Uncle Katman is now Grandpa (Poppy) Katman

Our only child, Katie Larson (31), became a mother to her first child today at 8:27am.
So let me introduce to you our Freedom Baby…Born on the 4th of July…
Scott Andrew Larson.
7lb 11oz & 19-3/4″

Our brave girl underwent 36 hours of labor. She is one tough bird. Doing fine now but it was a taxing ordeal on her the last 10 days but she came through with flying colors. She is healthy and feeling fine; but exhausted.
Proud papa is our son-in-law John Hawk Larson. He stood by our beautiful daughter the entire event, never leaving her side, and proved his worth under battle and close quarters combat.

This photo was taken only an hour after giving birth and I think it shows my baby to be absolutely loving and beautiful…as her new son lies next to her.

Daddy Hawk Larson…a helluva’ human being.

My wife and Katie’s mom, my beloved reason for living, Charlotte Kohn (Oma)…

Grandma Georgia Larson…

And Grandpa John Larson Sr…

The happy and exhausted Larson and Kohn families showing off our gene pool:

I’ve already picked out a 5 string fretless bass for Scott.
And we are beginning to make plans for his Bar Mitzvah when he becomes 13 in 2030.

Baby Dr. Evil…or maybe Derek Zoolander? Magnum.

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31 replies

  1. Mazel tov, boychick!

  2. Congratulations!

  3. I’m happy for you. Things will change and life will be good

  4. A it’s about damn time.

  5. Wow, this is SO GREAT! You’re gonna be the best Zayde EVER! I know it was your daughter that did all the work, but I’m still proud of you bud!! Big, BIG congrats to my good buddy!

  6. Congrats! Very happy for you!

  7. The Grand Kat!
    Excellent my friend. ….What a wonderful family you have.

  8. God Bless. She’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing your joy and the joy of your family.
    Phillip “Katman” Kohn, you have a lot to be proud of and happy for.

  9. Hey Katman,…..need to make a retraction. I meant to say “he’s a good lookin’kid.. My apologies, I had one too many “WHISKY REBELLIONS”.

  10. Congrats to everyone Uncle Katman!! Your gonna be a busy man! Talk to ya soon!

    ..oh and by the way, what is/was your celebratory smoke??

  11. Congratulations Katman!

  12. Congratulations to you and your entire family!

  13. Congratulations Uncle Katman! The birth of a child is truly a miracle. Katie is one strong woman. Congratulations to the whole family!!

  14. Whoo hoo! Congrats on your promotion, and your daughter and son in law for beginning the best thing ever!

  15. Congrats ! A 4th of July you’ll never forget

  16. Wow! Congrats Gramps!

  17. Congratulations, brother

  18. Congratulations and God Bless!

  19. Congrats!
    Good stuff.

  20. Congratulations to your whole clan, Katman! So wonderful. Enjoy that wonderful grandson.

  21. I’m kvelling here! Much nachas to the mishpuchah!!

  22. Congrats! God bless.

  23. Now everything is made good again
    עכשיו הכל נעשה טוב שוב

    Skip and Diane

  24. Thank you. I shall translate: “If you think we are going to babysit, you’re fucking nuts!”

  25. This is so wonderful, so proud of you Katie and your husband, what adorable Baby Scot is God Love you all.

  26. congrats K man

  27. Congrats to the extended family I share your happiness and pride.
    Kudos to the photographer they are all great pics.
    The man child,, hes a handsome baby.
    In the gene pool pic who is the big baby behind Charlotte?

  28. That’s your Yoda, your daddy…and your hero.

  29. Just awesome man!!

  30. Mazel Tov and may he bring all of you much naches!

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