Bespoke Cigars Basilica C#2 Lancero | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Brazilian
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Size: 7.5 x 39 Lancero
Strength: Medium
Price: $14.00

Today we take a look at the Bespoke Cigars Basilica C#2 Lancero.
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Thanks to Bespoke Cigars for the samples.

From the Bespoke Cigars web site:
“Launched in 2015 these complex, full bodied vitolas are blended for Bespoke Cigars by Hendrick Kelner Junior. The Basilica “A” series blend includes the highly coveted Bonao leaf. The Basilica “C” series is constructed with a double binder and utilizes up to 7 different tobaccos. The Basilica was the name given to the Huge Cannon built in the 15th Century for the Ottomans to be used for the siege of Constantinople. The “flared” foot of the Basilica Line cigars invokes an exploding cannon. The foot is designed this way so as to lead the smoker gently into the full flavours emitted by the rich binder leaves of both cigars.

“We wanted to include a lancero to the Basilica Line. Blending six different tobaccos, this is a complex but well balanced smoke delivering both creaminess and spice to the palate.
“This cigar is blended especially for Bespoke Cigars by Hendrik Kelner Jr of the famous Kelner family of Master blenders at the KBF factory, Santiago, Dominican Republic.”

A really nice looking cigar. The wrapper is smooth and silky. Not a single seam is showing. Some veins; but not that many. They don’t disrupt the flow of the aesthetics. The cigar appears to be packed perfectly without any soft or hard spots. The triple cap is absolutely flawless with a small pig tail atop it. And it has a small amount of shaggy foot.

From the shaft, I can smell cream, milk chocolate, malt, cedar, floral notes, generic sweet components, vanilla custard, black walnuts, a touch of buttermilk, lovely marzipan, kiwi and tangerine.

From the clipped cap and foot, I can smell barnyard, black pepper, milk chocolate, malts, creaminess, nuts, vanilla, fruit, and cedar.

The cold draw presents flavors of vanilla custard, chocolate, black coffee, cedar, malts, nuts, and earth, wind, and leather.

The draw is perfect. Resistance is right on the money. No need for my PerfecDraw cigar poker tool.
Flavors emerge immediately. Bits of malt, cedar, chocolate, creaminess, black pepper, tangerine zest, and vanilla.
The peppery component makes the first big impression. Nice and spicy.
Complexity kicks in right away. Transitions begin. The finish is already enticing my palate.
Strength is medium.

$14.00 used to be a very expensive cigar. No longer. How times change.
Cinnamon enters. And then a sudden impact of creamy malts slams it home.
Less than an inch in, and this Basilica C#2 Lancero is absolutely delicious. But then I’ve never been let down by a Bespoke blend. I’ve loved everyone. This will be my 10th review of a Bespoke blend and every one of them blew me away. I cannot say that about any other cigar brand.

The citrus excels in catching my attention.
The lancero shape is a crazy bet. I’ve smoked some lancero versions of the same blend I’ve reviewed only to be greatly disappointed. And others have impressed at the passion put into making the size a big shake up of its original blend. This is the latter.

My last two reviews were total bummers as the cigars were toilet fodder more than a good time had by all.
So this is a real treat to be able to describe what a really great cigar tastes like.

The spiciness is now accompanied by a little bit of white pepper.
The complexity is through the roof. Transitions are moving at sub light speed. The finish is delicious.
We have entered the zone in which the whole is the sum of its parts and very distinct flavors melt away into a wonderful mish mosh of incredible flavor and character. The blend is so smooth that it makes me grin like a little boy.

Balance is in full swing. It is perfect. Even the burn line is exemplary. Not a single touch up is required. Bespoke doesn’t pinch pennies when it comes to using only the best rollers. Few brands can claim this.

Smoke time is 35 minutes.

I should have mentioned that the Basilica C#2 Lancero has a couple months of naked humidor time.

Blind Faith. 1969. I was 19 when the album came out. I felt that this was, at the time, the best super group to come out of the 60’s. I’m listening to it now and not a hint of the songs being out of date.

The Basilica C#2 Lancero improves exponentially with every puff. The second third is now soaring with the eagles.
I no longer care about dissecting the individual flavors. It’s all about the experience. You don’t need an experienced palate to appreciate greatness.

