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  1. Taxachusetts isn’t eligible for the contest. Go figure. Ironic isn’t it? ! The founding of our revolution began over steep British taxes in Massachusetts.
    I’m smoking a Liga Privada number 9 in protest. With triple Massachusetts taxes and no discount the list of 17.25 goes to final price of close to 20 bucks. OUCH.
    My consolation. ….a very tasty, spicy and refined smoke. This box was opened in the local b&m about 1 and a half years ago. Oily and perfect with a razor fine burn line.
    This would be a great cigar to review if it didn’t cost so
    much. Of course in about 5 years from now at the rate it’s going all great cigars will cost close to 20 bucks. It’s a crying shame! !!

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