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Reviewed: PerfecDraw cigar tool, PerfecRepair cigar glue
From: Perfec Cigar Solutions

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First off, I gave up doing cigar accessory reviews a long time ago because 99% are junk. Overpriced junk. So, I got free junk and burned some bridges.

I’ve been playing with the Perfecdraw now for about 2 weeks or so. Turns out it beats the crap out of any cigar awl I’ve ever used; or the two I currently own.
So, first the PerfecDraw and after that, the low down on PerfecRepair.

The following is culled from several conversations I had with Dr. Rod Kurthy:
“The PerfecDraw is a durable, high quality precision instrument, intended to last a lifetime.

“The outer casing of the PerfecDraw is made of heat hardened, super-light-weight aircraft/aerospace grade 6061 T-6 aluminum. It also has a military aerospace grade, 25 microns thick gloss black anodized “hard coat” for exceptional durability.

“The PerfecDraw working shaft and blades are constructed of meticulously precision machined, non-corrosive 304 surgical stainless steel. The instrument will never corrode and blades will never dull when used as directed.”

I’d like you to read a bit about Dr. Rod Kurthy, the inventor and owner, of Perfec Cigar Solutions…

“I’m an internationally known dentist. Nearly 100% of dentists in first-world countries around the world use at least some technique or product that I’ve developed or been involved in the development of. I have published five “bestselling” books for dentists on various topics, I’ve lectured domestically and around the world for the past couple decades, my photo has been featured on the cover of mainstream dental journals over a dozen times, I was the dentist for the USA Men’s World Cup Soccer Team, I publish articles in dental journals several times a year, I’m a consultant to magazines such as People Magazine and others, I’m featured on TV often, etc. etc.

“I’ve been involved in research and development since 1976, as well as having a private dental practice for 35 years.

“And I’m also a cigar enthusiast!!

Prior to dentistry, I was a mechanical engineer – at least on paper. Went right to dental school after getting my master’s degree in college.

“I like all shapes of cigars, but the classic torpedo is probably my favorite. So I don’t like to clip too much off the tip – I like that tapered feel.

“But what I found (just like about every other cigar smoker) is that the draw of torpedo cigars was consistently much tighter than I like. So I had to keep clipping more and more off the tapered tip until there wasn’t much taper left. Sometimes the wrapper would even then start to unravel. Very frustrating.

“And I tried all the various poker instruments, and none of them really worked worth a hoot.

“Well, we dentists have some pretty cool tools. So I bought a compact shaped cigar poker, which was nothing more than an ice pick in a nicely designed configuration, and I worked on it with my dental tools to create a tool that works very much like the PerfecDraw.

“I could insert it into a cigar without pushing so much that it would crack the wrapper (like happens so often with regular cigar pokers), and it would remove bits of tobacco from inside the cigar. I could use that instrument until the cigar was perfect for my personal preference of the draw. It took me hours and hours to create that tool for my own personal use.

“But once I saw how well it worked, I started using it on ANY cigar that was not absolutely 100% the draw resistance that I prefer. I started spending more time evaluating the draw of every cigar. And even if the cigar had what I would call a “good draw”, I’d touch it up just a little bit to make it the “perfect draw” for my desires. So I found that I was using it a good 85% of the time or more. And we constantly get comments from our customers saying exactly the same thing.

“When I’d get together with friends, they’d all go nuts over it and ask to use it. They’d ask if they could buy one. But it took me so long to make mine, so no way I was going to make more just to sell them.

“I designed the PerfecDraw myself, but I still needed to work with other engineers. They proceeded to keep finding reasons why we needed to change my design. After 8 months of designing, the final design turned out to be 95% of the same design I first presented to them.

“I don’t know if you know much about machining and manufacturing. The working stainless steel shaft with the blades, etc., is what we refer to as the “poke”. It is extremely difficult to machine because it is so thin and long. And with machining the undercut of the blades (so it can be so sharp), it is extremely difficult to machine without the entire shaft “corkscrewing”. So the process can’t be automated. It takes a single machinist an average of 13 minutes to machine each poke. And that doesn’t include the other 4 parts that have to be made and assembled. So our manufacturing costs are huge.

“It took my engineers and I nine months to find a factory that would agree to even try to manufacture it. Then another six months working with that factory until we got everything right.

“So, for example, knowing the manufacturing space and mechanical design – and what can and can’t be automated during manufacture – I can tell you that our manufacturing costs are at least four times greater than, for instance, a top of the line Xikar cutter.

