-$9 range. Basically, the manufacturers are getting away with murder. They see the market bearing the price range of double digits and they follow like lemmings.

The regular boutique online stores aren’t carrying them. A shame really.

It seems that this is supposed to be a B & M cigar only. Yet I found several online stores carrying them. The best deal I found is at Highland’s Cigars. Instead of $11.50 per stick, they are $7.50 per stick by the box. Plus they have all sizes in stock. While the few online stores that carry them seem to out of stock on some sizes.

None of the big online stores seem to carry them. They ask you to call them. This makes it very difficult to compare pricing.

9 Protection Status


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  1. “There has to be some sort of short acronym…”

    Thankfully there were no Dominican cigars in Shakespeare’s time:

    Romeo y Julieta Aging Room Small Batch F25,
    O Romeo y Julieta Aging Room Small Batch F25,
    What the fuck were your parents thinking, Romeo y Julieta Aging Room Small Batch F25?

  2. Ed..You crack me up big time….Funny dude!

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