Ramón Bueso Olancho Vintage | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Honduran Colorado Oscuro Olancho
Binder: Honduran Talanga Valley 2005
Filler: 2008 Nicaraguan Esteli, 2010 Honduran La Entrada, 2008 Honduran Jamastran, and 2003 Honduran Olancho
Size: 5 x 50 “Robusto”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $5.00
Humidor Time: 3 Months
Dry Box Time: 72 Hours







Today we take a look at the Ramón Bueso Olancho Vintage.
Many thanks to Duffy Ensign Waldron for the sticks.
I couldn’t find a single review, or press release, of this cigar so my background info is limited to CI’s description.
This will be my first Ramón Bueso Olancho Vintage.

From the Cigar International web site:
“This is the cigar that Ramón always wanted to make, and his passion really shines through. All of the tobaccos in this blend are absolutely flawless, aged, handpicked leaves, with each cigar receiving personalized attention and care. So what’s in this recipe? We’ve got an aged 2005 binder leaf from Talanga Valley, and a wide variety of long-filler leaves including selections from 2008 Nicaraguan Esteli, 2010 Honduras La Entrada, 2008 Honduran Jamastran, and 2003 Honduras Olancho. On top of all of that, the wrapper is a Colorado Oscuro Olancho, grown exclusively for this cigar. These leaves were purposefully fermented for a shorter amount of time than industry standard, and the experiment paid off with an absolutely unique flavor unlike any other cigar on the market.”

This is all I could find on the Ramón Bueso web site:
“For almost 40 years, Ramón Bueso has worked tirelessly behind the curtain of the tobacco industry. During this time, his impact has been tremendous, transforming the industry with his remarkable talents and diligent work ethic. As a result, numerous brands and blends have been a part of his legendary work, but his name has remained unknown. Now, Ramón Bueso has stepped away from the curtain to reveal his first exclusive cigar, titled Genesis the Project.”

The cigar is 80% hidden by the gigantic billboard cigar band. It appears to be two pieces but it is all connected. So in order to smoke this baby, it must be naked.
It has a very oily, mocha/pecan colored wrapper. It is extremely toothy.
I remove the billboard and discover a gorgeously mottled wrapper.
The cap has no lines. It looks like a continuation of the wrapper. Just perfect.
Seams are invisible. Lots of veins that create little hills that accentuate the beautiful wrapper.

‘A’ (Presidente) (8.7″x47) $6.50
Muy Bueso (Gordo) (6.5″x60) $6.50
Robusto (5.0″x50) $5.00
Toro (6.0″x50) $5.50
Torpedo (6.0″x52) $6.00

From the shaft, I smell dark hot cocoa, spice, orange citrus, cedar, espresso, toffee, floral notes, and nuts.
From the clipped cap and the foot, I smell super dark chocolate cake, red hot pepper, cream, cedar, espresso, caramel, and a strong nuttiness.
The cold draw presents flavors of spicy pepper, chocolate, Mexican mole sauce, roasted nuts, cedar, espresso, and pistachio.
I really hope this cigar lives up to the gorgeous aromas.

The draw is spot on as I am consumed by smoke.
Right out of the gate, there is that spicy red pepper with chocolate. I taste green bell pepper. And fruit.

The red hot spiciness affects my nasal passages. Feels like they are on fire. I love it.
Strength starts out as a strong medium body.

Other flavors: Espresso, molasses, creaminess, caramel, malt, and nougat.

Very impressive. I wasn’t expecting this. But truth be told, the leaf stats are impressive so I really did hope that this cigar would start like an Antares rocket.

I haven’t smoked the other Ramón Bueso blends. I guess shame on me.

At this early stage, I will stick my neck out and say this is a very special blend. I look forward to see how it progresses and pray the nicotine is easy on me.
The char line is behaving nicely. Not razor sharp but not needing corrections.
Cherries! There was a fruitiness about 1/4’ in but I couldn’t recognize it.


