Fallen Angel Devil’s Ink | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder: Habano
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5.5 x 58 “Box Pressed”
Body: Full
Price: $6.00 MSRP








Today we take a look at the new Fallen Angel Devil’s Ink.
I’m a big fan of AJ Fernandez. Say no more. No negative review here.
Thank you Jim Grande.

No information. Period. AJ is very choosy on what he decides goes on his web site and house brands don’t make the cut.
But CI had a 1 Day Special in which a fancy box of 10 cigars goes for $24.99.
A week passed and they made it to all of the CI Conglomerate online stores for $60.00.

But they seemed to have goofed, I think. I googled the cigar and found the CI page from the 1 Day Special allowing you to still buy the cigars for $24.99. Does CI know? I don’t know. But I’ve done my best to alert my readers to the fact that if you are an AJ fan, you can buy these cigars for less than have the price CI is now selling them for.

I also discovered that CI has put them up for auction on Cbid. I saw two winners that paid $55.00 each.
So don’t hesitate. It’s just a matter of time until this bizarre opportunity goes away.

Nice looking chocolate candy bar. Tight seams. Sharp cornered box press. Few veins. Another quadruple cap. Amazing. Is this the new trend?
The wrapper is an oily, chocolate/caramel color. Solid but gives when squeezed.
The single cigar band is classy. I like the new Fallen Angel font used on the new original and this cigar blend. Plus the hard to see demure angel in silver on a silver background.

From the shaft, I smell floral notes, chocolate, spice, fresh orange, and cedar.
From the clipped cap and the foot, I smell strong spice and chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, cedar, citrus, floral notes, and espresso.
The cold draw presents flavors of red pepper, chocolate, heavy cream, cinnamon, cedar, and floral notes.

I spend a few minutes toasting the foot and find zero imperfections. I predict not a single burn issue.
The draw is great.

Then a wallop to the puss of strong pepper. Holy shit, Batman! This is taking my eyebrows off.
My sinuses instantly clear. I don’t recommend this for children unless there is adult supervision.
The big box pressed 58 ring gauge is a real mouthful while typing. Reminds me of my days in Quentin.

There is both black and red pepper tearing down the house.
And then flavors bloom like a beautiful woman’s petals: Cream, chocolate, heavy malts, espresso, cinnamon, and cedar.
Now the inside of my ears hurt because of the spiciness. LOL. No shit. Actually due to a retrohale that I don’t like doing any more. Stop that Kohn.
A perfect char line. Dead nuts, babies. I told you, my lovelies.


A real slow smoke. Tobacco packed to the gills. And all for $2.49 per stick. Hahaha! Even at $6.00 a stick, this is one helluva deal…especially if you bow at the feet of AJ.

Oh my…creamy. And now caramel, raisins, nice balance, long finish, and a touch of exotic berry preserves.
Strength is medium/full from the get go. This will be a tough morning, with nothing in my stomach, as I write this.

I’ve had the Fallen Angel Devil’s Ink cigars for only a week. I smoked a few but they really weren’t quite ready. I smoked one last night and my yarmulke flew off my head and stuck to a wood beam in the basement.

I should take this moment to explain something. I don’t remember if I’ve said it before. If I have, please skip and move ahead. Writing a review is the only time of day I have any sort of clarity. It is amazing that I can do it all considering how I behave the rest of the day. My memory is gone. It is exactly like being on an acid trip gone badly all day long. But when I sit here, smoking, typing away; the words come to me….most of the time. I still have trouble with finding words while I type and it is so frustrating. But I get the gist of what I want to say across to you. So please don’t mistake this wonderful muscle memory I seem to possess when writing for how I really am. Please, if you send an email, don’t ask me a myriad of questions. I can’t respond. And I don’t want you to feel I’m snubbing you. I have no idea how many other reviewers respond to every single email I get from readers.

OK. Carry on.

Back to the Fallen Angel Devil’s Ink.
We have hit the complex mode. Flavors are spinning like a top. And so am I. But no nicotine yet. It will come in the last third.
AJ just has the path to my heart and palate. I cannot think of any blend I don’t love. Except for maybe some house blends he has come up with for some online stores. He sometimes swings and misses. But his core blends are magnificent.

Drat. The inch long ash falls right into my lap while I only wear boxers to protect my naughty bits. That…and an athletic cup.
The old lady has gone to work and music rocks the house.

