Camacho Liberty 2015 | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 6 x 48 x 54 x 48 “Figurado- 11/18”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $18.00 MSRP








Today we take a look at the Camacho Liberty 2015.
I was gifted two cigars by a reader that has chosen to remain anonymous.
I’d like to start off by proclaiming that I don’t believe any cigar is worth $18.00. So this cigar has some pretty big hurdles to overcome to get me to say it’s a good deal.

Factory: Agroindustria LAEPE S.A.
Release Date: June, 2015
Camacho is distributed by Davidoff of Geneva USA

According to
“In total, there have been 15 different releases of the Camacho Liberty series totaling 20 vitolas in 13 years.
“The line was launched in 2002 by the previous owners of the Camacho brand, the Eiroa family, who released 25,000 cigars.
“The 11/18 perfecto vitola, a 6 x 48/54/48 figurado gets its name from the birthday of Christian Eiroa’s mother, November 18.”

From the Camacho Cigars web site:
“Like all cigars in the Brotherhood Series, Camacho Liberty pays tribute to the bond between like-minded men. Those who stand tall on a foundation built from core values and shared beliefs. Just as our forefathers sounded the bell to declare their newly won independence, Liberty rings loud… free of limits and unbounded with potential.”

Limited release of 2,000 Boxes of 20 Cigars in individual coffins.
All coffins are numbered:


On the back of the Camacho Liberty Series 2015 band are the same words found on the Liberty Bell:


Each year, generally, the Liberty comes in one size.
While the MSRP is $18.00, I found the cigar going for $14.00 on Cbid.
Cigar Federation does not carry it.
Small Batch does and it goes for $16.00 each. With 10% discount the price goes down to $14.40 per cigar. I only use these two online stores as examples because they give a 10% promo code to everyone. And of course, it is usually a done deal that you will pay less on Cbid.

From the shaft, I smell generic sweetness, spice, cinnamon, toffee, cedar, and peppermint.
From the clipped cap and the foot, I smell strong spice and peppermint, allspice, cedar, toffee, and cream.
The cold draw presents flavors of peppermint, grass, cinnamon, spice, sweetness, toffee, cream, and a rich earthiness.

The draw is a bit tight but a little massage should fix that.
A couple puffs in; I’m hit in the puss with red pepper, chocolate, creaminess, and a bit of coffee.
A good start. But nothing out of the ordinary for a good blend.

I gotta pee…be right back.

OK. The cigar has rested a couple minutes and the char line is dead nuts.
Strength bangs away at medium/full immediately.
Complexity slams a home run. The Camacho Liberty 2015 flies away on the wings of a Griffin.
Malts kick in big time.


The Camacho Liberty 2015 tastes like it’s been very well aged. Absolutely delicious blend.
Well, the cigar has made it over the first hurdle of impressing me right out of the gate.
Here are the flavors…and there are a lot of them: Creaminess, red pepper, chocolate, malts, peppermint, coffee, toffee, marzipan, Ritz Cracker, butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, hazelnuts, caramel flan, and cedar.

Ladies and Germs, the Malts: Chocolate Malt, Brown Malt, Coffee Malt, Crystal/Caramel Malt, and Maris Otter Malt. (See Malt Chart).

And then a light switch is turned off.
The transitions disappear. The Camacho Liberty 2015 becomes stagnant. I’m 1-1/2” into the cigar.
It seems a cleaver was used to slice the flavor profile in half.
OK. A great start and then it settles into a $5 blend. It’s pleasant, but not mind bending.
A shame. I had high hopes that the Big Guys got it wrong. But I think they nailed it. I saw a rating of 84. Although, one Big Guy gave it a 91.
But they all say the same thing describing just a few minor flavors. Kudos to the fella that had the balls to give a sponsor’s cigar an 84.
I’m having some minor burn issues.

Smoke time is 25 minutes.
Bubba, the Camacho Liberty 2015 ain’t makin’ no comeback.