I cannot believe this is a $5.00 cigar. Unbelievable. This is the perfect everyday cigar whose blend fools you into thinking it is an $11.00 stick.
The Ramón Bueso Olancho Vintage is a fine, fine blend. Kudos Mr. Ramón Bueso.

Strength begins reaching for medium/full body.

The Ramón Bueso Olancho Vintage is incredibly smooth. Nice flavor profile. And an impressive tobacco impact.
I could smoke these sticks all day long.

Once again, I must pontificate that it is a bloody shame that we all get caught up in the boutique gold rush in which we must run out and spend $14 for the newest McGuffin to hit the boutique market.
As you can see in my early photos, this is a beautiful cigar. The wrapper glistens with oils and that is the tipoff that something special awaits.

Smoke time is 25 minutes.
Man oh man…Manny Mota and Jesus Alou. It is right here…right now that the Ramón Bueso Olancho Vintage takes off like a lightning bolt.

Deeply complex. A wonderful mix of flavors. And here are the malts: Cara Vienna, Chocolate Rye Malt, Coffee Malt, and Honey Malt. (See Malt Chart).

The creaminess and caramel are banging hard at your door.
The spiciness is somewhere in the middle; hanging tough.


I love this cigar.
I can tell you right now that the Ramón Bueso Olancho Vintage is box worthy.

Right now, CI is running a special for 10 count boxes that run from $50-$65. That is a killer deal. Now if it would only stay that way until I get my social security, I shall beg Charlotte for mercy.
Only this time, I want more than a robusto. A Toro would hit the bullseye.

The blend reaches medium/full.

Peaches. And cherries. So nice.

The Ramón Bueso Olancho Vintage will surprise the experienced palate. I’m sure that a lot of readers with some dough will think paying $5.00 means the stick is unworthy. Wrong. Ramón Bueso used his magical talent to make an expensive cigar inexpensively.

I realize that all the Big Guy reviewers are writing about expensive cigars that I will never be able to do. But by avoiding the review of the Ramón Bueso Olancho Vintage, they are doing a disservice to their readers.

This is a cigar you can hand out to your mooch friends with pride. I checked and Cbid isn’t auctioning them off. But so what. At $5 per stick, you are getting a great deal.
There is an oily nature to the blend. It feels like I’ve put coconut oil on my lips.
The sweet spot. Only halfway in.


Here they are: Creaminess, caramel, chocolate, espresso, malts, cedar, spice, nuts, warm bread, and an array of fruits.

Nicotine arrives. This means I will spend an hour lying on my bed, after the review, trying to get my senses back. Lol

I am delighted by the structural integrity of this cigar. No issues at all.

The Ramón Bueso Olancho Vintage has a long, long finish. It stays with you until your next puffs a couple minutes apart.

Duffy, in Hawaii, sent them to me. I tried smoking one a couple days after I got them and it wouldn’t stay lit. Too moist. I dry boxed them for 72 hours and are now right on the money.

And according to MyUSPS.com, it tells me that Duffy sent me another care package that arrives today. In the last package, he sent me a bunch of everyday cigars I look forward to reviewing. And Bryan Kinnaman bombed me as well. Thank God for sympathetic readers.

As usual, I’m listening to the classic rock station on cable. Some days, it is spot on. Other days, like today, nothing but crap. Bummer dudes.

The fruit moves to the front of the line.
The red pepper returns. Bitch’n moon doggies. Hang ten.
Finally, The Beatles playing “Back in the U.S.S.R.” The second bedroom is awash in original Beatles’ posters I bought over 10 years ago.

The Ramón Bueso Olancho Vintage reminds me of Ezra Zion/Paul Stulac/Arandoza Red blends.

Smoke time is 50 minutes.
Sweet spot 2.0.

Growing up, my mother made a Hungarian dessert called apple pita. A reader sent me the recipe. After years of failing to find the recipe, I was ecstatic. It was so good, that I remember my father and me eating it for breakfast.

And that is what I taste now: apple pita. The recipe.