“People are going to compare the cost of the PerfecDraw to other pokers, when in reality, they’re in no way alike.

“As I’m sure you’ve probably seen the engineering design on our website, the PerfecDraw has both “tobacco cutting blades” and “tobacco pulling channels”. The blades have a very sharp edge, and the edge of the blade is about a 30 degree edge. There are also three longitudinal channels cut through the blades. The edges in the channels are also very sharp, but the edges are at a 90 degree. So those channels tend to grip and “pull” the tobacco instead of cutting it.

“We don’t simply want to drill a hole up the middle of our cigar for smoke to go through. We’d prefer the smoke travel through the tobacco. So the cutting blades cut off bits of tobacco, but the pulling channels grip tobacco and “pull” it. It actually helps pull some of the surrounding tightly-packed tobacco inward, loosening up the remaining tobacco.

“As you may have seen on our website, we have a lifetime warranty. But we also have a “one full year money-back satisfaction guarantee”. And we will even pay for shipping it back to us. We’ve sold a LOT of these – especially after Rush Limbaugh went nuts on his show about how great it is and how many cigars it saves him – and we’ve not had even one person want to return it. The comments we get from customers are even better than I’d hoped for and expected.

“The $40 investment in a tool that will last them a lifetime is of little concern. If nothing else, think of how many plugged cigars will be saved over the years and way more than pay for the PerfecDraw. Plus the ability to create the perfect draw on every cigar. That is our market. I don’t know what percentage of the cigar market that makes up, but whatever it is, that’s our market.”


1. The tip of the PD is flattened like a tapered, sharp tip spade. It sorta “chews up” the tighter tobacco on the way in to make it less traumatic on the cigar while inserting the PD into tight tobacco. That’s why I have it machined flat.
2. The blades are fabricated in a “thread” type design, to facilitate “screwing it” in. And that is the very important thing – you simply “screw it in” – you do NOT “twist, twist, twist” on the way in. Twist ONLY ENOUGH to screw it in.

“The PD is not intended to function by just rotating it to remove tobacco. In fact, simply twisting it to remove tobacco reduces the effectiveness by around 80% or even more.

“Once the PD is screwed in, no more twisting and pull straight out. When more aggressive removal of tobacco is necessary in a certain area of the cigar, you can position the blades in the tight area and start pushing and pulling the PD in and out, just where the tight area is, while at the same time applying sideways force of the blades into the tighter tobacco. And of course you can only do a few in-and-outs before pulling it all the way out of the cigar to get that tobacco debris out. And if you need to slide it back in (when going back in, there’s already a softer channel created through the tobacco, so no more need to “screw it in”) and do more pushing in and out in a tight area, you just do the same thing.”

About the PefecRepair cigar glue:
“I used that El Ligador cigar glue, but it never worked worth a darn. It’s like water. And certainly it didn’t work to seal holes.

“So I developed a glue (which you said you’re impressed with) that is the same glue as used when making cigars, and I made it thick enough to be sticky. It is sourced from the USA, is all natural and is the same product that they even make gummy bears from (it’s a food grade). But I also added food grade cellulose fibers that average 60 microns in length and 1-2 microns in diameter. And they will never dissolve. So that’s what you see settling to the bottom of the bottle, which you must shake vigorously prior to use.

“I insert 4 medical grade stainless steel balls in each PerfecRepair bottle to facilitate mixing when we shake the bottle.

“All plants, including tobacco, are made of cellulose. So when we smoke a cigar, a big portion of what we’re smoking is cellulose. So of course these cellulose fibers have no taste and no effect on the smokability of the cigars. But they will instantly criss-cross, forming a net over any crack or hole to seal it.

“And even better is that you can smoke your cigar almost immediately after gluing down a wrapper or sealing a crack or hole.

“You’ll see that I used an exceptionally small diameter bottle so that it will comfortably fit in a pocket without much of a bulge, and fit in any tool kit. And even though the bottle is so small, our testing shows that it should provide about 80 typical cigar repairs.

PerfecRepair is entirely safe to use – The PerfecRepair formula is made of two ingredients, which are both 100% natural, food-grade products from the USA, with no taste and no alteration whatsoever of the smokability of any cigar.
1) Glue – This is the same glue used when making cigars to hold the tobacco leaf wrapper and the cap together. There is no taste whatsoever, which is one of the reasons it is used in the normal construction of cigars.
2) Cellulose fibers – These are the same fibers in “high fiber” foods you eat. All plants, including tobacco, contain high amounts of cellulose. In fact, tobacco plants are often grown as a source to produce pure cellulose from. When we smoke cigars, we are already smoking high quantities of cellulose.