It now lives in the netherworld of overpriced cigars. Even if this cigar were twice as good, it still wouldn’t be worth $18. But twice as good would only bring it back to the start.
Now it’s a toss-up. Either the Camacho Liberty 2015 starts screaming laughter in the last third or it will just fade away like a has been baseball player.


Man, this blend had such a bright beginning that I thought I just might be recommending it. Not at $18 of course. But, I’ve seen people snag them at $14. Still outrageous but better than $18.

And this brings me to the stupid coffin idea. What is the fucking point of this thing that jacks the price up? Get rid of the damn thing and charge $12 instead. All Smoke and Mirrors dear readers.
The cigar is requiring a little too many char line touch ups than it should be.

The halfway point seems to come too soon. Smoke time is 35 minutes.
The strength pulls back to medium body.

This is what’s left of the flavor profile: Creaminess, chocolate, peppermint, malts, coffee, caramel, and cedar.
Not very impressive after that wonderful start.


I have two sticks. I removed the cigar band from one to take a nice photo of the back side but too much glue ruins the presentation. I remove the cigar band from the review cigar and it has too much glue in the EXACT same place. These idiots at Camacho put something cool on the back of the band and then they use too much glue so it is ruined. Un-fucking-believable.

Christian Eiroa must be dying inside knowing what Davidoff is doing to the new Camacho. I made the misstate a couple of times of buying the old Camacho blends from way back that some online stores had. But they were so old that the no longer had the oomph and chutzpah of the original blend and how it should have tasted. I’m not a fan of long humidor aging. It zaps the strength, flavor, and character out of a blend. So don’t bother with them. And the thing is, is that these online stores know that they are selling Camachos that are a mere shadow of what they once were. That’s why they are selling them so cheap. If they were just as good as when they were originally released, everyone would be making a fortune selling them for three times the original price.

The char line finally settles down when I hit the pregnant part of the cigar.
Now I’m just biding my time. Smoking a cigar without character.
The spiciness returns less than an inch away from the last third. As expected.

Flavors perk up a bit but do not display the boldness shown at the start of the cigar.
The Camacho Liberty 2015 goes out on me.
Sure as hell, slowly but surely, the flavor profile becomes enhanced with every puff.
It is returning to that wonderful early flavor profile.


A gazillion other, cheaper, cigars do the same thing. Start out great, falter, and come back to life in the last third.

Did you watch the Republican debates in Vegas last night? I made it through 20 minutes of the kiddie table debate.
And I made it an hour at the main debate. The only thing missing is a VW beetle for those clowns to climb into. They say the same shit debate after debate. The RNC has to whittle down the crowd and go with just the ones that have a fighting chance. Which includes low polled candidates.

I’m a Democrat. But I like Lindsay Graham, Bush, and Rand Paul. Eclectic, huh?
So many of them have no qualifications to be president. Obama didn’t have enough experience as a senator but the man has charisma. And I believe he is a good man. It’s a shame that he mostly wasted his 8 years in office. A real shame.
And that’s why I like the three Elephant boys above. I think they are good men. I don’t agree with a lot of what they plan to do if they become president but some of the shit that comes out of the other candidates’ mouths horrifies me.
And Cruz looks too much like Sponge Bob to be president.

Where was I? Oh yeah. The Camacho Liberty 2015. What a wonderful cigar. Gak!

Smoke time is 50 minutes.
Some clove enters to perk things up a bit.
Strength remains at a touch over medium body.
The Camacho web site says this is a full bodied cigar. Not even close.
I keep getting those annoying V runs. A major touch up is required.


This is the worst expensive cigar I’ve smoked. Camacho and Davidoff should be ashamed of themselves.
And I will factor the price point into my final rating. I have no idea how a couple of the Big Guys thought this was a decent cigar. I should check to see if Camacho is one of their sponsors. Yep. And one of the Big Guy reviewers looks like he is 12.

The last third should be a shining beacon of flavors according to the usual plan. Instead, it remains stagnant. No transitions. No complexity. And where is the finish?
The char line is running again. Fuck it. I’m not fixing it.
I see no reason to take the Camacho Liberty 2015 to the end.
What a friggin dud.


14 Protection Status


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