The other fruit elements have made way for the apple pita. Flavors include: raisins, dark rum, lemon zest, and cinnamon.


Ramón Bueso could have charged double for this blend.
Lemon zest becomes prominent.

The Ramón Bueso Olancho Vintage is not a flavor bomb. The flavors are subtle and nuanced. The flavor profile keeps you interested the entire time. No boring parts.
And the incredible part is how it constantly transitions. The mark of a great blend.
I’ve got one stick left and I shall treasure it.
This is a must have cigar. The CI conglomerate online stores all carry the blend. So pick your poison.
I haven’t enjoyed smoking and writing about a cigar like this in a while.
You’ll dig it. Go to Cigars International.



And now for something completely different:

Charlotte made a lot of friends by running the big Polish deli in Milwaukee. Not only did Poles come, but Germans, as well.

So, I heard, “I will be back in a few hours.” She visited her German customers who invited her over. She always returned to describe the most delicious food I’ve ever heard of.

I stopped asking, “What about me?” But after an afternoon, or evening, of listening to people speak mostly German the whole time, I felt that her friends were very rude by excluding me. My German is rudimentary at best. Two years of high school German. And of course, spending 32 years with a kraut.
Sunday, I finally got invited. It was a German Club picnic held at Heidi and Michael’s house.

Actually, it is two German clubs. Berliners and Bavarians. Charlotte is neither as she is from Fulda which is considered the state of Hesse. (Not far from Frankfurt).

It was hot and muggy and I hate muggy. Makes me ill.
There were around 30 people there. And no shade left.

We sat at the only table being directly hit by the sun. I was schvitzing like crazy. Soaked.

Sitting to my right was a fat Wisconsin woman (Aren’t they all?) and her skinny welder husband. Both thought they were very funny because while no one laughed at what they thought was funny; they picked up the slack and laughed at everything they said themselves.

I wanted to shoot myself. With a Luger.

I was looking forward to some good German food. While living in Europe in the 70’s there were only two countries that I thought had outstanding food: Germany and Italy.

It was all drek. I couldn’t believe that all these Germans, about 2 years from the grave, couldn’t cook.
I ended up throwing 90% of my plate of food away.
When all the food was eaten, the horror of my life occurred.

One of the guests brought his accordion and sat down right next to me. He then proceeded to play German Oom Pah Pah songs while everyone sang in German.
I thought I was at a Third Reich meeting. And it felt like everyone was wondering why my Jewish star was not sewn to my sleeve.

A woman sat down while Charlotte and Heidi took a walk around Heidi’s huge yard. Apparently, no one….I mean no one….liked this woman. She wasn’t that bad looking. Thin and wearing a loose fitting moo moo. Bleached blonde hair and bad teeth. And roughly 127 years old.

The women hated her because she only spoke to the men. Compared to the German folk, I was a little skinny guy. They all ate like someone was going to take their food away from them. Just like a hungry dog. One serving after the next. It was like visiting a pig farm. And the pigs knew I was a Jew.

I’m sitting there and she turns to me and exposes a tiny shrunken breast. All I could think of was where was Dr. Mengele when you need him?

In my right ear was constant accordion noise playing polka music that all sounded the same to me. I was packing my Glock because we had some errands to do afterwards. I actually thought of shooting the accordion player and then killing 13 more people. After that, I would be out of ammo.

Meanwhile, Heidi’s son was working on our 1977 Buick Le Sabre. The brake light was on and it beeped incessantly. He told us there was a leak in the brake line. He spent from 9am-2:30pm working on it. He didn’t replace it but he cleaned the leaks and repaired them with all kinds of goop and tape.

I stayed on his ass to finish it. I kept getting, “Only 20 more minutes” for hours.

I was only at the party for 2-1/2 hours. Everyone refused to speak English. So I sat there sweating like a pig. My back was killing me from sitting in a plastic patio chair. And now I was getting really nauseated from the humidity.

The car was done.