“The glue is thick and sticky. It therefore glues down lifting and unraveling wrappers securely and instantly – there is no need to wait to smoke the cigar.

“We appeal to the cigar smokers who enjoy seeing what’s new and availing themselves of new things that make their cigar smoking more pleasurable. We’re after the guys who have their cigar tool kit that they take with them when they go out to meet up with friends and enjoy cigars.”

Watch the video of Dr. Rod Kurthy explaining and showing how the PerfecDraw works. It’s only 6 minutes long so no whining.

Now it’s my turn.
Rod is right. My cigar awls are half assed…even the little one with a drill at the end.

In the couple weeks I’ve used the PerfecDraw, I’ve become an expert on using the tool.

It accomplishes everything Dr. Rod says it will do. Even if the plug goes way beyond the first inch below the cap, the PerfecDraw can be inserted all the way down the shaft of the cigar and I’ve never had one single wrapper crack. This tool works like a charm.

The surgical steel tip is a machining wonder. It is very complex. And it is extremely sharp. You could probably due open heart surgery with this tool. And then close the chest with PerfecRepair.

I’ve heard from countless readers about their own design of a cigar awl. Trust me. None of those homemade inventions come within the realm of the PerfecDraw.

Yeah, $40 ain’t cheap for a cigar poker. My useless Maverick goes for around $15.
As an engineer myself, I am honestly and truly impressed with this device. And it is certainly not a “regular” cigar awl.

Sure, you could spend $40 on a 5 pack of good cigars…but then they will all end up in an ashtray.
You have the PerfecDraw for life. The lifetime warranty is proof. You never have to seek out a new one ever again…unless it’s a gift for a friend who is also a serious cigar smoker.

Note 3-31-2017:
I just used the PD on my first Corona (5 x 42) because it was jam packed like a fire cracker. I thought no way could I penetrate the entire shaft without cracking it. I was wrong. I slipped it in and twisted; then pulled it out; along with the tree trunk of detritus, and completely opened the draw. (That whole description sounds like a letter from Penthouse).

Last note: I am bloody hooked on this poker. Even if a cigar seems fine, I still use the poker to make sure it has that perfect draw. I don’t know how I got along with the PerfecDraw all these last 50 years. And dear readers, you know I’m not one to mince words. If I think something is crap, well…damn the torpedoes. This poker is an absolute must have. No shit.

The PerfecRepair glue is the best I’ve ever used. Now I know plenty of you have your own mad scientist recipes for cigar glue…
I’m not interested in building a lab to make glue. I like buying pre-blended glue right off the shelf and that’s that.

For years, I used El Ligador. What a waste of money. Then, a new glue came out called Kingpin. I bought enough bottles to last 3 years. I just ran out and that’s how I found out about Dr. Rod’s version.
Kingpin is more viscous than El Ligador; and didn’t do a bad job, but the applicator always released too much glue on to my cigar causing panic and serial anxiety attacks fearing I might have ruined my cigar.
Kingpin went out of business a couple years ago. The smoking public spoke.

I found PerfecRepair a month ago and the stuff has blown me away. This is manna from the gods.
You will notice that the glue and the cellulose separate like oil and water in the bottle. It must be vigorously shaken to mix the two ingredients. The brush applicator allows for perfect placement and the odds of using too much depends on your I.Q. IF it’s over 60, you’re good to go.

Spot on every time. What I like the most is that this glue can be placed directly on the shaft to close holes, tears, nuclear attacks, and wrapper gaps providing a perfect repair. Sort of an EMT for your cigar.

You can watch a second 4 minute video of Dr. Rod demonstrating its uses.

And for $7, you can’t go wrong. Both the PerfceDraw and PerfecRepair are AAAA++++ products.
When you order, tell Dr. Rod that the Katman sent you so I can get free dental work for life.

Don’t forget to use promo code: Katman for 15% discount on one or both items. Thank you Dr. Rod.

I was able to capture a shot of the liquids beginning to separate and caught one of the ball bearings at the very bottom of the bottle…look closely.