I love the old Rod Stewart stuff from the 70’s when he played with The Faces. Before he thought he was Tony Bennett.
“Stay With Me.” Great fucking song. My favorite is “Every Picture Tells a Story.” In fact, the classic rock station on cable TV is playing a lot of roots oriented rock. Love it. “Once Bitten, Twice Shy.” It was a real shame that it took the Brit bands to bring R & B to the rock scene in the 60’s instead of everyone trying to sound like the Beach Boys. As Americans, we just didn’t embrace our own cultural music; the blues until the lads from across the Atlantic introduced it to the kids. Me included.


OK. Let’s explore the malts: Chocolate Rye Malt, Coffee Malt, Crystal/Caramel Malt, and Flaked Rye Malt. (See Malt Chart).
And heeeere…they are: Red hot chili pepper, chocolate, espresso, cinnamon, creaminess, cedar, raisins, black cherry, caramel, orange citrus, blackberry, warm bread, and a touch of floral.
This is turning out to be a pretty normal Nic puro type of flavor profile. The Ecuadorian wrapper giving it all a tweak.
Chocolate milk. Nice.

Smoke time is 35 minutes.
And now one of my fave Van Halen songs: “Dance the Night Away.” Too bad Eddie was such a prick.


The spiciness has given up very little in resistance. Still strong and powerful. Like my rotating hip, genuflect thrust.
Did you all get the Ezra Zion email? A new blend in which only 700 cigars were made called the “Bee’s Knees.” Prices vary based on quantity bought. A 5 pack is $35. A 10 pack is $60. A 20 pack is $110. I’m surprised they lasted the day yesterday but they are still for sale. I can’t imagine them going more than another day. I’m an EZ junkie so I emailed Kyle and begged. I’m very good at begging. He complied. Really no point in reviewing a cigar that can no longer be bought but I am doing it anyway. Hurry.

Construction has been immaculate. The char line dead nuts with no exceptions. Using that method of lighting 1/16” of the outside wrapper perimeter of the foot, instead of lighting the foot straight, on will show you where the imperfections are on the wrapper and where you will have burn issues. It works every time. Now this doesn’t mean you might have some minor touch ups but no canoes if no imperfections present themselves during the lighting. And I slowly expand that sixteenth of an inch to 3/16” before I’m done toasting the foot. And then the flame works inwards toward the center of the cigar; instead of outwards. I would add that I hold the outside cigar perimeter at a 45 degree cant to the single torch flame. If you hit the outside perimeter of the wrapper head on, you will torch too much of the wrapper.

The halfway point is upon me and I’m having a blast.
Smoke time is 50 minutes.


What a fucking delicious cigar blend. The Fallen Angel Devil’s Ink blows my mind. How could AJ produce such a magnificent blend for only $6 a stick? Or if you follow my advice, you can still get them for $2.49 each on Cigars International page from Google.
They are still up and running for that crazy price.

The Fallen Angel Devil’s Ink is now a flavor bomb. Big, bold, bombastic flavors that are planning a coup to take over S.E. Asia.
The cigar band comes off like a dream. Nice.

While you may be tempted to smoke one ROTT, go ahead. Still a treat. But wait a week…and oh boy Clarabel! (If you are old like me, you remember the Howdy Doody Show. Clarabel the Clown went on to become Captain Kangaroo. No shit.) Most of the AJ blends are like this. A week or two of humidor time and there is a major transition. No need to wait four months. Prime stuff at one or two weeks.

Where was I? Ah yes, the Fallen Angel Devil’s Ink.
This cigar is so complex that it has cured me of all my ills.
Man, if I were flush, I’d buy 8 boxes at $25. This would be my go to for quite some time.
I bet the dingbats that paid $55 on Cbid wish they were readers of the Katman.
No need to list the flavors again. No change. Just more intense.

Smoke time is one hour 15 minutes.
I could smoke these all day long.

I am quite bewildered why CI is still allowing the Fallen Angel Devil’s Ink to be bought at the reduced price. Why? Make their customers junkies so when the undercover sale is over, we march like zombies to the main site and pay $60? Even so, I cannot think of another $6 cigar that possesses this level of quality. Or construction.


It looks like we’re moving. We can no longer afford the rent at where we are now. So we will be slumming it. A shame really. With my back problems, I need two days in the hospital after the move. But Katie promised her friends will help.
And Charlotte’s Obamacare was terminated. She spent an hour on the phone and got no good reason. So now she has to re-apply. And they took away my “extra help” I get for paying for my Medicare Part D (Prescriptions). So now I have to find a new provider and pay dearly for it. Just can’t catch a break. Charlotte, the poor woman, is falling apart.
I never took a pill until I was 42. Blood pressure. Now I take 10. I’m sure many of you oldsters can relate.
Old age ain’t for sissies.