I have a wonderful relationship with my mailman. He is a fledgling cigar smoker that more often than not buys liquor store cigars. So I took it upon myself to mentor him. He is a young man of only 56. And over the last year, I’ve seen his palate excel and meet the challenge. He is now reacting to good blends the way most smokers do…he enjoys the whole rather than its parts. He is working on his palate and ability to describe flavors and I’m impressed.

The point of that little story is you just don’t need an extraordinary palate to be able to enjoy good cigars. Let the cigar do its job to entertain you. The Bespoke brand never, ever, fails in that capacity.

This is a rollicking good time.
Flavors push their way to the forefront with elements of pepper, creaminess, malts, espresso, cedar, milk chocolate, nuts, citrus, vanilla, and a deep complexity that ties everything together.

I’m sure my readers are tired of me giving such high ratings to this brand. But I’m telling you, hand to God, that this is one of the finest bunch of passionate blends to have ever hit the market. Jeremy Casdagli must have signed a pact with you know who because he never fails in bringing such spectacular blends to the world.

Strength remains at an even keeled medium. This is a perfect blend for your first cigar of the day along with a good cup of coffee.

Newbies listen up…this Bespoke blend is perfect for the still learning curve of your palate. It offers up all the character and balance in the world without feeling like you’ve been hit in the head with a ball peen hammer due to strength you’re not used to.

The halfway point arrives at 45 minutes.

The thing about medium strength cigars is that I find them to be very relaxing. I love full tilt blends as well but they can become very intense. In this case, the intensity is aimed not at its strength but rather at its overall character. My shoulders come down from around my ears and I’m in a perfect state of rising to the occasion.

I could smoke the Basilica C#2 Lancero all day long and never tire of it. I’m always impressed with how Bespoke surprises me. I try to find a common thread among the blends but they are so diverse that it seems unreal. Catalog brands tend to have that common thread running among certain brands. Experienced smokers can identify a Patel, Gurkha, EZ, Roma Craft, Garcia, or LFD blend with little trouble. Doesn’t work for Bespoke blends. None taste alike. And all are spectacular.

I know $14 is still a lot of dough for a lot of smokers. Me included. But if you are going to open up that cob web filled wallet of yours to buy something special, I highly recommend you spend it on a Bespoke cigar. You will NEVER be disappointed. And I’m very happy to see online the huge awareness of this brand as opposed to a couple of years ago. Makes me happy. Lots of smokers are getting what they paid for.

I don’t mind spending more than I have when I know I’m getting something superior and mind blowing. I hate spending dough on expensive blends that are a total white wash and nothing more than an expensive PR campaign. Way too many of those on the market. It’s your hard earned money and you deserve something special every time you light up. No this is not a yard ‘gar. The Bespoke brand is a royal treat to the senses. You can shut out the world and sit back, relax, and just bask in the major character of Casdagli’s blends.

You’re saying to yourself, “He’s not very witty or clever for this review.” My point of view changes when I’m smoking a masterpiece. I save the real clever baloney for a cigar that lets me down. Then its field day time to rip a cigar down to the floor.

Smoke time is one hour 10 minutes.

I’m in friggin’ heaven. I so look forward to that first cigar of the day with my morning coffee. No other cigar of the day matches it. And when I’m treated to something this special, I’m a’ flutter with nice thoughts, good will towards men, and thoughts of everlasting peace in the world.
I still have a few more Bespoke blends to review and I can’t wait. If I thought it was prudent, I’d review all of them one after another.

Strength begins its journey towards medium/full.
Flavors explode at this point creating a huge sweet spot. Pepper, malt, cedar, chocolate, espresso, marzipan, tangerine zest, vanilla bean, smoky meatiness, heavy on the malts, extreme creaminess, Madeira wine, and a touch of buttered sourdough toast.

A touch of nicotine enters but is sublime without hints of hallucinations on the horizon.

A good cigar will create a bubble for you to inhabit. Everything else melts away. I am totally and magically ensconced in bliss. We are the world.

Construction has been flawless. Sometimes a cigar’s draw will change during its demise. Not this baby.
I would most definitely enjoy the Basilica C#2 Lancero even more if I didn’t have to dissect it. But then you may never know about it. And you should.

Remember, Cigars City and Bespoke have provided a little freebie with your purchase. Promo code is Katman. Give them a once over and make your choice.
Listen and trust your Uncle Katman on this. Purchasing any blend from Bespoke Cigars is a very special experience. Don’t hesitate.
Final smoke time is one hour 30 minutes.



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