Death of a Milwaukee Police Officer

Last month, a 22 year old Milwaukee police officer was killed in a car chase pursuit.

Today at 5:00 PM, officers were serving a gun and drug warrant when they were met by the suspect at his house and gun fire erupted from the lifelong felon.
The first officer to enter was shot. He died shortly after getting to the hospital. His name has not been released. He was a 17 year veteran of MPD.
This was the first time in 22 years that an MPD officer was shot and killed in the line of duty.

The suspect was taken alive and did not sustain any gun shot wounds…he merely ran out of ammunition.

This hits home for my wife and I. Our daughter is married to a Milwaukee police officer. He has served for 10 years.
We are in a near constant state of worry for our son in law…especially since he is tactical and SWAT.

My daughter and son in law have lots of summer BBQ’s and we are always invited. The parties are always full of cops and firefighters. Great men and women. They all delight in making fun of me because I’m an old Hippie. I love them all.

Honor those that serve. God bless them.


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  1. God Bless those that serve others.

  2. Well said Phil. I thank you for the kind words for our profession. We lost a officer last a week and half ago from Weymouth, Ma. Killed a half hour before he got off shift. He was attacked by a scumbag who was involved in a car crash. Tell your son-in-law to be safe.
    Mark (WPD) from Mass.

  3. Amen Phil. My son has come within seconds of being killed fighting wild land fires here in Southern California twice. Only miracles saved his life both times. All of his friends are firefighters and police officers. And when you speak with any of them, and the topic of being killed on the job comes up, they simply show no hesitation. To them it’s part of what they’ve signed up for. If it means giving their life to save another’s life, it’s full steam ahead for those guys ‘n gals.

    They are indeed brave heroes for sure. I’m proud of each and every one of them.


  4. It is a dangerous job and getting more so all the time. I have been a deputy sheriff for 25 years and it has never been this difficult to be a cop. I am glad to be very cloe to retirement, but I worry about the young one’s. RIP Brother.

  5. Taken alive….what a shame.

    Be vigiliant.

  6. You know Katman, you just reinforce the honor due those who protect and serve the Cigar Culture within our nation. There’s a wisdom among those who enjoy a good cigar that recognizes the really honorable items of life. Indeed, God bless those who sacrifice so we may rest and enjoy that which they so dutifully protect. Be well my friend.

  7. July 26 ~ 14 hours later ~ The officer’s name won’t be released until sometime today. I know his name because it turns out that this brave officer worked in the same unit as my son in law serving dangerous warrants on the Tactical team. My son in law knew him well. I met him a couple times at the kids’ summer BBQ’s. What a senseless tragedy.

  8. My daughter posted this on her Face Book page July 25, 2018:

    “As a police officer’s spouse, I can say that we all live with a false sense of security… we go about our day, not putting much thought into the fact our significant other is out in the world, risking their life, absolutely in harms way, not safe at all. We hope that their partner is vigilant and takes care of them and in turn our spouse isn’t caught off guard or ambushed or in a horrible accident. It’s rare to think about what could happen, and what does happen, to many officers around the world. It’s “impossible” to think it could happen to my family, to become a widow, to raise a son without his father. The thought is absolutely excruciating. And then there’s days like today…. where a veteran officer was killed, a man who worked with my husband, a man who went to work like any other day. It’s not fair. It shouldn’t be this way….. To say that we all feel a pain today, a horrible sickness deep down; officers, their spouses and families…. is an understatement. Another little piece of America died today.”

  9. Can’t add anything more to the comments here, so God Bless our menand women in uniform who put their lives on the line each and every day.

  10. A Go Fund Me Campaign has been set up for Officer Michalski’s family.
    Here is the link:

  11. Wow, that was powerful. There are few occupations in life where the chances of being killed on the job are very real. May the forces that be keep your son-in-law safe as he does this important work.

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