Dr. Rodger Kurthy: (A handsome devil…like me) Protection Status

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20 replies

  1. Fock… Some more money spent because of u…

    btw, i am going to Germany in 2 days for couple of weeks. i will be looking out for some bespokes… if it’s 100 on ur scale, i am thinking i might get high off it? ey?

  2. Hi Katman! Based on your reviews I recently snagged a five of the Time Travelers (they are safely resting in my coolidor now) and also have placed an order for the PerecDraw and the repair glue. Man you’re choosing me some 🍞! I’ll let you know in a month or so after I’ve fired up my first TT how it went. 😅🤐

  3. Thanks Phil. I’m so happy that my inventions have your stamp of approval. I’m honored!!



  4. Man, talk about perfect timing! I was just getting ready to do some research on getting an awl of some kind. This sounds perfect! Order placed, and Katman discount applied! Once again, I owe you a debt of gratitude for the best information at the perfect time. Thanks Uncle Phil! And thanks Dr. Rod!

  5. My pleasure. Any friend of the Katman is a friend of mine!!

  6. Geeky. I use the drill. Can’t buy a cigar anymore w/o the KatApp.

  7. I’ve been smoking a lot of Cuban cigars lately, and the one consistent issue with Habanos is poor construction/tight draws. I’ve never had much luck with different pokers, but I think I might give this one a try. It’s expensive, but man, it’s just so demoralizing to have a cigar you can’t get any smoke out of. If it works well, it will be worth it. Too bad Rush Limbaugh likes it, though 😉

  8. I hear ya’ about the Rush incursion. That was almost a deal killer for me. Maybe he uses the poker to break up his Oxycontin.

  9. I love Cuban cigars too. Smoking one right now. It was my love for Cuban cigars — especially the Montecristo #2 torpedo — that resulted in my developing what is now called the PerfecDraw. I like the tapered tip, and I always had to cut pretty much all of the taper off to get a good draw.

    THEN the danged wrapper would start to unravel – which is why I created the specific formula for what is now called PerfecRepair.

    These were just for my own use until so many cigar buddies urged me to manufacture them.

  10. Hahaha, I always assumed Limbaugh plugged his Oxy. Or had his maid help him since he couldn’t even cop his own dope right. 🙂

  11. Just a follow up on my previous post. I’ve received both the PerfecDraw and the PerfecRepair and was able to use both already! I pulled a CAO Amazon Basin out of my coolidor and cut the head. The draw was tighter than usual so I used the PerfecDraw as shown in the video Dr Kurthy provided online. I had to go in twice (about an inch) and it freed up the draw to perfection. When I cut the cap part of the wrapper came loose so I used the PerfecRepair to remedy that. It worked wonderfully and as advertised I was able to toast the cigar and start smoking within just over a minute after the repair. Great tools for a cigar lover and well worth the money!

  12. Cool. I just placed my order. Looking forward to giving it a shot!

  13. Wait a minute… you shouldn’t be “giving it a shot”. I’m the dentist here…. I give the shots!! 😉

  14. Great deal! Just bought both items and have a few CAO Amazon Basin sticks that have rested about 6 weeks. So by the time the PerfecDraw arrives, maybe by Fri. or Sat., it may be put to good use. I’ve been waiting for someone to design a better draw tool. It’s just what the doctor ordered…ha ha! And the PerfecRepair seems perfect as well.

    Thanks Dr. Rod. And thanks for the Katman discount.

    Hey Phil, thanks for all you do for the serious cigar smoking community.

    Aloha, Fluffy the Hawaiian CigarSucker

  15. Nice to hear from you, Duff.

  16. Have been immersed in my cigar journey of late so have kept to myself. Otherwise life is to fucking short to smoke shitty cigars and you have never lead me astray.

    Love, peace and cigars dear Katman!

    Your favorite CigarSucker from Honolulu, Duff

  17. Wow. Works absolutely perfectly on sticks that otherwise would be miserable. Much better than my drywall screw. Thanks Doc and thank you Katman.

  18. Truly well thought out inventions! Since you’ve cured most of the draw problems I’ll give you my invention for the last one, an open draw. I was thinking if I could get some tobacco in the cigar, I could tighten it up. I then thought all I need is to wedge a ahort piece of something in the head, which would not be burned anyway. I took a match stick, cut 3/4 of an inch off on a angled cut, making a wedge. Pushed it in and it worked! No more open draw problems. Hope it helps everyone!

  19. Hey James. That is a great idea. Makes absolutely perfect sense!! Thanks.


  20. Thanks Rod, that means a lot coming from you!

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