The funny thing is that I still get one or two emails per month asking if I’m interested in a position in construction again. I want to scream. Even if I could, no one hires someone about to become 66.

Strength is full body. Been so for quite some time. But smooth as glass. No nicotine.

My cat likes to sit on my big Cult Cigars humidor. It’s where I take my photos. But now he listens when I tell him to get down. No shooing. Just a “Get down Sammy.” And he complies. Sammy was given to me by my daughter to cheer me up. He is half Russian Blue and half Maine Coon. Look at his mane. Just like a lion.


This was a wonderful morning. I’ve been looking forward to this review.
I haven’t a single criticism for the Fallen Angel Devil’s Ink.
The only thing I ask of you is to know that I am an AJ fan. Many of you aren’t. So this review is written with a certain amount of bias.
The Fallen Angel Devil’s Ink finishes smoothly. Just a tad bit of nicotine. Full bodied. Full flavored. Just a stunning blend. Kudos to AJ Fernandez.
Final smoke time is one hour 40 minutes.



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17 replies

  1. Great review, tried one the other day. Definitely pepperand cream. I’m gonna let the rest, rest. That sucks about the insurance and the move.

  2. Katman, Thanks for the heads up on the CI mistake! I scored a box of the Fallen Angels Devils Ink for $25 bones.. Keep up the great reviews!

  3. You know what Rusty? I think CI knows I’m doing this and they are laughing all the way to the bank.
    So far, over 1000 readers have hit the link to the CI Fallen Angel Devil’s Ink page where they are sold for $25.
    I don’t think they care. I bet they are urging me on behind closed doors. I’m selling more than they are. Where is my commission? LOL
    Enjoy them. They are killer cigars after just one week’s humidor time.

  4. Good point, you’re doing all the sales pitching and no compensation? If they were smart they’d at least work a deal out where they use your realistic and accurate reviews instead of some pinheaded, long winded banter that’s exactly the same for every blend! Just sayin’

  5. Phil, based upon your initial recommendation during another review, I got right on and ordered ten. Then I read this review and ordered ten more. Just right now, so apparently, it’s still good. Gotta agree with you. I’ll bet it’s no accident. Love your reviews, pal…very entertaining.

  6. I managed to get them with a 20% off coupon and then again with the free shipping coupon. Only five total because I’m poor. FA’s double toro has been my go-to cigar for a while now, and the special Devil’s Ink size is close to perfect. BTW, they took the deal down. Back to $60.

  7. Welp…it vanished. Not the end of the world. They are still available for sixty bonz. And worth it. I had one almost right off the truck, and it is everything you said it is. I ordered one additional at twenty five bux, in hindsight, maybe should have ordered another one or two. but they did kanock my sox off!

  8. Now available at this link http://www.cigar.com/promotions/deal/special-b?sourcekey=CGWS10 for 29.99. If you just go to the cigar.com website, this promo DOES NOT APPEAR.

  9. Charlie, I found out about that deal from another forum, went over and ordered two tenners…

  10. Thanks for the link Charlie, I finally broke down and picked some up.

  11. Great review bro. I too bow to the AJ Idol. Just received my Cibid order today and every single one is an AJ cigar. Relic, Diesel, and Fallen Angel Devil’s Ink. I am also a huge fan of the MOW Ruination. The Devil’s Ink I got were marked 10/10/2012 so they already have 3 years age on them. Gonna put some down for a bit though. Can’t hurt, huh? Keep up the good reviews Katman. I look for yours first as you keep it very real. Happy puffing!

  12. We must be brothers from another mother Fran.

  13. I ordered a ten-pack using ‘your’ special discount button and they’ve been resting for over a month. Very good cigars, and such a deal! But most of the four or five of those I’ve now smoked have a serious wrapper issue around or under the band! It looks like someone gouged the wrapper with their fingernail through the wrapper and mist of the way through the binder. The wrapper starts unraveling ass the burn approaches it. I have been able to nurse it past the damage with a carefully applied flame and the rest was OK. Anyoe else experience this?

  14. I’ve had burn issues with every single cigar. They must have been rejects. I feel bad now about recommending them.

  15. Burn issues or not, it’s still a damn good tasting cigar. I sure wouldn’t feel bad about recommending these for $2.50/stick!!

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