Gert told me that we still need to take the car in to get the brake line replaced. He spent 5-1/2 hours gluing it together. And when he finishes he still tells us to take it to a pro. What a giant waste of time. But he didn’t charge us a dime so he had a good heart.

I pulled out of the garage and we got about 2 blocks away when the beeping started and the brake light went on. And it stayed that way all the way home.

I will never ask to go visit her friends again unless I can take the Israeli Defense Forces, or Mossad, with me to interrogate them about where were they in 1944.

I had nightmares, that night, of large beer halls and women in dirndls selling 5 gallon bottle sized beers along with shaved white radish in the box hanging from their necks. Now that’s some fun. Drinking strong beer and eating white radish. It creates quite the aroma.

It smelled like a slaughter house after the Nazis realized the war was over and ditched the place a week earlier.

And I kept seeing that shriveled breast staring at me and following me to the bathroom and then down the line of the buffet…. calling my name.

I sensed all my dead relatives spinning, at the speed of sound, in their graves.

Once home, I had pasta salad for dinner.
By the way, on my mother’s side, I’m German. My father’s side? Hungarian.

Do you think killing an accordion player is a punishable offense? Or would that be a misdemeanor? Maybe just a ticket? I once saw a bumper sticker: “Play the Accordion. Go to Jail.” Not severe enough in my mind.
Never again.

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11 replies

  1. Ramon Bueso is a special blender with decades of experience. He’s a hidden gem in the industry. People who judge a cigar based on it’s lower price-point are close-minded and stuffy. Quality tobacco, aging, fermentation, and blending are what makes a cigar taste great. Not how limited the production is or artificially inflated the price.

  2. Dear Katman,

    Needed your review to help me further discern the myriad of flavors within this special cigar. Am happy you enjoyed it. Very good price point for this stick. At CI are some specials if you look around and one just ended. Too bad I didn’t go for it…Alas, my Social Security check ran out!

    Aloha nui loa, Duffy

  3. Baruch atah adonai elohanu, Duffy

  4. I have about eleven of these left in robustly and torpedo. I actually prefer the torpedo. That is unusual for me. I prefer ring gauges in the forties the most. After just two or three weeks the are good to go. Reading this it looks like it only gets better. This is definitely a stick for experienced smokers.

    I couldn’t agree with your review any more. This is the rare $5 stick that could easily go for $9 if it was a boutique. I definitely prefer it to the mix filler Caldwell Funfetti that goes for about $7.

  5. I think Caldwell is way overrated. An excuse for boutique hounds to over spend.

  6. Thanks Katman and will not let it go to my head!

    Had a huge brain fart and gave wrong aging time. Mixed pre-order date with actual date of delivery. The Olancho cigars had just 1.5 months rest…still pretty tasty, yes? Can they improve with additional rest?

    Genesis the Project does indeed age wonderfully. Had a robusto after 4+ months rest and OMFG!

    Smoke on my brothers & sisters of the leaf. Much aloha from HI! Duffy aka The Hawaiian Cigarsucker

  7. Based on your review here I snagged a couple of Fivers at cigar dot com among some other sticks. I’m having one right now and I can’t thank you enough for your recommendation! This is an absolutely box worthy stick. I love the smell of the stick even prior to cutting the cap. I’d do more than say thanks in appreciation but we’re barely making it ourselves. Have been out of work over a year and am just shy of being able to get SS. I fortunately have a part time job and am self employed. Keep up the great work on this site. It’s been a great source of cigar savvy for me now for a couple of years. And I’m glad you’re back on track and able to enjoy smoking and to write your reviews.

  8. Thank you John and good luck to you.

  9. Katman,

    Just stumbled across your site and decided to pull the trigger on a box of 10 of these CI had on special. Awesome review, very detailed, and no BS. Will be returning here for future reviews!


  10. Based on your review (as with most of my purchases) I bought a box of these. Couldn’t wait and an smoking one straight out of the box. Excellent. Can’t wait to see what a couple of months rest will bring. Goes good with Crown and coke. Even with these goddamn Louisiana mosquitoes chewing on me, I am still enjoying it

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