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A Katman first…We take a look at the Wickie Pipe Lighter Original.
A pipe designed solely for the smoking of cannabis.
Thanks to WickiePipes. They are the largest paraphernalia web site.

WickiPipes wants to appeal to a more mature customer base, so I got the gig….an old Hippie that hasn’t smoked pot in over 30 years. I have the most mature readers on the planet. George Will and the late Slim Pickens are regular readers.

As a follow up to the previous review of cannabis, this might be the right time to review a portable lighter/carrier/pipe for those that use cannabis.

This is an extremely sturdy item. Steel with the only acrylic parts being the mouth piece and flap that opens and closes the compartment for a little extra stash that can be housed underneath the mouth piece. (Photos below)

3-5/8” Tall
1-1/4” Wide
¾” Deep
2-1/2” Mouth piece
7/8” x 5/8” Re-closable steel cap above bowl.
5/8”° Diameter bowl
5/8” Bowl depth
Mouth piece folds neatly and secures stash. (Removable)
2 Stainless steel bowl screens (included).
Cigarette flame (Adjustable)
Large butane tank
Small steel rod device to clean mouthpiece (included).

Now, my friend Calvin Kush, and I have some expected Q & A before the review begins.
Q: Do the moving parts activate smoothly?
A: Yes
Q: Is the cover over the bowl secure at all times?
A: Yes
Q: Can the lighter accidentally go off in one’s pocket?
A: No. Impossible with the mouth piece shut and locked
Q: What is the warranty?
A: 30 Days. I asked the manufacturer about the ignition system. I was assured by WickiePipes that they have had extraordinary luck with the ignition system. (More below.)
Q: Can this entire unit be used with just one hand?
A: Yes
Q: How sturdy is it?
A: Very. It feels like a heavy Xikar lighter
Q: How much?
A: $39.99
Q: Where?
A: WickiePipes
Q: What do customers think of this pipe?
A: Reviews on the WikiePipes site shows all 83 folks giving it 5 out of 5 stars.

From Wikiepipes.com:
“Wickie Pipe Lighter offers a flip up acrylic mouth piece that opens up to a 90 degree angle, and the tobacco bowl found at the opposite end. The metal-flap bowl cover properly secures the tobacco when finished smoking and prevents unwanted spills. The extra tobacco compartment can be found underneath the acrylic mouth piece attached to the body for storing extra tobacco. Clean and maintain your Wickie Pipe Lighter with ease. Simply, remove the screw that attaches the pipe portion to the lighter, pull the mouthpiece off the bowl and drop it in your favorite cleaner. Refill Wickie Pipe Lighter with regular butane gas, adjust the flame control to desired level and enjoy your day.”

I am going to use some herbal cigarette tobacco for the demonstration (This is what they give to movie stars to smoke in the movies). Sorry but no video review here. I’m not putting my mug on the air using weed paraphernalia. There are plenty of YouTube videos showing exactly how this pipe works.

Here goes…
Hot. Very harsh. On the second puff, I took a nice small one. That helped a lot.

My first puffs tasted metallic and with a dose of acrylic plastic. It overrode the flavor of the tobacco. This might be due to it takes time to break in. (Remember…this isn’t a fine cigar we are talking about. It is a device designed to easily allow you to smoke cannabis with the least amount of effort. Taste is not an issue in this scenario. The issue is “Does it transport burning herb to your lungs successfully?” It does do that.)

I tried the pipe later in the day and the off putting flavors of plastic and metal were totally gone. I chalk the first experience up to the pipe being brand new.
I have discovered through trial and error that the harshness disappears with small hits. Cool as a cuke.

I must add that as seemingly harsh the puff was it did not make me cough. Either time. I believe that the cigarette flame made this possible; as opposed to a torch.

Added note: After each puff, you can slam the cover down over the bowl stopping the cannabis from continuing to burn…thereby saving your pricey stash. That cover is air tight and has heavy duty hinges. It ain’t going nowhere.

There are no two ways about it. The Wickie Pipe Lighter Original is a clever invention…for young and old Hippies alike.

The bowl is big enough to pass around a small circle of friends…as long as you don’t mind getting a slobbery mouth piece back.

The new designer drug cannabis is so powerful now that most heads/medical users take only one or two puffs before putting the pipe down anyway.

This Wickie Pipe Lighter Original is a totally functional, utilitarian, portable, tool. It is not built for comfort; like smoking from a very expensive pipe that you must futz around with before even taking a hit. This Wickie pipe is dead nuts ready at the drop of a hat.

The lighter is very cleverly engineered and built for perfect usability on the go. And for that cleverness, I highly recommend it.

In speaking with Mike at WickiePipes, he assured me that the company stands behind all of their products. While WickiPipes offers a 30 day warranty, if by chance something happens to your lighter after 30 days, they will gladly assist you in rectifying the issue.”

From all the reviews…from different sellers, the pipe gets a standing ovation.

If you purchase one, tell WickiePipes the Katman sent you. Makes a great gift.
I could use a counter culture sponsor.








DMCA.com Protection Status

THIS IS NOT A RECOMMENDATION TO CONSUME ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES. I am simply trying to educate and shine the light on the medical uses for marijuana. We currently have 25 states that allow legal weed dispensaries in the United States. There is a lot of enlightenment in not only those states…but the other 25 who make it a misdemeanor to a felony for possession. If you choose to use medical marijuana, please do all the research you can before deciding on what is best for you.
Remember…Never smoke cannabis and drive. It is illegal the same as driving drunk in the law’s eyes. Not to mention how dangerous it is. Even if you are only driving 5mph because the cannabis has made you paranoid.


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  1. Forty bucks for a metal pipe is pretty steep, even if it lights itself. Metal pipes are so 20th century, you know? Now, imagine if they made it possible to load the stash directly into the bowl by a lever or button, thus making it a self lighting AND self loading pipe. That would be worth the money.

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